Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 11th of Gurthweni

Gordon will continue with his conversion and furnishing of the upper rooms for Gildor and himself. He will then draw up a list of items for equipping the alchemy lab.

Hopefully this will leave him time to practice with his bow to become more proficient.

“Anytime you want to practice Gordon. I will gladly join you.” Kradorn replies.

“Hezard my apologies for being slow to respond.”

“That’s Herzad… sir.” says the dwarf with a resigned look.

“Our first priority is for the people who call the keep home, that is you and the others here. Not me or the rest of my companions who merely use this keep as a base, although in the future I will plan on living here more permanent.”

Cynan barely catches it but he sees the dwarf sigh and a shake his head a fraction.

“That room you have selected will serve me well as a sleeping quarter, and if there is space for a lab and what Gildor and Gordon need so be it. As for tower for Gildor I think we can delay that a year or so, if he persists in the request send him to me and I will deal with him. As for the priorities I think the drainage ditch should come first, flooding and stagnant water can cause disease and untold problems. Then the stone saw, if we are to build here let us build correctly and with an air of permanence. Finally let us build an inn rather than a barracks, it may take longer but will be worth the added work, we can build a barracks later if we so need. Again my apologies if your time has been stretched with all these interruptions, they should be coming to me not you and in future I will deal with them. Now how can I best serve you in the time we are here and where will my labour be most helpful?”
Cynan will assist and work where Herzad decides in the time remaining at the keep.

“With respect sir, the day to day running of the keep and it’s grounds are my responsibility but with something like the building work and expensive items like the stone saw then I still need your approval. I’ll get on with these things straight away and order them from Carraig Glac.”

Kalam continued helping in the building of the keep and in his spare time started tidying up the small forge at the secret room in an effort to bring it up to good working order and start using it for repairs of weapons for the keep’s occupants when needed.

“Build some creations of your own Kalam. This may be a thriving stop in a trade route hopefully at some point.” Kradorn comments.

“I will Kradorn. For now though, once I get the forge up and running, I want to start inspecting all weapons for weaknesses. If this keep is to have a forge, it would be an insult to the trade if its occupants were still using imperfect weapons! Perhaps later on I will try a few designs of my own… I am getting ahead though, because the focus is now on completing the construction that the fortress needs.”

Kradorn retells the story of the dragon so all know about it and to be thoughtful of the sky’s. Maybe someone even knows where the dragon thing comes from.

Kradorn continues trekking around the keep and nearby lands. Becoming more familiar with the locale. Making mental notes of the lay of the hills and valleys.

Gildor tells the others, “I almost have the kinks in this spell worked out. One more week should do it. I might want to learn some more spells but I can do that later, if you want to get going to Carraig Glac for our lab supply trip. I am OK either way. I will learn them when we get back if that is what you want. Kalam can you sharpen and work out any flaws in my shortsword this week? Saphiria my dear I am close to learning this spell my dear. We may take a journey soon so stay close near the end of the week.”

Gildor will forget his armour spell and memorize the Fireball spell if he was able to learn it.

Gildor keeps the 3 drow spell books (comprehend languages, detect magic, magic missile, sleep, know alignment, levitate, mirror image, web and fireball) (6) in his room at the Keep but shares with Gordon as needed. He leaves 4 iron spikes from his backpack at the Keep as well. He refreshes his water-skin to 3 pints and his wine skin to 3 pints. He takes charcoal and labels the healing potion with an H and the Oily potion with OY for reference.

Kalam went to Cynan and explained his idea about restoring the forge and the benefit for the keep’s weaponry. “…In conclusion, the only thing missing for me to start using it properly is charcoal. I have no money of my own to contribute, so I would like to ask you if you could spare some money for Herzad to buy charcoal when he leaves for the supplies and materials he needs.”

“By all means Kalam let Herzad know what you require and if it is possible to acquire. However realise he is busy running this keep and items we need for ourselves we may need make the effort to get ourselves, but see what he has to say first.”


