88. A story and then bed

Kalam notices two small vegepygmies peeking around the corner at the end of the western corridor. They see him, spotting them and duck back round the corner.

Kradorn finishes his grim task and meets back with the party, gathered by LG’s avatar. The mask seems to shimmer and vanish momentarily.

“Do you have a question for me?” it asks.

“First things first. There is still a group out there of considerable size. LG, how much more time do you need until you regain control of this ship? Please answer in terms of days and nights. A day has dawn which is when the sun starts climbing on the sky, then until…”

“Let me interrupt here.” says LG. “To translate this period, I need to know how you divide up the day as you experience it on the planet below, which is where you come from. Your planet has a rotation period – a day – which is shorter than a standard day, that is, a day aboard this vessel.”
Cynan tells LG that the day is divided into bells and that there are eight bells in a day; Silent Bell, Sunrise Bell, Morning Bell, Midday Bell, Afternoon Bell, Evening Bell, Sunset Bell and Midnight Bell.
“In that case, it will take just under fourteen and a half Bells to complete my command rewrites.” says LG.

“We need to know if you can do something now to enhance the security of this room, or we need to fight against the other group before you are ready to defend this place. Also, since these creatures are former members of your crew, perhaps you could avoid killing them by blocking them in a limited part of the ship. It may be possible to find a cure for them with your restored and augmented capabilities.” says Kalam.

“Unfortunately the vegepygmies are not members of the original crew or passengers, who died out within a year of me arriving at this planet. I have been in orbit – going around your planet, like one of your three moons – for three hundred and forty two of your years. All of the original crew are long since dead, killed by the alien creature that escaped the stasis pod or the unidentified illness which swept through this section just after it was detached from the main vessel. In the chaos that ensued I lost contact with all decks apart from this one and my area of control on this deck is limited to this central section. Without a functioning maintenance golem I am unable to make repairs or carry out proper maintenance.”

“The vegepygmies do not have the mental capability to be retrained as crew. This is something I have tried. They have attacked and destroyed four of the six security golems and both of the maintenance golems I managed to save from the chaos. They also block access to the manufacturing bays located in the northwestern section of this deck, preventing me from producing replacement parts for damaged items or manufacturing new items. My commands currently prevent me from harming any sentient creature and this has limited my ability to control the rise of the vegepygmy tribes and the damage they unwittingly do to me.
If you need access to medical supplies, there is a medical pack on the wall of the clinic behind me. As far as securing the clinic is concerned, I still control the doors of the central section, so I can let you in or out as you require.” says the avatar.

“There are many questions I wish to ask as well, but our security and our exit off this ship when the time comes should take precedence in our considerations.” says Kalam.

“I’m in favour of clearing this floor as best we can. While we are out and about we can keep an eye open for one of those nimble-wright spiders LG was talkin’ about. Getting extra help fixin’ the ship will only help us further our goals.” Talo is still picking stems, leaves, and compost from his beard while wiping his axe off on his leg plates.
The dwarf spits at some unseen sliver of something from the corner of his mouth. “Staying close to LG, the guard golem, and the medic golem will help secure our safety. We would just need to beat a hasty… regrouping back here.” He winks at LG and says, “Thank you,” in common and dwarvish with a short bow, exposing Axes and Anvil tattoo.
“Shall we?” Talo stands and limbers up his shoulders.

Gildor says, “Let’s make use of this medical facility and rest to regain our magics.” He looks at Talo “and I’m sure you could rest too. At least half a day perhaps more.”

“You have a point, I just prefer spending the strength of my arm while we can. But if everyone else would like to rest up I don’t have a problem with that. What do you think, Kradorn? Gordon?” Says Talo.
After retrieving the space weapon he thinks was called a blaster. Approaching the LG “Does this thing work anymore? How do I reload it?” he asks.

“Yes, the blaster pistol still works but its power cell is exhausted. Simply replacing the power cell will make the weapon functional again. The power cell unscrews from the base of the grip.”
LG displays a picture of a power cell which rotates and grows so it can be seen in detail. It is a white cylinder, 8cm high by 4cm in diameter and covered with multicoloured alien symbols and text.
“While I am currently prohibited from providing you with weapons, I am not prohibited from providing you with power cells. Through the grey door you will find the small arms locker on your right, through another grey door. The security golems will prevent you from taking any of the weapons you find there but not the power cells or needler ammunition.”

