89. Party crashers

The party gather in Security Reception and open the six doors to the north revealing what Munin first guessed at, six cells, each with two bunks, a toilet and sink.

LAB 2 contains a steel table, covered with glass jars, bottles, dishes and slides, a non-functioning repair golem stands next a bank of screens and complex machines. On a counter top are 2 ampules of poison antidote, 3 of disease cure, and a cannister of healing spray unfortunately Kradorn doesn’t see them and accidentally knocks them onto the floor as he enters the room. Most break but two of the disease cure ampules and the healing spray remain intact. Against the western wall are row upon row of small cages, some filled with long mummified small animals. The repair golem looks intact, just lifeless.

Kalam kept on performing his assigned duties, continuing his vigilance with regard to their surroundings wherever they were going in and out of.

Talo looks the repair golem over. “Hey, Gildor, can you ask this thing to commence repairs? Can you speak in a language he or she understands?” Talo bends over to check the chassis area of the golem’s crotch as though he were looking up a skirt. He returns to normal posture, face red and a tentative shoulder shrug as if to say he it not sure how these things work regarding reproductive capacities of golems.

Gildor says, “Let me help you out Talo. Let’s see if it turns on and your tablet, LG said could instruct it to go back to him may help LG out. Let’s look this golem over and see if there is something obvious we can do.”
Gildor makes sure to check for motion sensors or beams, pressure plates and trip wires in the rooms but not so detailed he slows the group much. Gildor offers meat to Saphiria and nibbles on a ration during pauses.

Gildor finds no traps in the room but then, why would he? Saphiria eats her rations hungrily.

After some contemplation, Talo goes over to the golem and rummages around in his pack for the tablet he picked up. He carefully repeats the symbol drawing on the opalescent tablet that LG showed the him in order to program the repair bots to commence repairs throughout the ship.
He steps back and appraises the results, biting on his lip, “Lemme see how THAT works out. Go get ’em,… uh, guy.” Talo makes a shooing motion with his hand expectantly, looking the golem from head to toe.

Talo smiles his toothy grin and pats Gildor on the back, “Ah, lad! Always generous with the help. Sadly, I don’t have the mind for these nimble-wrights and walking mechanisms.” Talo looks in the back for any cables or ports that may give some kind of hint to its functioning.

The giant spider/tree-shaped golem makes no move. It just sits there, inert.

Talo touches the golem on the forehead and chest to test if he can wake it. The dwarf leans in and speaks loudly into the golem’s face, “‘Ellllllooooooooo!!!”

Still nothing.

Talo looks the mummified samples over. “I don’t know what this is and it may be of some value back home for developing knowledge – but I don’t want to loose some nasty bug from the stars on our home.” The dwarf makes some mental notes about what he sees to write down once he gets a chance on their planet. “Maybe Elljee (LG) can point us toward a library of their knowledge for us to be able to take home.” Talo’s brows waggle at Gildor as though he is trying to tantalize the elf with the thoughts of alien wisdom. The effect is creepier than he intends but the notion is projected.
Talo gathers up the cure disease ampules and healing spray.

After the golem-inspecting the war-cleric looks over the room, “Gildor, does your wee dragon recognize any of these creatures?”

Saphiria shakes her head.

“Alright then, we have secured this block. Let’s move across the hall and continue.”
Kradorn says as they make their way back to the “Clinic”.
“Drop anything you want back here and we will move on.” Kradorn adds as they reach the clinic.
“Lets start there.” Kradorn points to the doorway across the hallway. South of the clinic.
“If that works for everyone.”

Gildor will cast comprehend language if it seems prudent to do so when strange writings need to be read. Gildor tries to commit to memory some of the basics of a common language on the ship.
Once ready to move out Gildor falls in line and does his routine search and Listen when feasible.

Once their look-about has completed, Talo waits by the door ready to continue the clearing efforts of the ship.