Gordon is quite happy to stay indoors as the weather of the first day of the twelfth week of Gurthweni is cold and wet. The rooms are finished as far as he can see so he writes out the list of materials he thinks he and Gildor will need from town. This takes him most of the day and by the time he’s finished Gildor has copied out the Web spell from the drow book along with it’s corresponding notes.

Herzad heads off to Carraig Glac with five guards to get what he needs to continue construction and buy the pipes, saw and blades he’ll need. If There’s anything else anyone needs he’ll take a list and payment, if it’s for personal use. he’s also taken some of the giant platinum, gold and silver to have smelted in to proper coins so he can use them to buy stuff and pay everyone’s wages.

Gordon will give Herzad the list of alchemy paraphernalia that he wants for the lab to be set up. “Now then Herzad I really don’t know how much it will all cost so here is 50 gold pieces which I hope will cover it. If you need an extra mule to transport the stuff and there are enough funds left then take it out of this as well. Actually to be on the safe side here are a couple of platinum as well to cover the mule and buy you and the guards a slap up meal on me as way of thanks. If there is some funds left perhaps buy a case of brandy or rum to bring back to the keep and a barrel of ale.”

Gildor pitches in funds for elven wine or similar, wood for shelving for the library, candles, food stores mules other items Herzad thinks they need for the keep and says, “Here’s 20 pp and treat the lads good. Maybe a little party for your men when you get back.”

Kalam would love to start work on the forge but is suffering from a lack of charcoal to burn. He goes back to helping the construction work out in the rain and the cold.

Kradorn sets off south from the keep, following the steeply rising walls of the hills that ring the swamp to his right. The weather keeps most of the big game under the cover of the forest away to south but he manages to bring home some rabbits for his trouble.

Aridu brings a chill in from the east but at least it’s dry. Gildor stays indoors and continues to study his notes while Kalam helps hammer into place the last of the inns major structural timbers. Kradorn spies a griffon out on the southern moors flying south, carrying a sheep or goat in its talons.

The week continues to get colder and by Ardu a good 10cm of snow has fallen and shows no signs of melting. Talo gets his first sighting of the wargs, far away on a distant snowy hillside but within moments they are gone again. Kradorn spots and hunts some camels but isn’t quite sure how he’s going to get a dead camel back to the keep on his own.

At the end of the week with snow still laid on the ground and all the smaller bodies of water freezing nicely Herzad returns from Carraig Glac. Everywhere is covered in a white snowy blanket, except it must be noted the swamp west of the keep, inside the ring of hills upon which Harnanca stands. Indeed the whole of the swamp is shrouded in a sea of mist.
Gildor has researched the web spell enough now to begin putting together some vocalisations and gestures and maybe start practising some casting next week.

Herzad has no real news from town, only that elements in the court are grumbling about Thraim neglecting his duties while he’s down in Lands End and he’s not replying to letters either. Gorm has taken his rangers east into the furthest highlands, to deal with the ogre menace that’s arisen there.

Herzad brings back with him Kalam’s charcoal which was easy to get hold of and cheap, in a wagon he hired. There’s enough charcoal in the back of the wagon for 60 days of constant use. Also in the back of the wagon is as much of Gordon and Gildor’s magical paraphernalia as Herzad could buy then and there, most of the glassware will have to be made specially and will take another couple of weeks to complete. Herzad has left four of the guards he took with him in Carraig Glac to bring back all the stuff he’s ordered when it’s ready.

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 12th of Gurthweni

With the charcoal back, Kalam on his spare time started working on the forge. Initially he checked all pieces of equipment if they were in good working order, by operating them individually on spare pieces of broken down weapons. When he was satisfied, he started accepting weapons with issues for fixing and also issued a general invitation for everybody to start bringing their weapons with the intention of checking them for issues that their owners were unaware of.