After the response “How secure is this room? If we were to leave gear here and make our base of operations while we are on this level? Can we make the door a voice command for just us?” Kradorn queries.

“As I said, I can control these doors. The vegepygmies will not enter here.” Says the avatar.

“Friends, all matters must be seconded to the securing of our situation here. I saw two pygmy creatures. The group we just fought came from the south, west and east. I don’t know which group the two watchers came from. They could be remnants from the defeated group or scouts from the other one. We need to secure our position here and then start asking questions.” Says Kalam.

Gildor says, “I think we all need to heal and rest. If we start scouting about we run the risk of running into the northern group unprepared. We must get our mana back my friends. If the healing in this room is gone we just need to rest. If you prefer the other healing room we can move to there quickly.”

Cynan moves everyone out of the corridor and back into the clinic, asking Kalam to stay on guard at the door. Inside they find an emergency medical pack attached to the wall. It contains bandages, splints and patches, their use clearly indicated by pictures on their wrappers. There’s also a foam to be applied to wounds and big gel filled patches 10cm across which are also to be applied to wounds. There are also several bottles of pills, a jar of salve and two strips of small stickers, red ones and blue ones. In the lid of the medical pack are three bracelets, each wrapped individually and to be applied to the wrist of a casualty.

Kalam stayed on guard duty as requested. For the moment he pushed all his questions for LG to the back of his mind and concentrated on his task at hand. All of his senses were primed to work at the maximum efficiency and hopefully work as an early warning system if the situation warranted it.

“Alright, then, let’s rest – that sounds like consensus so long as we get to finish clearing the abandoned weed-people on our waking. Unless you feel otherwise, ‘Impossibly-Tall-One’.” Talo says the last bit with a wry smile to Kradorn.

Talo’s brow furrows, “But there appears to be two differing groups. One attacked another. I am not one for,” the dwarf’s face puckers with the bitter taste of it in his mouth before he continues, “DIPLOMACY… but, we may be well-served by allowing them a chance to make an accord with us.”
Before bedding down, Talo leaves the pile of the party’s wealth in the corner of the central hall near LG for safe-keeping to allow better movement.

“Why are you leaving this here?” Asks LG. “It would be safer in the clinic where you are resting, surely? Leaving it in the corridor is an invitation to curious and acquisitive vegepygmies.”

After hearing LG’s recommendation Talo looks at the pile of stuff at his feet and smiles, “Yeah… good point.” The cleric sighs heavily and fills his pack again. Talo’s brow is wet from the exertions of unpacking and packing.

While rooting around in his pack, Talo finds a suit of studded leather which he pulls out with some confusion on his face and lays it next to the rest of the pile of treasure. He shakes his head in wonder, “Need ta clean this thing out more often…”

“I will take the first watch and then some if it is needed. LG, what are your intentions once you assume complete control of the ship in one and a half day?” asks Kalam.

“As I believe I made clear earlier, I will not be ‘in control’ of the ship after I’ve rewritten my commands. I will at that point be able to act against the vegepygmies and begin repairs on this deck and eventually the ship’s other decks.” says LG.

“We don’t want to remain trapped here if you decide to get away from our world. But on the other hand, if there is time there are questions to be asked. One of many is how much time do we have before you leave our world. I have many more and others of my party may have their own as well.” asks Kalam.

“As I have also stated previously, this section of the ship on its own is incapable of interstellar travel. I was put in orbit around your world and am incapable of leaving. If you wish to leave, you must use the same means by which you arrived. I have no knowledge of the method of transport you used to arrive here and have no record – beyond works of fiction – of what sounds like teleportation.” Replies LG.

Gildor says, “I’ll take last watch then. We should rest at least half a day in my opinion. Talo do you want to see if you can make use of the medicine box and take some of with you? I don’t think we need to go looking for a fight. We still need to figure out how to get off this boat.”

“Ship…” interrupts LG “technically you are on part of a ‘ship’. Ships travel between stars, boats travel between planets in a star system.”

Gildor continues “Let’s work to figure that out first. We can make use of the armoury as well if needed. Let’s rest, reload weapons and ammo from the armoury, then go out. We can clear this level, if that is what everyone wants or make nice with the other group, but we must find a way off this… ship.”

