69. Book Keeping

Thraim listens to your tales and wonders at the things you brought back but is now more anxious than ever, to seal the tunnels leading down to the underworld. No good can come from venturing further into that hellish realm. He thanks the party for all they have have done and asks what Lord Cynan and his party have planned. Will they be staying in Lands End or returning to Harnanca?

Cynan reports to Thraim of all their adventures in the cavern and his feelings that sealing them is the best option for the town. The paladin’s entire body aches from their exertions below and he fights to stay awake to report to Thraim. “A hot bath and sleep first I think, then time to reflect on our companions lost below ground. As for what we will do next, Gordon has long wanted to investigate that deserted village to the south, maybe there then back to Harnanca. If you need our assistance again, you need only send a message to us there”.

Thraim thanks Cynan for the work he has done and gives his condolences for the loss of Zelmar and Talo’s man-at-arms, Zelmar was a fierce warrior and his swords will be missed in Carraig Glac. He bids Cynan farewell and asks him how long he intends to stay in Lands End?

Cynan rises and bids farewell. heading for a bath and sleep before cleaning his equipment thoroughly.

Kradorn gives a sigh as they exit the underworld.
“A bath, good nights rest and sell this stuff” Kradorn announces. Nodding to his companions as he shuffles the finally steps to his goal. Securing his haul, he sets about cleaning himself then his gear.

Two gold gets Kradorn board and lodging of good quality and a hot bath at The Iron Crown Inn to clean away the blood and filth accumulated during his morning underground.

Saphiria screeches as they leave the underground area and emerge where she can take flight. Gildor stretches and mentally says, “I know girl me too. Hunt wild game and stay close. We are heading to town so stay in contact.”
He tells the others, “I stink and I can sleep for a full day I think. A good warm meal would be nice on my belly. We need to check for any magic in the items and then possibly further identify them, which will take time. I think Gordon and I need time to scribe some spells as well, not that we need to do it in Lands End. We have some loot to divvy up and coin/gems to deal with as well. I’d like to see if we can have the 500 GP pearls cut into 100 GP pearls to assist with any identifying we need to do. To that end I’d like to recommend that those not be considered as individual loot and more as party loot that Gordon or I can use to help identify items for the party. There are some potions here I need to examine, to see what types they might be. I’d suggest we complete as much as possible here in Lands End before we move on to the Keep or we can split up, should that be necessary. There may be a magic equipment trader here I’d like to see as well.”
Gildor secures lodging, Calls to Saphiria so she knows the location, Takes a bath, eats and sleeps.

Once back on the surface, Talo goes to the inn and attempts to find a bath and meal. At the earliest chance he can find he escapes to his room to sleep.


After Feeding and a good nights rest, Kradorn wakes and sets about trying to find a buyer for orc plate, 8 dwarven books, two dozen mindflayer notebooks and the pole axe. Between the orc plate and pole axe he would be willing to trade for a magical bow maybe something of use.
“Stay or go? I am with you. But I do suggest a return to Harnanca to check on things before we set off on anything new.” Kradorn replies.

Gordon will stop Kradorn selling anything until they have had chance to check it over properly with Detect Magic and Comprehend Language, to see if there is anything which might be of use.

The detect magic shows the orc poleaxe to be slightly magical but not the books or anything else Kradorn doesn’t already know about. The Comprehend Languages spell reveals the books to be about Mining and Engineering.

The wand has the word ‘punisher’ inscribed on the side in mindflayer. Gordon flips through the drow spell books and is able to determine the following list of spells contained therein –
comprehend languages, detect magic, magic missile, sleep, know alignment, levitate*, mirror image, web and fireball. The gnomish book has the spells Summon Earth Elemental and dismiss Elemental both fifth level spells. Nothing else in the library seems to be magically encrypted.
On Kradorn are the Goblin Longsword (Shadowslayer), his mithril Armour, the orc poleaxe and Zelmar’s Longsword. Then there’s Gordon’s spell book, the mindflayer’s wand, the two healing potions, the spider climb ring and Gorm’s Axe and finally Cynan has his sword and his knife.

Gildor checks out the leather armour for fit and if it does, swaps them with the chainmail, putting the chainmail in the backpack and meets the others in a safe place, to consolidate items they wish to have checked for magic. “I will cast Detect magic on the items, books, rings, gear of interest. Here just add your items you want tested.”