The party move out of the clinic and across the hall to the first black coded door, which Kradorn opens with Cynan standing close by, both with swords at the ready. Inside is a bed, the remains of a table and a pile of worthless and unidentifiable rubbish. The next room is much the same, and the next and the next and the next, the odd, L shaped, smaller room. They all seem to have been looted and trashed, anything of use or value long since taken or smashed.
The party move north, check the black door on the corner of the east corridor (with the same result as the previous black coded rooms) and then proceed to the two un-coloured doors at the end.
The first opens into a large room with sturdy looking benches and tables in the centre, which seem to have resisted the attentions of the vegepygmies. The walls of the room are huge black glass panels, reaching from floor to ceiling but they’re cracked and shattered in places. Oddly the room has the feeling of being outdoors, there is a movement to the air and bird and insect noises can be clearly heard, though where they’re coming from is anyone’s guess.
They move on to the next room (DINING), a dining room with dozens of small tables and chairs, upturned and scattered about the place. Beyond the 6m wide by 18m long room is a kitchen (6m by 6m) whose contents are chaotically thrown across the floor. Again, nothing of value.
There’s only one door in the north wall before the main north corridor and this opens into a large 9m by 12m room, again with broken glass panels on the walls, floor and ceiling but with no furniture this time. This room is silent and whatever happened here, remains a mystery.
They pass the northern corridor quickly and silently and open the brown door in the north west corner. It opens into a kitchen (KIT) but Kradorn immediately signals everyone to stop and be silent. He moves slowly into the room and motions Gildor to move ahead to scout.
The elf peers around a corner to get a look at the larger room beyond (DINING) and immediately spots more than a dozen vegepygmies, sitting around a long table, in the middle of what looks like a feast. There only seems to be the larger varieties of the vegepygmies present. A big, metre and a half, vegepygmy, sits at the far end of the table, a knife in one hand and something red and bloody in the other.

Upon seeing Gildor’s reaction to the presence of possible enemies, Talo begins a repeated mantra. It looks like he is saying a prayer, but to those who are close enough hear the adherent of Clanggedin whispering, “please no parley, please no parley, please no parley…” Close enough to a prayer for the hungry-axe wielder. Talo kisses the flat of his axe awaiting instructions.

When Gildor returns and relays the scene. Kradorn ponders for a moment. The evidence of his obvious thoughts of outcome of his decision.
“Right” he starts whispering. “Full attack, they have given us no quarter and are not part of the ship or crew. Destroy them all. Fire is the best but I think we would cook ourselves.” Kradorn says as he looks to the spellcasters to see if they agree.
“On the count of 3, we charge. Cynan you take the nearside I will take the far side. Everyone fill in the gaps. Running down the table is an option too.”

Unless he is told a fireball would work safely. Kradorn begins counting with his fingers so all may see. On the third finger he rushes in.

Gildor nods to Kradorn and holds up his Needler and winks. Nods He is ready follows in formation and shoots at clear targets and targets of opportunity.

Kalam nodded and got ready to charge, firing his crossbow. He also kept in his mind the need to be aware of new arrivals so that they weren’t surprised in the middle of the fight, so if it wasn’t necessary he would hold back a little and not get in the melee combat in order to keep an eye on the exits of the room. However, he was no fool to engage enemies with a ranged weapon. If need be, he would resort to dagger and short sword.

The party stream across the top end of the room and are almost in place before the vegepygmies notice them. As the creatures struggle to get out from the table, stand and grab their weapons, the party take aim and prepare their swords and axes.
Kradorn shoots first and a gossamer thin line of light hits the closest vegepygmy, scorching its head and blinding it. His next shot hits another in the chest, which explodes in flames and it falls back onto the deck.
As the vegepygmies charge forward he shoots again, misses then hits, badly wounding a third.
Gordon clicks the button on his flechette grenade as LG showed him and throws it onto the table, where it clatters and spins. When it doesn’t immediately explode, Gordon sighs, draws his sword and shield and prepares for combat.
Gildor starts shooting too, his needler flechettes buzzing across the room and exploding against the far wall.
The wall of vegepygmies hit the party with a clatter and a roar, Talo and Munin score minor hits while Cynan misses his first swing but hits with the backhand, knocking the vegepygmy onto the floor, its torso gashed open.
Kalam shoots over Talo’s head and hits but the vegepygmy just pulls the bolt out and casts it aside. Kradorn shoots at almost point blank range and hits again, wounding another of the smaller vegepygmies.