Another wintry week passes at Harnanca. It begins with snow and ends with snow, lots of snow. Celebdu and Aridu dump more snow on top of the 10cm of snow already laid on the ground, bringing the total to about 90cm. This is enough to make travel almost impossible except on a horse or with suitable snow shoes. Travel up and down the steps to the keep actually becomes dangerous, requiring pitons and ropes. On more than one occasion Talo has to heal the broken bones of dwarves attempting to ascend or descend the steps.

There is a thaw in the middle of the week when the temperature rises to a balmy 56/13º but then the cold and snow blow in again, until by the end of the week snow lays 70cm deep on the ground.
Gordon’s been having a frustrating week, after starting to learn Web, then realising it was from a school of magic he’d really struggle to work with. He doesn’t get much chance to practice with his bow this week but when he does, Kradorn notices the gnome’s much more ‘proficient’. He finds Gordon in the farthest tunnels of the goblin lair, shooting at targets in the near dark.

“Well done Gordon.” Kradorn comments to his ability. “I think your ability to see in the darkness helps”

Finally the gnome spends an evening purifying the wand he found for an Identify spell and after casting the spell thinks the wand of magic missile has as many as 25 charges.

Most of the dwarves have moved into the lair and begun to make it much more homely over the weeks.

Gildor is up in the keep however and after a week of spraying sticky gloop then silly string about in the keep dungeons, manages to perfect his casting of Web.
Kalam struggles to get enough charcoal up to the keep, to get the furnace working but he manages three days worth and has to make do. After a day trying out the tools and re-familiarising himself with the working of the forge he’s ready to begin repairing weapons and armour. Herzad hasn’t anything for him to repair but could do with some nails if Kalam has nothing else to do.
Talo helps Herzad with building the frames for the stables and warehouse but is defeated by Urladu’s gales and final dump of snow. Still they manage to get the frame up for the stables and the floor and roofing beams on the inn.

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 13th of Gurthweni

Gildor finishes the web spell and plans on researching the levitate spell, then practising outside with small objects then once more control is gained, increases distance and size out of harms way. He tells Saphiria, “Be careful their are other flying creatures in the area so have safe roosting points around the keep in case you need to hide.”

The weather limiting travel, Cynan will help where he is of most use and heal those who require it. The snow and cold temperatures remind the paladin of home as Ringheru covers the ground with his presence.

Celebdu, 14th of Gurthweni

As the snow confines them for the most part to grounds and keep. Kradorn bundled up in all his clothes contemplates the grounds within the walls. Thinking about how Land’s End is laid out and other walled cities. What business’s would benefit those that lived here.
Looking at the ice covered steps of the keep. Thinking to himself that covered or even enclosed would make them safer and still defensible.

When Herzod returns he will discuss these thoughts with him.

“Hmm.” agrees the dwarf with a nod, looking round at a couple of the soldiers stomping about in the snow. “In the meantime… hang on.” he says and wanders over to the stack of building materials. He grabs three spades hands two to the soldiers and points over at the steps, then to Kradorn.

One of the dwarves glowers at Kradorn then comes over to him and hands him the third spade.
“Herzad says we need to start clearing the steps of snow. Said it was your idea… thanks for that, as if my toes aren’t cold enough as it is.”
Working together it takes Kradorn and the two dwarves about six hours to clear a path in the snow up the steps, to the keep, by which time it’s starting to get dark again.

Rising to get the blood moving and the warmth back into his body, Kradorn searches for Cynan.
“What is our next course of action?” he queries to see if there is any plan.

“I think we have to wait on Gordon and Gildor with their learning once they have finished we can all decide a plan. Of course, it also depends when Ringheru wishes to release his grip on the lands here about. Hopefully tho is soon this inactivity does grind on the soul” Cynan look pensively over the moors as he speaks.

Gildor asks Herzad, “Can I keep my coins with the Keep’s coins while I am away?”

“Of course sir. They’ll be quite safe. Just make sure to put them in a bag or chest and label them so we won’t get mixed up.” says the castellan. After speaking to the dwarf Gildor climbs carefully back up to the keep and his lab/library.

