87. Roast Veg

“LG, can you close the access to this room so that we are out of their way while they sort it out between themselves?” Asks kalam.

“What room? You’re stood in the corridor. And I’m sorry but I have no access to any of the ship’s systems until the local mechanisms have restarted.”

“How long do you need until you assume control?” asks Kalam.

“Oh, 17 (something incomprehensible).” says LG.

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86. Just switch the ship off and switch it on again

The party make their way slowly back to the point of first contact with the shadows and press on into the large room beyond. Again the triangular shaped room’s corners are filled with faintly blinking and chirping machinery but this time there are no signs of ghosts or shadows.
As the party are about to head through the southern exit Daldin calls out from behind. “Hey, what’s that, through there?”
He points at the western wall and looking carefully through the triangular latticework, the party can see one of the ring shaped objects which seems to be glowing with a faint ghostly light and emitting a dull throbbing noise.

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85. Scary Shadows

The avatar greets the party and asks how things have gone. It asks if they found the captain and the white card she had with her or any sign of where she might have gone. Her suite of rooms were in the north east section of the level. LG brings up a map of the level and sure enough the captain’s rooms are the ones with the full suite of coloured cards and the platinum model of the star ship. The LG tells Gildor he can keep the weapon he took from the security chief’s room. The avatar says it will answer any questions the party may have that will help in the return of the captain’s white card.

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84. Breaking & Entering

Talo is hovering close to the medical golem watching with rapt attention at all of the alchemy and arcane mysteries as Kalam is being restored when the dwarves come in. As quickly as his stumpy legs will carry him, the cleric rushes to the side of the king and assesses if Thraim’s body is still viable. Realizing the departed monarch, Talo hums a prayer to Clanggedin to accompany his soul to the courts of the soul-forger.

The war-priest then administers aid to the two remaining dwarves with instruction about rest. He works hard to stay out of the way of the medical golem.

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83. If you’d just like to take your seat sir

The party head south, around the balcony and out of the smoke, searching the floor for any sign of a trail. They pass an open doorway on their left, the large room beyond filled with tables and chairs, some sort of feasting room it appears. The tables are covered with vases, glasses and cutlery and some have piles of what was presumably once food. There are only two occupants, the first is a skeleton sat at one of the tables and the other is a golem, its androgynous face an identical match for the medical golem, though this one is coloured black with a thick white stripe down its chest.
Gordon points to a smear of blood on the floor by the nearest table, it is heading south east. The golem takes a moment to notice the party, before stepping forward, bowing to them and then launching into a stream of friendly, though incomprehensible, gibberish.
It walks up to Kradorn and takes him firmly (very firmly) by the arm, talking all the time in its own cheerful tone. It takes two steps away from Kradorn before realising he isn’t coming with it and then pulls him along with its considerable (18/50) strength towards the table with the skeleton and its plates of moldy and rotten food.

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82. Feed me Kradorn!

“In our wandering through this level we have encountered 8-9 doors marked with the red light. Perhaps it is time to think about taking more risks and investigating them. We could ask the healer golem if it is possible for us to receive its help in advance and whether his skill would protect us for a limited time if we go into a red light area, or at the very least support us for getting back to it and receive some more healing.”
While Kalam talked, his attention remained focused on their surroundings both for seen and unseen enemies, crossbow at the ready.

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