Kradorn keeps shooting, the flickering beam, cutting and burning everything it touches, wall, floor and vegepygmy. Three go down in rapid succession, maimed or killed outright by the laser carbine.
Gildor shoots too, protected by Gordon on his right and Talo on his left, his first shot misses but his second hits a vegepygmy with three explosive flechettes, it staggers back under the impact but doesn’t go down. The little vegepygmies are made of tough stuff he thinks.
A third shot goes wide but the forth peppers another with five rounds and its head and torso explode messily.
Kalam shoots his light crossbow and hits but the target seems to barely notice.
Gordon, Talo and Munin trade axe blows with the vegepygmies, Gordon and Talo hit nothing and Talo takes a slight wound while Munin gets in a good hit but takes one in return. Cynan’s shield parries an axe and his flaming sword stabs up, into and through the owner’s guts. The paladin kicks the vegepygmy off the end of his sword, amid the smoke and stink of burning vegetables.
At this point Gordon’s grenade goes off, blasting everything in a 7.5m radius with a hail of flechettes. It catches the larger vegepygmies at the back, the injured ones and the back’s of those fighting the party. Several of the wounded ones fall. The concussion wave stuns everyone momentarily and the ceiling lights flickerer for a moment before the fight recommences.
Three more veges rush into the fight, Cynan fights off two while Kradorn cuts the legs out from under a big one and finishes it with a fiery blast.
Another injured vegepygmy grabs at the laser carbine and the beam slashes across the ceiling. Sparks and molten metal fly and with a bang the lights go out.

Gildor barely pays any attention to the sudden darkness and just hits the vegepygmy fighting Kradorn and brings it down.
Kalam curses, unable to see anything very much in the light provided by sparks and the guttering flames of burning vegepygmies and certainly not enough to shoot into a melee with any confidence.
Gordon gets in good hit with his axe while Talo and Munin do less damage. A shower of sparks gives Cynan a fleeting glimpse of an attacking vegepygmy and he pokes his sword into it just enough to put it off its attack. Its companion however smashes its axe into the paladin and only his plate saves him from real injury.
Talo, Gordon and Munin are all hit in the melee, Munin worst of all. Cynan and Kradorn complain that they can’t see a damn thing. Gildor keeps shooting, eventually hitting one of the vegepygmies but not bringing it down.
In the dark and confusion, Kalam sees the brown door behind him slide open and a vegepygmy look into the room and then begin shouting warnings over its shoulder to unseen companions.
The big double doors in the east wall open for a few seconds, just long enough for Kradorn to see the chief and and a sub-chief flee through it. Another smaller vegepygmy follows on behind and Kradorn roasts it with the laser. Realising too late, that it was perhaps staggering aimlessly rather than actually heading for the doors, which have now slid shut and rendered the room dark once again.

Gildor says, “I think one went in that other door to the northwest. Everyone else stay here and clear the room we’ll be right back. Kradorn and Kalam with me after them.”
Gildor heads out the door with hopefully Kradorn and Kalam on his tail and says as he’s heading out the door, “We need to fight these guys in small groups and if we don’t stop those from getting back they’ll bring the whole group back with them.”

Gildor shoots as soon as he has a shot but tries to minimize collateral damage to the ship taking time to stop so his hand is not bouncing from running.
Gildor says, “Let’s not go too far my friends. Best to not run into their group if it’s close by. If we can take em out quick fine if we have to go more than 100 meters we turn back or Kradorn you decide from there.”

Talo surveys the bodies around him as he watches the faster three run out of the room. “They want all the glorious battle for themselves… maybe?” Talo says with a wink. “I, for one, am not sitting here waiting for their return. Besides, we are better off together. My dear war-kin,” the dwarf begins, “let’s catch up as soon as we can.”

Kalam nodded, fastened his crossbow, took out his dagger and short sword and set out with the other two. Weapons at the ready and focused on hidden enemies and unwanted surprises.

“Gildor, slow. Watch, be smart. We die if we separate.” Kradorn yells.
“Cynan, Talo, Gordon and Munin sweep the room. Make sure nothing lives. We be back in 5.” Kradorn yells over his shoulder.
Slapping Kalam’s shoulder as they chase Gildor.

“We need to finish these off quickly my friends. I bet we’ll have company once those others get back to their friends. Saphiria defend yourself and be careful. Once we clear the room let’s get back to base camp fast.”
Gildor continues his attacks as safety permits or changes to his sword if needed.

The vegepygmies continue to attack but fail to do any damage despite hitting the party twice, Cynan and Munin get in good hits and Cynan’s foe goes down in a spray of gore. He’s struggling in the dark but his blind fighting skill saves his life. Talo slips and falls, making him vulnerable to the vegepygmy he’s fighting.
Talo pulls his needler gun from his belt and proceeds to shoot at the remaining vegepygmies.
Daldin drags Munin out of the fight and takes his place while Cynan moves forward to tackle the last vegepygmy. He swings his shield up and stabs out, feeling the blade penetrate something with a satisfying grunt, wasting no time the paladin pulls out the blade, spins it and brings it down on the vegepygmy before him. The sword connects and the creature falls, almost cloven in two.
Gordon parries an axe and finally buries his own in a vegepygmies neck, then he turns to help Talo. The dwarf dodges a vege axe and pulls out his needler pistol just in time for Gordon to finish the creature with a blow to the spine.
Cynan kills the last vegepygmy, who’s fighting Daldin with a stab from behind but asks “Is it dead?” as he can’t see much in the gloom.