If this is done Gildor will keep most of his coin at the Keep – 278pp, 483gp, 400sp, 2cp(12), 4 100pp orc torcs(4). He will keep 20 PP, 20 GP, 20 SP, 2 CP and all the gems.

He labels with Charcoal the 2 potions (2), one as (H) Potion, one as (OY) Potion and keeps them in his backpack. He adds two pints of water to his water-skin. He keeps the 3 drow spell books in his room for Gordon and Himself to use.


Recalling the tales of the cleansing of Harnanca, Talo finds time to walk the halls of the lair to cast several detect evil spells to ensure there are no lingering effects of the summoning of the ice creature.

Talo casts his Detect Evil spells in the goblin caves and tunnels but finds no sign of any evil presences, even in what was the unholy shrine – it’s still creepy though.

While down among the dwarves’ dwellings, he checks up on some of the dwarves still laid up from their falls to make sure their bones are mending straight. The cleric busies himself with regular exercise indoors as best he can.

None of the dwarves are laid up injured, Talo’s healing prayers work their wonders and the breaks are healed just as they are with the party. Much to his relief he finds his belt needs tightening another notch this week.

Kalam continued working with the dwarves at the construction of the fortress, wherever he was needed. In his spare time he forged the nails that Herzad requested and any other order presented to him by anyone else, both party members and fortress personnel.

A days work at the forge produces 42 nails suitable for the heavy construction work Herzad and the others are doing. Kalam makes them from old goblin weapons and armour pieces. By the time he’s finished Kradorn and his two friends (neither of whom will speak to Kradorn and just mumble under their breath in dwarven at anything the human says) have cleared a path through the snow up the steps.

Aridu, 14th of Gurthweni

The next day Gildor finds and asks Kalam, “Please check my shorts word out and repair, clean and sharpen for me.”

After finishing the nail order, Kalam inspected blade, hilt and grip for flaws and did sharpen it as well if it was necessary to do so.

The elf’s sword takes half a days work to heat up, bash out the nicks and resharpen, during which time more snow begins to fall and continues to fall. The sky darkens and the temperature plummets.

Menthordu, 14th of Gurthweni

Menthordu dawns with a thick white blanket of fresh snow smothering the moors and needing everyone to get out the shovels and spades again, to dig themselves out of the bunker. More than a metre of snow has fallen during the night and it still hasn’t stopped, though thankfully it’s lessened considerably.

The next three days are milder, the sun shows it’s face and the snow slumps to an icy 50cm, frozen solid again every night.

Midday Bell, Urladu, 14th of Gurthweni

Gildor finishes his notes and research on Levitate and thinks that next week he’ll be able to start trying to levitate objects.

Kalam finds a book on one of the shelves in the secret room where the forge is. It’s in goblin but it’s clear from the sketches it’s about metal working and forging blades.

Talo inquires about the misty swamp and tries to conduct searches of the fog’s perimeter during scouting trips out on Peony to get a better understanding of its nature. Occasionally, he casts detect evil to make sure there are no threats hiding out there.

Talo is warned not to get too close to the swamp as its borders are very irregular with ribbons of firm ground reaching out into the swamp and the mist is thick, occasionally rolling out onto the moors in impenetrable clouds. The thick layer of icy snow doesn’t help either, making progress slow and requiring constant detours around deep drifts.
On his second trip out to scout the perimeter after the huge snowfall of Aridu, the cleric encounter just one such wall of mist. It rolls quickly off the swamp and within minutes the cold blue sky and white landscape is hidden, leaving Talo’s vision limited to 10m. After getting a sudden chill and Peony snorting nervously, he hastily prays to Detect Evil and while he’s turning and sensing for signs of a malfeasant presence in the mist, the pony suddenly rears. Talo holds on and calms the pony without a problem and looks around to see what caused Peony to start. At the edge of his vision, he sees a pair of chilling blue eyes in the fog, little more than pale blue slits. He also senses a brooding and predatory evil as a vague, giant shaped cloud moves towards him.