“Good point, Gildor. I’ll reload my needler gun as well… while we are talking logistics, I think that if we are going to rest we should rest at least half a day or until we are full up on spells and health.”

Talo’s needler pistol still has two clips of ammo left attached.

Kradorn looks about the room. “Please secure the door. No one enters or leaves without our knowledge. Anytime we are within this room.” Kradorn says to the LG.

“Done.” says LG.

Looking at the drawing Kradorn slowly figures out what he needs to do. Taking Cynan with him to collect power cells and needler ammo. Taking 4 of each not knowing their duration of use.

Kradorn and Cynan go through the grey door in the centre of the clinic’s north wall and into a short corridor with a red door in the centre of the west wall and two grey and one red door in the east wall. The corridor is clean and undamaged and the walls and doors are covered with bold, alien text and symbols. Kradorn opens the first grey door to reveal a short L shaped passage, its walls lined with racks and boxes. The small arms locker is partially stripped, but still inside are racks and containers of: 10 needler pistols, 8 pistols of an unknown type, 4 laser pistols, 2 laser rifles and 1 blaster pistol.

There are three boxes, each containing 20 grenades: gas, incendiary, and flechette. A full suit of elaborate plate armour is in a closed and locked locker (at the end of a row of 7 opened ones). A metal chest holds 3 boxes – 72 mini-power cells, 51 anti-personnel and 54 sleep needler clips.

Kradorn takes 4 mini-power cells but the needler ammunition comes in blocks of 3 clips, so he takes 2 blocks.

Kradorn talks privately with Cynan, seeing the stress of leadership and loss on his face. Talking him by the shoulder. “You have done well by us. I will hopefully get us all to the surface alive.” Kradorn says to Cynan seeing a small spark of life and relief in his posture.
Returning to the group. “Friends we will rest for five or six hours. Till we all feel well enough to battle on. LG, keep the doors closed, warns us if you detect motion in the hallway…er corridor. Or if the doors are forced open.”

Talo empties his pack and stretches his lower back. “PHEW! Now, let’s take a look at some of those medical supplies. I will take the second shift for the watch… split into… say, one bell a piece? “

Talo leaves:
-six crystal flasks containing various quantities of liquid.(9)
-6 30cm square pictures of varied landscapes, only the quality is so good it is like looking through a window and the clouds and trees move in a breeze. They show mountains and lakes, towns and deserts.(3)
-tin object, shaped like a fat dart on a stand on the table.(3)
-Studded leather armour

Turning the group, Kradorn says “Lean something against the doors, Shields, Polearms, whatever that will make noise when they fall should the doors open.” Kradorn says “Everyone relax and sleep well. We will use this as our base until the level is clear.”
Looking to everyone for agreement or questions. Then moving to a spot to rest his own head. Removing his armour and relaxing as he reloads the blaster and sets the space armour out that he will wear next.

Talo nods slowly, “Right then, you heard the man, time to bed down folks.” Talo busies himself with caring for the wounds the party are dealing with to make sure they are clean and are prepared to heal.

Kradorn nods and smiles, “Kalam first watch, then Cynan, Gordon, Talo and finally Me.
LG will notify us every bell? We will change at those intervals.” Kradorn replies.

Gildor says,”I can guard last watch but if you don’t need me I appreciate the extra rest.”

Kalam nodded affirmatively and went to his post to guard.

Gildor grabs two power cells and two ammo packs before settling down in the clinic.
“I agree Talo. Kradorn we should rest at least half a day.”

Replying to Gildor, “Yes, we will rest regain our strength and spells. If we are going to help this ship regain control. We will be fighting and cleaning everything.”
“LG how did the former occupants go to and from the ship? Such as to the the ground then return?” Kradorn query’s LG.

“A launch is used to move from ship to ship or from a ship to the surface of a planet, moon or station. A launch is a small boat that carries crew or light cargo.” Answers the avatar.
“And before you ask, I do not possess a launch.”

“It would be a good idea to combine all medical supplies we can find in the medical bays and the clinic here and then use as our base a place under the control of LG.” says Kalam.

