84. Breaking & Entering

Talo is hovering close to the medical golem watching with rapt attention at all of the alchemy and arcane mysteries as Kalam is being restored when the dwarves come in. As quickly as his stumpy legs will carry him, the cleric rushes to the side of the king and assesses if Thraim’s body is still viable. Realizing the departed monarch, Talo hums a prayer to Clanggedin to accompany his soul to the courts of the soul-forger.

The war-priest then administers aid to the two remaining dwarves with instruction about rest. He works hard to stay out of the way of the medical golem.

“Right, then,” Talo begins, “the talking face said something about restoring its ability to see the rest of the ship. Getting to the keys necessary to get to the… hmm, captain’s quarters will allow that, then the floating face can let us get back to Land’s End. There are a couple pockets we have not looked at on this level. I think we should finish searching to be certain we have not left anything behind. With the plant-folk having raged a little war on each other, we may find that path easier. Just to be certain we have not left anything behind, let’s take a peek. Based on what we have seen so far, I think this level has a circular path. Perhaps we can approach from the north east passage. We would be less likely to be expected there. Barring any nay-sayin’, let’s line up and carry on.”

Gildor nods “Let’s check any rooms we haven’t searched yet on this deck. Let’s go right once we leave the healing room. OK?”
“Here is the route I have in mind. I’ll try and keep an eye out for traps and as we pause at intersection I’ll move up and take a quick look then get back in line.”

“Well I would say our quest here is at an end. We came to save the King. We failed that. Are we to explore these lands or do we return to the surface?” Kradorn replies.
He will follow the group decision. He is unclear about the direction he wants to go. He feels they have found nothing but death and destruction. Gained nothing from being here.

Gildor looks at Kradorn and say, “We have endured too much my friend but we don’t know how to get back home. We need to find a way to get back and LG might be able to help if we can find the captain’s card so LG can access more of the ship. We should avoid fights if possible as we search for things.”

“I am with you. I thought we had a map. Lets find this key and the way out.” Kradorn replies.

Gildor and Kradorn pack up and ready themselves to head out again and get as far as the door before Cynan stops them and reminds them that Kalam is still laid unconscious on one of the couches.

Cynan Lays on Hands and brings the fighter back to consciousness through he’s still lightly wounded.

With a gasp Kalam woke up after Cynan’s healing.
“Thank you all for saving me.” He said to the party. Afterwards he followed them in their search, attention solely on his surroundings on their way and on guard. Still subdued from the experience of having been brought back from the dead, he wasn’t prone to talking.

The party head north past the medical rooms and then west past the large empty room to the junction where they met the phase spiders. Under Gildor’s direction they head north again, coming to a series of red and unkeyed doors at the end of the corridor. The unkeyed doors open into the large empty room and another filled with lockers on two walls and benches in the centre.

Talo motions to Gildor toward the lockers and, over a coarse whisper, says, “Let’s check these first and be certain we are not leaving anything unchecked in our wake.” The dwarf takes time to inspect the room thoroughly to make certain no corners go uninspected.

Gildor nods then lowers his head saying, “I am sorry friend. I meant to mourn the fallen dwarves and in my haste to move about this forsaken ship failed to offer my condolences to you and Munin on their passing. I beg your forgiveness and humbly apologize.” He lifts his head and pauses for a moment then continues. “Ok, let’s check the lockers first before further investigation of these rooms.”

Checking the lockers doesn’t take long and uncovers nothing more than a strange glass bottle which is soft and springy to the touch and contains some sort of thick blue-green liquid which smells strongly of herbs and flowers, a towel and a black door card.

Beyond the locker room is a triangular room tiled in green and blue translucent glass. Against the far wall are six bright silver bulbs, covered in small holes – like the end of a watering can, Gordon comments.

Through the red door is a private lounge and dining area which is nicely furnished and appointed. All is intact. In the centre is a large table surrounded by 14 chairs and on a side board are six crystal flasks containing various quantities of liquid.

Gildor looks over the vials of liquid and the number of pictures and wonders if there is a correlation between the colour and the pictures are they vials of paint or something else. He checks to see if there is any odour associated with the liquids and the viscosity of them.

The liquids are, or were, alcohol of one sort or another. A check of the sideboard reveals it to be filled with glasses and crockery of various types.

He relays any information found to the others as well. He also checks if there is a link to the 6 spouts to liquids.

On the far wall are 6 30cm square pictures of varied landscapes, only the quality is so good, it is like looking through a window and the clouds and trees move in a breeze. They show mountains and lakes, towns and deserts. On the opposite wall is a picture 3m long by 30cm high showing a section of a tan and dark blue sphere covered in swirling white against a starry background.

Talo checks over the pictures carefully to see if he recognizes any of the landscapes or if there are any people depicted in them from which he might glean more information about what the pictures may tell him about what is represented in them.