Talo steels his nerves and steers Peony toward daylight at full gallop, looking for the edge of the fog. Urging Peony on through the fog, Talo prays for Clanggedin’s will to shield him and Peony from this monster (protection from evil). Making haste as best he can, he unholsters his blaster, turns partly in his saddle and fires back at the undefined creature of the mist.

The small white ball of light zips into the mist and is gone in a fraction of a second but there is no sign of the creature. Talo looks about and sees the thing moving parallel to him through the mist. His second shot hits its mark and the for a moment the creature is illuminated from within as the blast of light detonates inside it.

The thing stands maybe 5 metres tall and almost as wide and is humanoid in shape, though its lower limbs are lost amid the swirling mist. It gives a roar and for a moment it loses its shape, only to reform and come swiftly after the dwarf and pony.

Just as Talo goes to urge on the pony, Peony skids to a halt and he has to hang on to stay in the saddle. An open pool of icy water stands in front and to the right of them. Talo pulls Peony to the left and urges her on just as the mist giant catches them. A great ethereal hand reaches out for Talo but recoils as if in pain just before it touches him. Talo shoots point blank at the thing and then spurs on Peony, keeping his head down as a huge roar echoes through the mist around him.

The dwarven cleric is careful to continue his path back toward the keep occasionally shooting back toward the last location of the mist giant.

Ten minutes hard riding brings Talo out of the mist and he soon realises he was heading north west, away from the keep. He lets Peony rest a few minutes whilst looking back into the mist but there is no sign of pursuit. When she has recovered enough he urges her east, back towards the keep. As he watches, the mist seems to drain away, back into the swamps from which it and its monster came from.

Talo begins waving and hollering to the nearest guard to provide a warning of any danger that may follow him back to Harnanca.

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 14th of Gurthweni

Gordon will spend his time studying the Levitate spell.

On a break if he hears of Kradorn and the soldiers clearing the steps he suggests that Gildor could have done that using the Flaming Sphere spell and just slowly rolled it down the steps melting the ice.

Leaning on his spade, Kradorn laughs. “That would have been much easier. Of course with our luck it would have rolled right into the inn and burned it down.” Kradorn says laughing again at the image in his mind.
“Some sort of roof. I think would serve us better.” he continues.
Looking about and down over the white landscape. “With a fog one could easily get lost.”

Gordon goes back to the drow spell book and makes his own notes on the levitate spell. Gildor meanwhile spends his week perfecting the spell and by the end can lift 500lb up to 100 metres away for about five minutes.
Gordon realises that with Gildor’s help he can learn to perfect his own practical skills with the spell within a day or two.

Kalam continued working with the dwarves at the construction of the fortress, wherever he was needed. In his spare time he continued taking orders for the forge. He asked Herzad:

“I want to gather up all the weapons which are useless, both from the goblins and any broken ones that you don’t use anymore and melt them. Is there any room you can spare for me to gather them up and keep the smelted product for stock material for the forge?”.

“Fine, fine.” says Herzad leading Kalam to a section of the dungeons where all the dead goblins weapons and armour are stored in a huge pile.

This week ends with snow, another foot of it at least but then the weather warms slightly and the next week brings rain, which turns to snow and then back to rain again and by mid-week a torrential down pour which reduces the snow drifts to chiselled mounds of ice.

Herzad complains to anyone who’ll listen about not having a dry day for two weeks now, but the weather gods are not listening and the temperature drops again bringing with it three inches of snow with two more inches the next day and a storm, which whips up the white powder and reduces visibility to a hundred yards.

Progress on the buildings in the compound almost grinds to a halt but some work is done inside the bunker, building window frames and doors from materials they bring in from the yard.

Kalam manages to reduce more than a dozen of the goblins crude weapons to blocks of steel over the week, ready for working into proper weapons.