Kalam is keeping watch when he notices several vegepygmies have reappeared at the western end of the corridor. They look slightly different from the tribe the party fought, less green he thinks. The group consists of three smaller vegepygmies and a larger one. They ignore Kalam’s presence and seem very interested in the burnt and butchered remains of the southern tribe. They are only there for a few seconds and then they are gone again. Time passes but they show no signs of returning.
Some time later, perhaps a third of a bell Kalam can hear shouts and perhaps the sounds of combat off to the south west. It’s hard to tell the exact direction but that’s where the sounds seem to be coming from. They only last a couple of minutes then die out, followed immediately by hoots and howls of victory. LG says one of his security golems spotted a large number of northern vegepygmies crossing the main western corridor into the territory of the southern tribe just before the sounds of conflict.

Everyone is awoken and prepared for whatever is to come but nothing does. LG reports northern tribe vegepygmies crossing the same corridor back and forth. Some are injured and some are carrying trophies and body parts.

After the end of his shift, Kalam settled down to have a conversation with LG and then rest.

“Now that we have a way of understanding each other with regard to time, can you give me an estimate of the time needed for repairs on this deck and eventually the ship’s other decks?”

“If I can acquire a functioning repair golem and there is no further interference, then I estimate it will take me 12 bells to manufacture and install the communication nodes required to reconnect to all systems on this deck. At that point and with free access to all parts of the deck, I can assess any further repairs that are required. I have no idea what will be required on the other decks. The animals are loose on level four: The Botanical gardens and menagerie; which means the containment fields have failed and will need repairing and the animals recapturing. All these jobs are non-trivial and may take many days.”

”Also, since you lack the ability to do this task of interstellar travel, may I assume that with your permission we could remain in this ship until we are ready to leave?” Asks Kalam.

“You may. As long as you do not hinder the repair of the ship or do significant damage yourselves.” replies LG.

“One of our magic users will better explain how teleportation works, but what I do know is that our magic and yours are compatible to a certain degree, because a way was established for the mindflayers and subsequently us to travel here from the Underground through a magic teleportation circle that somehow was connected to you.”

“An interesting idea, I am curious to see it in operation.” says the avatar.

Gordon starts to try and describe what they mean by teleportation, but then decides it sounds far too complicated and gives up with the comment, “Probably like the works of fiction of which you talk LG. Now you say that there are ‘power cells’ for these strange weapons my friends have, would I be right in thinking the larger black box I require is also a power cell of sorts? Do you have any more of these which we could use?”

Digging in his pack Gordon finds the mini-power cell and two grenades. LG confirms that the grenades are a sleep gas grenade and a flechette grenade. LG advises against using either grenade in an enclosed space.
LG asks Gordon to describe the large black box and confirms that it sounds like a heavy duty power cell. Unfortunately he is unaware of any such devices on this deck, if there are any on the ship they will be on deck six, cargo hold two. Failing that there will be chargers (where the power cell can be refilled with energy) in the same place.

Everyone gets some sleep while Cynan takes on the second watch. Some people find it hard to get to sleep, it feels like the middle of the day. At the end of the second bell he has nothing to report but some distant shouting and banging from the west.
Two more bells pass uneventfully, everyone gets a bit to eat and Daldin declares that he wants to go bring Munin and the body of Thraim here, from Med-bay two.

Kalam continued his conversation with LG after waking up from resting.

“Since the duration of our stay is not an issue, I have an idea that involves your ship, therefore I would like to have your advice. You told us about your repair schedule and this is of interest to me. Is there a repair shop in your ship where people work on fixing things? You clearly come from another world and it is possible that some of your materials may be worked in better versions of our own weapons, metal or any other kind. I would like to explore this possibility by visiting such a repair shop. I have been trained in repair of weapons and armour and there may be materials in your ship that I could use. If you also have instruments that I could use in order to work on materials you can spare, even better.”

“If the situation and the time presents itself, then I will gladly look at any improvements we can make to your equipment.” says LG.

Kradorn wakes from his nap, seeing everyone is restless. “Let’s collect our fallen and bring them here. This will be our base until we find a better location.”
“LG, once we clear a deck can you prevent it from being infiltrated again?” Kradorn queries.

“It would be possible to manually seal the drop-chute pressure doors and disable the lifts on the lower decks as you proceeded through the ship. That would prevent animals and creatures such as vegepygmies from accessing the decks you had cleared.” says LG.