Items to cast Detect magic on from Gildor’s loot list. – 5 10gp blue quartz, 3 100gp amethysts and (three large 500gp pearls recommended party loot), copper bracelet, 8 Platinum torcs – 1000pp (10), 4 rings (1) 2 potions (2), 10 gems in a bag, 3 drow spell books (comprehend languages, detect magic, magic missile, sleep, know alignment, levitate, mirror image, web and fireball) (6) and any the others want to add to this list.

Detect Magic produces an aura from – Gildor’s chainmail, one of his rings, his two potions, Zelmar’s armour, Gildor’s spell books and the drow spell books.

“We probably need to make sure the books are not trapped too”, states Gildor. Gildor appraises the 10 gems in a bag and says, “Anyone care to double check my appraisal?”

“There are five of us however, should we set aside any moneys for any kin of the fallen comrades lost recently”, asks Gildor?

Kradorn leaves the books with Gordon to investigate while he checks about the armour and pole axe.

Brasteanga’s is on Tower Street, opposite the tower itself and it seems to have sprung back into life as soon as the town was retaken from the goblins. Brasteanga is summoned from the workshops in the back by the bell over the door and looks over Kradorn’s axe with an appreciative eye.

“Weel, it’s dwarven wark, whaurr everr ye say ye got it, an’ thes metals odd but apart frae ‘at there’s nae much special abit it. i’ll gie ye 50 gauld furr it an’ furr th’ armoorr 1000 gauld.”

Upon waking Talo prays and heads out into an open space for callisthenics and exercises. Once finished he returns to the inn to eat breakfast. Talo gathers the books in his backpack and delivers them to Gildor for review. “Whatever you can tell me about their contents would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what is in them. More importantly, I am interested in getting rid of them as I am not interested in hauling them any further.” Talo finishes the last bit with a hand on his sore back.

The mindflayer books seem to be a collection of notes on the underworld. It also has more specific information about orcs, drow, Kuo-Toa, Svirfneblin and a list of the creatures found in the underworld and their habits.

The remainder of the day Talo tries to find Kradorn to find out what he can about Land’s End and meet any vendors who may have returned since its liberation. That evening he spends some time with the books he has brought back to see if he can recognize any symbols, words, diagrams, or images. Talo’s face screws up as he stares at the manual in his hand, “Gildor, were you able to make heads or tails of this?”


After a good breakfast Gildor asks Talo, “Will you cast a detect traps spell on these books before we try to do anything with them? Pointing to the drow spell books and any manuals the others want tested first.

Talo shakes his head and tells the elf that the prayer he’s referring to isn’t what he thinks it is.

Gildor sets off, if there is no immediate need for him, to find a jeweller to see about cutting the 500 gp pearls into smaller 100 gp versions. But then realises he doesn’t need to as he can just grind the pearls up and divide the powder into 100 gold value packets.
He checks on selling the rings that were not magical and the bracelet appraising them himself first to see if he is getting a good bargain when he does sell them.
The rings and bracelet are worth 6 gold in total, to who ever might be interested.
This leaves 3 100gp amethysts and 10 gems in a bag (Appraised?) to deal with.

Gildor gasps as he appraises the 10 gems and is delighted at their value as he says, “We hit the it good with these gems let me tell you. 500 GP for each gem my friends.”
He hands each person 2 500 gp Garnet gems each. As for the torcs, he hand the others each one of the ogre torcs so everyone but him gets an ogre 150 pp torc. He takes 2 of the 100 gp torcs and then says, “That leave 2 100 pp torcs we can split into 50 PP 4 ways and each of you get 50 pp Since I took 2 100 GP torc that makes it even. Cynan here take one of my 500 GP gems for the Keep my friend.”

Gildor does this either from his own platinum in the bank or by have it converted somewhere in town. He also has the 3 500 gp pearls ground into dust and he gives half to Gordon so he may identify as well should they need it and it’s split up between them instead of it all being in one basket in case one of them is killed or lost somehow. Gildor gets 8 and Gordon 7 – 100 gp ground pearls.

Gildor also attempts to identify the potions by normal means first, smell, color as he thinks some potions can be ruined if not all is consumed at once. He will set aside time to Identify the ring that was magical and if necessary the potions.
One of the potions is probably healing of some sort while the other is a very slippery oil.