Word comes to Cynan that Thraim is missing. His men said he was holed up at Lands End with an undermined illness but when Gimi, one of the Hill Dwarf Chiefs went down to see him, there was no sign of him and none of his soldiers would say where he’d gone.

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 15th of Gurthweni

Kalam continued working on the pile of weapons and armor, slowly turning them into metal ingots and storing them.

Gildor finds a pack or chest to use at the keep or pays to get one brought in. He adds 258pp, 463gp, 380sp, 4 100pp orc torcs(4) to the bag/chest and then decided he’d pay Kalam for his work so he took 63gp and 80sp to pay Kalam so the new total in the keep is 258pp, 400gp, 300sp, 4 100pp orc torcs(4).

Gildor meets up with Kalam after finishing his studies, “Ah I see you are finished with my shortsword and I like how you’re helping the keep. He takes the sword and tests it’s feel. Good work my new friend. I’m going to pay you up front for working on my swords or any other things I might need either for my room or weapons and such. If I use up my balance of coins with you just let me know.” Gildor hands him 63gp and 80sp for the work on the sword.

Gildor tells Cynan and Herzad, “I believe we will want to put this lab eventually somewhere other than near our living quarters or barracks. A good solid room say in the basement in a building might work well. I am only asking that we plan for this in the future perhaps. I will fund it and possibly Gordon might help. I can give you a down payment to start a fund for it so that when you have more pressing task completed you can start on it? I just want a location that keeps everyone else safe.”

Cynan shakes his head at the request of Gildor. “My friend a lab or such within the keep is of little priority at the moment. As I have said making this place liveable for those reside here in the keep comes first. Perhaps, and it is a slim chance some building can be constructed in the future but to alter the keep or even build a tower is certainly not an immediate concern.”

“Aye Lord Cynan. I don’t want the building now. In the future is what I mean. Once you have the keep fixed up like you want. I’ll tell Saphiria to give the griffon plenty of space.”
“Saphiria there’s a griffon about and Cynan thinks it’s good but keep your distance all the same.”

Cynan nods and thanks Gildor, ” you may also wish to warn her of a winged creature with a sting in its tail Kradorn will be able tell you more of it.

Gildor has time to love on Saphiria giving her a good hug and communicating with her about her time while he was studying. He will ask her about the intimidate surroundings and anything out to about 5k radius making notes of anything of interest and passes it on to the Keep and group.

The first guard Talo comes to is given the story as it happened so as to be prepared for anything from the fog. Talo hustles back to the keep, careful not to break a leg on the newly shoveled steps. He finds Cynan and Herzad and provides them a retelling of his encounter with the mist-giant. “Cynan, I intend to rid these parts of that malice and would ask your assistance and anyone else’s who is available. Certainly, we cannot, in good faith, invite settlers to a land that is haunted by such a menace. Herzad, I don’t think it safe to begin work to drain the swamp until this danger can be cleansed from the surroundings.” The dwarf’s face is flushed red and sweating from the long ride.

Upon hearing of Talo’s concern he again shakes his head at the dwarf. ” It would seem you invaded his domain and apart from giving a scare no harm was done. At the present time his presence is a benefit to us as he guards our rear, and he seems content to remain within the swamp. If he threatens us then matters will change, but until he does a policy of live and let live seems the best. Sometimes even evil if it is evil can be used for the power of good.”

Talo’s face is screwed up into a mask of complete confusion, “His domain? Invaded? You are just going to hand it over to him? We INVADED the underdark. We were not threatened. But we were not going to stand by and allow a menace to persist. Whatever settlers that may come will be just as threatened as those taken hostage by the underground orcs.” The dwarf throws up his hands, “Fine. But are we not to drain the swamp?”

“Why yes Talo does he not live there? and did you not encroach into the swamp? I know nothing of draining swamps but I suspect it is not an easy matter and will take a great deal of time and money so a priority it is not. At the present whatever it is is a benefit for us as it protects our rear, yes that may change but for the time being we will leave it be”.