“Everyone, lighten your loads. Take only necessities. Leave excess gear. Here.” Kradorn continues. Looking at the space armour. Slowly figuring out how to put it on. Checking the rifle and blaster. Strapping his sword to his hip.

Kalam is already ready, having been taking a very close watch of how much he carries and paying attention not to overdo it and affect his movement of use of abilities.

“Cynan, there was some new looking armour in that weapons room you should wear it for the duration of our time here” Kradorn suggests.

Cynan nods and heads off into the arms locker but he’s stopped by LG, which tells him that the power armour he’s after has a built in laser pistol and so counts as a weapon as far as the security golems are concerned.

“LG, may we take those egg devices… grenades with us to use if needed?”

“I’m afraid the Security golems will prevent access to weapons, including grenades until I can rewrite their commands, which I cannot do until I have rewritten my own commands.” says LG apologetically.

Gildor grabs two anti personnel clip blocks and one more sleep ammo block making sure it’s safe to do so first and moving with the group for safety. “We can go get Munin and Thraim but we must do it as a group. We need to see if we can recharge the thing powering the teleportation device as long as Kradorn doesn’t object.”
Gildor checks his needler power level but it seems fine.

Gildor makes sure he has anti-personal ammo in and takes the following equipment with him and leaves the rest in the room.
Clothes, armour, short sword, needler Backpack containing needler ammo, 2 rations, 2 candles, 2 chalk, 2 meat. Wine skin. Thrives tools, buckler, 1 sack. Belt and pouches with all money and gems. Gildor also includes his ring and potions.

The party heads east from the clinic, round the central block and on east down the main corridor to the eastern junction. Med-bay two’s doors open to find Thraim laid on one of the beds with Munin sat with his back to the wall snoring loudly. He wakes as soon as the party, though he’s somewhat groggy. “Huh, what time is it? Have you found a way back?”

After the party have explained what they’ve discovered and experienced, the fight with the vegepygmies etc. he agrees to move Thraim’s body to the central block. He and Daldin carry the body back to the clinic under the protection of the party. Once inside LG opens one of the examination rooms. Munin insists on staying with the body but relents when LG offers to put one of the security golems on sentinel duty. Munin eats the last of his rations and downs the last of his wine before turning to Cynan.
“Where to Lord Cynan?”
Cynan nods to Kradorn. “He’s leading the way for now. Well Kradorn, where to first?”

“LG, do you have a way that we may mark the doors we have been through and
rooms we have cleared without damage to them?” Kradorn inquires knowing there
will be far too many paths they become lost in their search. “Or a way we may
mark them?” he continues.

“I do not.” says LG but Daldin has a charcoal stick in his pack for making maps with.

Turning to the group. “Well, lets keep it simple. Lets start here.” Pointing to the
door in front of him (yellow). “We will work our way to our left. We will enter and
clear the room. Should it have a door, doorways or tunnels we will note that we have
been there by a mark on the floor. Rooms we have cleared we will mark the frame
above the door.”
“If we have made a circle and come back to where we have been. Then will go through
the first of any secondary doors. Once those are cleared we will proceed to another

Cynan, Munin and Daldin nod their understanding.

“LG, if you could inform us when it has been one bell. We will break, then proceed for another bell. Then return to these quarters. If we happen to see bedding we can bring it back with us, temporarily.”
“If that works for everyone, then let us proceed. Cynan and I will lead. Gildor and
Gordon be the wings if room allows, Kalam and Talo support and fill gaps. Daldin, Munin, Saphiria follow and guard our rear.”

Gildor nods yes and says,”Keep in mind we need to find a way to recharge the power cell for the teleporting device or go to level 6 to get a new one and who know what evil lurks down there.”

Kalam nodded affirmatively. “We need to think about the body of the fallen King. We do not know how soon we will be back and something needs to be done with regard to its preservation. Perhaps LG has an idea to offer?” He added.

LG offers to freeze Thraim’s body. He can do it here in the examination room. The security golem will be unaffected.

Talo’s eyes widen at the thought of getting his blaster back after LG gets control over the ship’s functions. The thought of a laser rifle leaves him downright giddy.

Seeing Munin short on rations, Talo offers his to the dwarven warrior if they are unable to find a way home prior to running out of food completely.
“Kradorn, the call is yours, but we may benefit from making contact with the other vegepygmies to see if we can stay on their good side. I still have this,” Talo holds up the opalescent tablet, “and I can get some of the repair bots working if we encounter any along the way.”