Gildor also coordinates with Gordon time to scribe spells from the drow spell books. He will scribe Web, Fireball and levitate.

After spending some time with the illithid manuals, Talo’s attention span expires. “Tell ya what, Gildor,” the dwarf turns to the elf and continues, “throw these in the pile to be sold. I am not interested in hauling them around. Certainly, there are knowledge brokers or book traders out there who would like these. I’m just not interested.”

“Talo my friend perhaps we can start a library in the Keep. These books may come in handy for us at some future point. Perhaps we can deliver them on horseback since we plan to go to the Keep anyway. Perhaps Cynan will allow Gordon and I to maintain a library there of sorts?” asks Gildor. “I can even pay you for the books or manuals. They would be available to our friends I assure you. Cynan what say you? Can I and possibly Gordon use a room as a library at the Keep? I will probably send my mindflayer chainmail back to the Keep also.”

“You know,” Talo begins, “I think that is a great idea! Sure there could be something of value in those books for your studies. I’ll put them in my saddle bags until we figure out how to get them there.” Talo stows the books in the saddle bags he keeps in his room.

Gildor looks to lighten his load and making himself a bit less noisy by selling the 14 wedges and his iron spikes and adds it to his coins.

Gildor tries to detect traps on the drow spell books and if any are detected he lets the others know. He also checks any other the group might wish. IF any are detected he points them out and says, “Perhaps a cleric in town or Talo can cast dispel magic on these books to clear them of wards and traps.”

Gildor checks on the Copper bracelet and the 3 non magical rings at the jeweller as items to sell and appraises them for value before doing so. Is it possible they are magical but hidden from his detect magic somehow. Perhaps the jeweller will know more he hopes.

There’s no sign of the jeweller, the shops shut up and shows no signs of being occupied for a week or two at most.

Gildor consolidates his backpacks and will send the old backpack back with the chainmail to be held in his name. He buys 10 more chalks at a vendor. He checks to see if the dwarven merchant he met in the other city is in town to see his wares or see if he can get certain items for him.

There is no sign of the merchant Gildor is looking for but there are plenty of others about all looking to re-establish their prospecting ventures in or about the town. It is made clear to Gildor that his skills are very much in demand for those willing to venture out into Cadbaria.

Evening Bell, Menthordu, 8th of Gurthweni

“I am going to find a buyer for these books I carried back. Anyone know a good place to look.” Kradorn queries.

Gildor says, “I am in the process of starting a library at the Keep if I have Cynan’s permission and I’d love to add your books to it Kradorn. If you do not wish to donate them I would be interested in purchasing them at market value or perhaps at a discount my friend.”

During this conversation Gildor adds, “Talo, I have heard of a spell used by clerics to detect traps. The spell is in the 2nd sphere of enlightenment. If you can cast that spell it might be beneficial to look over all the books and manuals before we utilize them. Just to be sure…for safety. If you do not have the time I can have a local cleric do so. IF we gather all the books up for this process we can make sure they are all checked out. Talo if you can and will do this I’ll leave you with my spell books.”

Kradorn pauses, then with a smile “I would love to donate them to our library. I shall be more aware in our travels to collect books of value to help it grow.” Kradorn replies.

Cynan nods to Gildor, “But of course my friend, a library is a wonderful idea the more knowledge we have of the area and of other matters can only benefit everyone. Also remember Harnanca belongs to all I was just the one named lord of it much to my chagrin. I thank you as well for my share of the treasure the keep I am sure will take it gladly”.

Kradorn smiles, “Every keep or castle needs a lord. You are every part the man for the job” Kradorn says with a smile. His mind wonders off for the moment thinking about what the keep might look like. Library of knowledge, Inn of commerce, and Keep of protection.

The paladin at first thinks about selling the items but then realises that they will weigh less and easier to store than coins, so will keep them till they return to Harnanca. He spends the day in quiet contemplation trying to get a sense if he is being pushed in a certain direction by Ringheru as regards his next destination.
That evening he talks to the group, “Gordon has long wished to explore the village south of here, we can head in that direction and then home or simply head straight to Harnanca to try and deal with the undead in the area. I know of no other pressing issues that face us so as a group we need decide.”