Talo doesn’t recognise any of the places depicted in the pictures, though they all look lovely places to visit. The only people in the pictures are distant and difficult to make out. They do all seem to be human however.
The longer picture on the other wall gets the dwarf’s attention after he realises that the blue and tan sphere is in fact a globe, though without any names or borders marked. He recognises one feature in particular in the north. Though partly obscured by cloud, it is clearly the Cauldron, as the dwarves call it, the U shaped string of mountains around the Inner Sea, sitting just below the snowy mass of a great northern continent, which covers the polar region. Talo can make out the very hills of his homeland. The Cauldron is a surprisingly small feature on the globe he notes.

After carefully searching the room, Talo turns to Gildor, “I say we pop them door open. I am no locksmith, but I don’t see any lock. I am guessing we need to coax these open.” He finishes the last bit with a knowing grin.

Gildor grins back, “Let me see if any of my cards will work and if not then let me see if I can find a way to pick the lock or find a opening mechanism to help coax it open before we take more drastic measures.”

“Let’s check as much as we can and move on along my planned route.”

Gildor lays out his tools and prising off the panel next to the door and gently moving aside the cables and glowing fibres, manages to get access to the mechanical lock mechanism beyond. Precise but forceful application of a small crowbar manages to get the mechanical part of the lock to disengage just long enough for Talo to slide the door open.

“I think we just walk around as quiet as possible. Seeing what we can open with those card things. Seems like there are plenty of places to open. And hopefully find better door openers. Noise will attract whatever beasties are here.” Kradorn comments.
Looking towards Cynan. “What do you think. Explore close as a small group or wait?”

While Kradorn is talking, Talo and Gildor get one of the doors behind him open. Cynan smiles and heads towards the open door drawing his sword as he goes. “Our decision is made I think.”

Everything herein is disordered but nothing has been looted. The main room is the living room and reception area, with couches, arm chairs, small tables, paintings, etc. There is nothing worth looting here.

A. Besides the bedroom furniture and personal effects there is a small desk. Inside are a full set of cards (jet, brown, violet, yellow, orange and red) save a grey, which Gildor finds shoved into a stack of papers.

The small room to the south-east is a locked closet/ storage area.
The lavatory cabinet contains various potion bottles and creams and two capsules marked with a death’s head.
There is a locked ceralloy security safe in the desk.

C. This room is an unremarkable master bedroom. There are many drawers of clothing and the like, but there is nothing of value here, except that which appears to be a tin object, shaped like a fat dart on a stand on the table.

D . In here are a divan, dressing table, small desk, and several lounge chairs. A skeleton lies on the divan. Behind the dressing table is a jewellery case with 4 platinum rings (value 200, 75000, and 5 gp respectively), 6 platinum bracelets (2 are worth 100 and 60 gp respectively), and 3 platinum necklaces (one set with 7 aquamarines worth 50 gp each, jewellery value 400 gp). The corpse also has a stone tablet, like the one you found on the child’s corpse only this one is made from pure opal it would seem.
Searching the room, Gildor finds another grey card by the side of the divan, hidden under a shoe.

Kalam stood guard while they searched the rooms.
When the party was ready to move on he followed them in their search, attention solely on his surroundings on their way and on guard. Still subdued from the experience of having been brought back from the dead, he wasn’t prone to talking.

Kradorn gathers the cards up “Best to keep extra sets with different people.” he comments.
Making sure all the relative treasure is collected. “Well that was quiet. Should we do the other doors since we have experts now.”

Talo’s face creases in a patently ugly smile at the sight of the cards. “Welp, lads, there is our ride home!… ummm… Right? I don’t recall what floaty said about the cards. We need to… give them to him? Go to a place and flip a switch?” His smile melts into a vapid stare at Gildor. “You remember?”

The dwarf gathers up the tablet and turns it over in his hands, “I need the talkin face to tell us what these things do.” He secrets it in his pack and continues with the collection of valuables.
Talo squints at the locked ceralloy security safe in the desk and that locked room, points, and says, “Gildor, can you pull these things open? You’re quite the hand at these obstinate locks and it sure saves the edge on old Clanggedin’s holy symbol here.”

To the collection Talo adds –
-various potion bottles and creams and two capsules marked with a death’s head.
-opal tablet.
-a black door card. (locker)
-six crystal flasks containing various quantities of liquid.
-6 30cm square pictures of varied landscapes, only the quality is so good it is like looking through a window and the clouds and trees move in a breeze. They show mountains and lakes, towns and deserts.
-full set of cards (jet, brown, violet, yellow, orange and red) save a grey, which Gildor finds shoved into a stack of papers.
-tin object, shaped like a fat dart on a stand on the table.
-4 platinum rings (value 200, 75000, and 5 gp respectively), 6 platinum bracelets (2 are worth 100 and 60 gp respectively), and 3 platinum necklaces (one set with 7 aquamarines worth 50 gp each, jewellery value 400 gp).
-another grey card

After searching the locked safe and other room, Talo says, “We should head back and get some insight about these things.