“I think we may need LG to figure that out for us. He should understand that kind of energy if we can’t do the magic.” Kradorn replies.
“There are more power cells in that armoury. I am sure there will be more.”

“Correct me if I am wrong LG. But from what I understand the vegepygmies are not part of the crew and are actually damaging the ship.” asks Kradorn.

“No, they are infesting this deck and only the dangers of the lower decks have prevented them from spreading further.” replies LG.

“If we are to help LG regain control, these creatures must be contained or eliminated. It didn’t sound like LG can limit their size or damage.” Kradorn says.
“We have severely damaged one clan and the other may have finished them off. We will reduce or destroy them. Fire seems to be the most effective weapon against them.” Kradorn continues “Even if it does rain after the fire”

Kalam focused his attention not in specific items, but solely on his surroundings in terms of possible dangers, sound, sight, smell, touch and whether anything seemed to him out of the ordinary. A difficult task, because they were in an extraordinary place full of extraordinary surprises like the phase beast and others as well. Keeping in mind that danger is not always apparent, he tried to extend his awareness instead of getting fixated in anything in particular.

“I’m ready to go my friends. Let’s get this going shall we. Unless some of you need more time. Saphiria stay safe my dear”, comments Gildor.
Gildor will move silently and Hide in shadows, more for his own practice than trying to be quiet or hide around the others but if he searches a room it’s fully active if feasible.
Gildor has his needler in his right hand and buckler attached to his forearm and will tumble should it be necessary for defence. He takes a more focus shot with the needler rather than just blasting away, to make better use of the ammo, preferring to be a better aim.

Everyone shuffles into their assigned marching order and prepares for what’s to come as Kradorn opens the yellow door. Beyond is a large 6m by 9m room (LAB OFF) with a yellow door on the northern end of the east wall and a non-coloured door at western end of the north wall.
The southern half of the room has a desk running all the way around it and two chairs. The walls above the desk are covered with black glass panels, coloured posters, charts and sheafs of paper covered in alien text (it’s an academics’ office). No one can see anything of value here.
Heading left Kradorn opens the northern non-coloured door to reveal a 6m by 6m room (LAB 1) with another non-coloured door in the north wall and a yellow door at the northern end of the east wall. The western and eastern walls of the room are covered in glass panels, which blink through incomprehensible images and scroll blocks of alien text. In the centre of the room stands a 2m by 4m steel table covered in various devices, whose purpose is beyond any in the party.
Then Kradorn opens the yellow door in the eastern wall of the LAB OFF, into a 3m wide by 9m long storeroom (A) with the western and eastern walls covered by glass fronted cabinets filled with various glass and ceramic bottles, jars and containers. All of these are labelled, the labels covered in dense text and strange symbols.
Gildor and the dwarfs rifle through the LAB OFF desks but find nothing of value.

The party venture out into the main corridors, which seem darker than before and head around the south eastern corner, to the yellow door in the middle of the eastern wall of the central block. It opens with a waft of mouldy smelling air. The small 3m by 6m room (more of a corridor) has yellow doors north, south, east and west. Set against the walls in the southern half of the room are several glass boxes, half filled with water. In, on and around these tanks, grows a red-brown, lumpy mould, covered with a haze of fine, moving hairs.

The party back out again and move north then west until they are at the non-coloured door just past the middle of the northern wall.
This place (LIBRARY) is not in terrible shape because there is nothing in it to interest the vegepygmy folk – the worst looters. It holds many small, fixed tables, comfortable chairs, and 24 glass panels. One panel in six is operational and shows either totally unintelligible writing and diagrams (alien + technical), views of stars, planets, and other similar things, or pictures of alien life forms.

Beneath one table is a skeleton of a human. It has rags of what was obviously a uniform, with braid and colourful attachments (medals and ribbons). There is a sealed cabinet behind this skeleton, and a corner of a gray card is visible beneath the body. There are only 3 other (unremarkable) skeletal remains in the whole place.

