90. The surgeon will see you now

Gildor says, “Let’s get Gordon to the first medicine room we used, as the robot things may know what is going on and might be able to help him. We can move in formation and with some haste but we don’t need to get involved in any scuffles along the way, unless it’s unavoidable, unless Kradorn needs us to do something else first or instead.”

Gildor gets his needler taken care of and tells Saphiria, “Come along Saphiria. Time to move along.”
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89. Party crashers

The party gather in Security Reception and open the six doors to the north revealing what Munin first guessed at, six cells, each with two bunks, a toilet and sink.

LAB 2 contains a steel table, covered with glass jars, bottles, dishes and slides, a non-functioning repair golem stands next a bank of screens and complex machines. On a counter top are 2 ampules of poison antidote, 3 of disease cure, and a cannister of healing spray unfortunately Kradorn doesn’t see them and accidentally knocks them onto the floor as he enters the room. Most break but two of the disease cure ampules and the healing spray remain intact. Against the western wall are row upon row of small cages, some filled with long mummified small animals. The repair golem looks intact, just lifeless.

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87. Roast Veg

“LG, can you close the access to this room so that we are out of their way while they sort it out between themselves?” Asks kalam.

“What room? You’re stood in the corridor. And I’m sorry but I have no access to any of the ship’s systems until the local mechanisms have restarted.”

“How long do you need until you assume control?” asks Kalam.

“Oh, 17 (something incomprehensible).” says LG.

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86. Just switch the space ship off and switch it on again

The party make their way slowly back to the point of first contact with the shadows and press on into the large room beyond. Again the triangular shaped room’s corners are filled with faintly blinking and chirping machinery but this time there are no signs of ghosts or shadows.
As the party are about to head through the southern exit Daldin calls out from behind. “Hey, what’s that, through there?”
He points at the western wall and looking carefully through the triangular latticework, the party can see one of the ring shaped objects which seems to be glowing with a faint ghostly light and emitting a dull throbbing noise.

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85. Scary Shadows

The avatar greets the party and asks how things have gone. It asks if they found the captain and the white card she had with her or any sign of where she might have gone. Her suite of rooms were in the north east section of the level. LG brings up a map of the level and sure enough the captain’s rooms are the ones with the full suite of coloured cards and the platinum model of the star ship. The LG tells Gildor he can keep the weapon he took from the security chief’s room. The avatar says it will answer any questions the party may have that will help in the return of the captain’s white card.

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