Gildor makes sure the loot is all recovered – Kradorn has a set of cards, Talo has loot and the extra grey card.
Gildor says,”Let me have at that safe. Everyone stay back as I check it for traps first I’d suggest going in the other room and watching from around the door.” Gildor examines the safe for traps, tests it to see if it’s locked and if not opens it carefully wary of traps. If It’s locked he will attempt to unlock the safe carefully and then open it carefully if successful and once open calls the others in as he examines the contents so the others can see also.

Gildor tries the locked safe first but can’t seem to see any way in short of hacking it open. It seems very tough however and none of his tools can do anything more than scratch the surface.
Foiled by the safe Gildor turns to the locked door and decides to bypass the lock (a strange hand shaped panel next to the door) and try to gain entry by carefully applied brute force.

Nothing works however and eventually he triggers some sort of alarm, bolts slam into place around the door frame and the panel by the door begins flashing brightly and emitting a shrill and repetitive wail.
“Time to leave?” suggests Cynan. “Do we head back to the mask or carry on searching?”

Gildor says, “Hurry use your cards to see if we can silence the alarm or open the safe using the card. One of them may override the alarm and open the safe?”

Nothing seems to work.

Talo’s grimaces at the alarm. “I say we make good use of our time out here and clear this floor.” Scrutinizing the map Gildor put together, he continues, “Yeah, let’s follow this plan and keep pushing through. Of course, this alarm may bring some visitors our way. Naw, let’s keep going – caution will be warranted though.”

“I’d say let’s get back to LG and see if we can find a way to get us back home. We don’t even know yet if we can get back so first let’s make sure we can get back. “

After some consideration, “Gildor, I am vaguely familiar with your arcane arts. Is there a spell that could open this stubborn door and the vault? Perhaps we can circle back around once you have a chance to memorize such a spell. Meanwhile, let’s carry on.”

“I don’t think I know the spell you that you may be thinking of. It was a good thought though.”

Kalam’s attention remained fixed to his surroundings during the commotion and until a course of action was decided upon. And his crossbow at the ready, while trying to detect any approaching noise or figure.

Kradorn laughs. “I think you made it mad.” chuckling
“Yes, we should go before that noise attracts something while we are here.” Kradorn nods to Cynan. Drawing an arrow.
“Since we failed to save the King. We should depart this unfamiliar place. Back to where at least we have an idea of how to wander home.” Kradorn replies.

“I’m with you Kradorn. Let’s move on from here. I’d love to stay if I knew we could get back and we had access to healing supplies but I don’t think we do”, Gildor tells Kradorn and the others.

“I am willing to follow suit. I am low dwarf here anyhow. Let’s get back before we call the nasties in for dinner.” With that, the dwarf shoulders his full pack and gets into line to get back.

The party move out and along the corridor, passing many ruined rooms, filled with forgotten death and destruction. The main northern drop-chute junction is empty and there are no signs of life. The single door to the room 8 suite opens with Gordon’s red card but jams halfway. Gildor peeks in carefully then leads the party inside.

Room 8. These rooms are basically intact, just a little dusty. The main room is a living/reception room. There is nothing of obvious value. Around the walls are more pictures, two large exotic landscapes and three of various groups of what look like soldiers, although the groups are comprised of both men and women. All their clothing is camouflaged and they carry a selection of items which may or may not be weapons.

a. Personal lounging and dining area much the same as the last one the party saw but smaller.

b. Small office and study. There are three chairs, a case of various incomprehensible books and a desk. The desk has a drawer but it is locked. Soon after anyone enters the room a black glass panel on the wall comes to life with a picture of a man seemingly in one of the drop-chutes just outside a small circular door marked with a violet lock. The image is very lifelike and the man seems frozen in movement. He is dressed in exotic armour of some sort and carries a blaster (like the one Talo had) and a longer cylindrical weapon. A pulsing red circle is superimposed over the image. A voice also comes from the image, sounding much like the LG or the medical golem and delivers a short message.

c. Dressing room with nothing of apparent value, but there are two intact uniforms in a wall wardrobe and various clothes for a human man and woman.

d. Master bedroom. Another skeleton is here, sprawled on the floor near the bed. A man by the look of its size and clothing.

“Gildor, can you make out what he is saying? Otherwise, we may do well going straight back to LG and seeing what the next steps are. The frozen fella on that screen seems to be indicating a problem. I don’t want any problems way up here and we might get some problems if we mess around right here. Let’s head back shall we?”

Kalam’s attention remained fixed to his surroundings during the search of the rooms. His crossbow at the ready and trying to detect any approaching noise or figure.

Gildor says, “I couldn’t make out that message. It was quick. I agree let’s just head back to LG as safely and as directly as possible. We can back track if we spot trouble going a particular route though”.

Gildor checks the drawer for traps then tries to unlock it if he doesn’t find any traps while they decide.

Gildor finds no traps on the desk drawer and a simple probe with a looped wire unlocks it without any fuss.
Inside apart from some papers, he finds three orange cards and a needler pistol with one 6x6cm block of what looks like anti-personnel ammunition.
Everyone heads out of the apartment and back they way they came, returning to the Limited Gravitas’ avatar within 10 minutes.