The party move back out into the main corridor and head left (west), round the north west corner and down to the non-coloured door in the centre of the west wall. Outside the door stands a security golem and when the party approach the door he steps aside for them. It opens into a 6m wide by 9m long room (SEC REC) with a waist high counter (north to south) just inside the door. There’s no one at the counter but there is a gap for the party to pass through, to explore the rest of the room beyond. There’s not much here but a locked metal cabinet in the north east corner.

The red door to the north opens to reveal a short corridor with three doors on either side. “Cells?” asks Munin.

The southern red door opens onto a 6m by 9m room (SEC OFF) with a desk in the south western corner upon which a body is slumped. It looks like another office, although there is another locked metal cabinet in the north west corner.

Working on a hunch, Kradorn opens the red door in the west wall of this office and finds himself in the corridor with the arms locker directly ahead of him. He leads the party into the corridor and opens the next grey door in the eastern wall.

The 3m by 3m room is dark, with a central column covered with dim lights and black glass panels. All these panels are dark except one, down which alien text scrolls. Occasionally it stops and a block of text will disappear, only to be rewritten moments later and then continue scrolling. There is nothing else in the room. It feels cold in here.

Kradorn moves on to the red door. This small central emergency stores compartment (STORES) contains various crates and containers of materials which are totally unrecognisable and unusable by the party. There are however 100 small packages, sealed in silver paper, which may be food. There are also 4 packets of medical ampules (use unknown) and 14 cannisters of healing spray in the store.

Kalam offered to help the dwarves deal with LG with regard to storing their King’s body before they left for their scouting.
While on their way, he continued focusing on detection of possible dangers. Only exception was the medic room called lab where he was prepared to take action and ask for help to distribute the weight of the small packages, the ampules and the sprays between everyone, in case nobody else from the party thought about it. He wanted to make sure that the supplies would be brought back at their command centre.

Gildor says, “I can help carry the healing sprays and anything Talo needs help with. I bet I could make use of the library to perhaps see if there are instruction on the teleportation device and how to charge it or repair it. It may be called something else which may be why LG doesn’t know what we are speaking of. It may take me some time to figure out and I’d need to cast spells to understand it probably. You may need me to unlock something or disarm a trap though.”
Gildor makes sure to do his best cursory search of each room avoiding probable dangers.

Gildor says, “Did the door not open to the capt. Card? Let’s try that if not. I don’t think I can get into it if the card doesn’t work.”
Gildor looks it over but won’t damage the ship.

“Don’t load yourselves down with too many things. The ship is ours and we can come
back anytime. Just remember where it is.” Kradorn says as they explore.
“Pick up any cards we see. Don’t want them laying around for any other creatures that might be here.” Kradorn continues.
“Yes, everyone take a packet or two of those. We may need them. Lets check with
LG to make sure they are what we think they are.”

When shown the packs, ampules and healing spray the party found in the stores, LG says. “These are ’emergency ration packs’, each pack provides a day’s food for one person. I’m not sure how they will taste after 300 years but they are sealed and should still be edible.”
“The ampules are a disease cure, a poison antidote, a radiation antidote and regenerate. You merely press the ampule’s pointed end against the skin to administer the dose.”
“The healing spray cleans, protects and accelerates healing. You should spray the foam directly over a wound. Within seconds the foam hardens to a leathery consistency. It is important the foam stays on the wound until it has finished healing the wound. Removing it before then, may reopen the wound.” explains LG.

“OK then, It appears that we have 4 rooms to look into on the this small section. Then
we can move on.” Kradorn comments as they are gathered in the corridor.
“Let’s start with the 6 doors clustered together. Then move to the clinic door and finish
with the room off of A” Kradorn says looking to see if everyone is good with the plan.

“Gildor, lad? Let’s remember to come back this way and see if we can find our way into that arms locker. We definitely gonna find some use in there.” Seeing Gildor limp past him, Talo reaches out and blesses him with a familiar healing spell.

Talo’s prayer immediately improves Gildor’s condition but he’s still got the odd bump and scrape.

“Let me know if I can be of any help carrying those ampules and healing spray?”
Daldin and Munin are both healed by the dwarven cleric to mend their injuries as best he can.

Daldin is slightly better but Munin is completely healed of all his injuries.
“Thank you priest but I’d save those prayers till we really need them. They can be very handy in saving a dwarf from what would otherwise be a fatal wound.” says Munin.

The second door in the clinic just opens onto a second examination room, exactly the same as the one Thraim’s body is being stored in.