Staring at the paladin, Talo retorts, “Yep, walked right up to his cloud door, kicked it in, yelled at his pet tree, and commenced to make a mockery of his home! Great Giblin’s balls, boy!! Don’t be so thick! He cannae be said to be living at all!! He is the bastard child of a giant and a fog of fart! You are quick to blame your mates and slow to stand for them! Blame Zelmar, blame me… yep, we were places that were dangerous. But taking a stand for your companions at arms is something you’re NOT doin’!” The dwarf leaves in a huff swearing at length in dwarven.

“Wrong swamp Talo my friend. The Castleton wants to drain the swampy area within the walls of Harnanca rather than the big swamp out there.” Councils Gordon.

Gordon questions Cynan’s desire to return to Lands’ end. “Wasn’t King Thraim away fighting ogres rather than in Lands’ End? I wouldn’t mind a return to Lands’ End I will not lie, to see if my cart full of supplies still sits by the docks. But if it is a mission to find Thraim and return him then I think our journey lies in a different direction.”

Harzad nods at Gordon’s correction. “Indeed sirs, I want to drain the swampy ground above the goblin lair, it’s no use to anyone in its current state… but if I might correct you Gordon, I think it was Gorm who was heading east to deal with the ogres. From the gossip I’ve heard it’s Thraim who’s been missing several weeks now.”

Kradorn becomes more restless as the longer they are “trapped” inside. He begins going through his gear to lighten his load while traveling. Leaving the rest of his gear and treasure within his room in the keep.
Hoping that they would travel north again might give him more options for selling off the pole axe. Bagging out the individual domination of treasure but all put into a larger sack for storage. Planning to just travel with 20gp, 17sp, 9cp and the platinum torc. The rest to remain.

Laying Shadowslayer, armor, knife, dagger, shield, longbow and arrows, with spare string onto his bed. Checking each for its readiness for travel or fight.

Going to the “Library” Kradorn queries “Are those Notebooks of any value to us? If not I would like to sell them off. I fancy the idea of getting some magic.” He knew the dwarven books would stay but was unclear of the purpose of the Mindflayer notebooks.

On his way back to his room he finally finds Cynan. Handing him Zelmar’s sword. “I know not where we plan to have this tribute room of fallen heroes. Or if we just use the weapon in battle.”

“Kradorn why not have the sword displayed in the inn as a centre piece over the hearth that way every traveller will learn of the tales of Zelmar the elf and his memory will only grow stronger in the telling”.

“The Griffon is safe as long as he … or she doesn’t try and eat me.” Kradorn replies with a chuckle.
“I like your idea Cynan. I will keep it in my room until the place is finished.” he adds.

Upon hearing of the disappearance of Thraim the paladin informs his companions that Lands End is again their destination and they shall depart as soon as Gordon and Gildor have finished all their learning. He also informs them of the griffon that Kradorn spotted and has decided it is not to be harmed reminding them of the griffon that rescued Gildor up on the moors in the past when they were ambushed. The paladin has not forgotten the intelligent look in the creatures eyes before it flew away.

If Gildor overhears or is made aware of the Lands end issue he says, “Perhaps we can stop there on our way to the Village you guys were interested in and check on the situation?”

“Gentleman, change of focus. We will worry about the swamp and its creatures when we return. Nothing has bothered us since we have been here. Even when we killed the goblin infestation.” Kradorn comments “We need to get to Land’s End”

Cynan clenches and unclenches his fists as he listens to the outburst from Talo, but knows a response in anger does no one any good although, many responses flash through his mind. In fact he lets the dwarf stomp off and keeps his council to himself. Upon hearing Gordon speak up he looks perplexed ” mayhap you are right my friend and I misheard the news will not be the first time. Let us confirm the story and go from there. If it is not Lands End at least your supplies will be there when you need them”.