Gildor moves north and calls Kalam and Kradorn to him. Kalam and Kradorn turn to follow the elf, squinting in the dark to avoid tripping over chairs or other rubbish.
The door reopens in the northwest corner revealing a vegepygmy clearly talking to another one who’s out of sight. Gildor takes careful aim and puts a full burst into it. It explodes into a cloud of sticky fibres a moment later.
Gildor moves up to the door and glances quickly south, down the corridor beyond. There is another open brown coloured door with a horrified looking vegepygmy standing in it.

Talo waits with the rest of the main body of the group, shield up and needler gun held at the ready.

Kalam stayed hidden as best as he could and waited for a plan of action. One thing he had started figuring out was that bolts didn’t work well against these creatures, so he concentrated on using his dagger and short sword.

Gildor shoots at the Vegepygmy thing and moves south. He says, “Everyone follow us. Use the light from the door to help you.” Gildor mentally calls Saphiria too.
Gildor’s objective is to get back to the intersection by SEC REC and see if he sees the chief either north or south or if he runs into them he engages them. “Kradorn if we can find and kill the Chief and the other with it we might be ok. If not we may expect them to bring back more. We should find a good defensive spot if that is the case. Let’s have LG seal those doors we used since the Chief may have a card to access some of the doors.”
Gildor will follow Kradorn’s instructions should he have other plans though.

Gildor shoots again, his aim steady and his target oblivious to the danger it is in. The vegepygmy’s chest explodes, blowing its arms and head off in different directions. The elf moves down the corridor and comes face to face with one of the vegepygmy sub-chiefs. At almost point blank range and with the vegepygmy charging headlong Gildor can’t really miss, all of the needler rounds penetrate the creature’s chest and it comes apart in a cloud of stick fibres. Out of the cloud comes the chief, halberd down, charging straight at Gildor.
Gildor shoots twice, the bursts from the needler passing either side of its head.
He dodges and the halberd glances off his leather armour, coming to a stop centimetres from Talo’s nose. The dwarf fires a burst at the human sized creature and misses but by that time, Gildor has recovered his composure and sprays the chief with a burst, knocking it down.
Over the chief’s slumping body come more vegepygmies, larger axe wielding ones; the first of which Talo hits and Gildor beheads with combined bursts of their needler pistols.

Kradorn looks around before proceeding but the big dining room is dark apart from the small fires set by the grenade and his laser carbine.

Kalam and Kradorn stumble out into the light of the corridor and see Gildor and Talo facing a swarm of onrushing vegepygmies.

“Cynan run them over.” Kradorn yells as he charges ahead. Rushing down the corridor, shooting at them till he slams into them with his shield.

Gildor fires in bursts, avoiding firing near his friends,”Guys, we can use some help out here. When you get a free moment. Talo and I will try to hold them back.” Gildor says, smiling at Talo with a quick glance.
Gildor checks his needler when he can, to see if he can tell how his ammo or power for the thing might be doing and adjust the weapon accordingly. If he has to reload or get a power thing he falls back, if a fireball is needed and there is room to safely use it, he does, after putting the needler in his belt. He’ll prep the team by saying ‘Fire in the hole’, so everyone is prepared.

“Let’s form a single line of defence!” Kalam shouted, while moving towards Gildor and Talo to do just that, dagger and sword ready to cut down their numbers in his still unfamiliar new experimental style.

“Fall back fighting and when you reach us we all move backwards in an orderly manner. No opening left to them this way. We come towards you and when we meet we All go back.” shouts Kalam.

Kradorn pauses for an instant seeing the dynamics of the fighting space.
“Cynan, Gordon, Munin and Dal attack from behind them… fast. Through the room and around. Crush them between us.” Kradorn barks.
“Talo and Gildor back to me and release the fireball” he continues as he fires into the mix of veggies.

“Kradorn won’t that put Cynan’s group in harms way of my fireball? There are more coming too so that will get our friend attack from behind I think. Keep us together and I’m not sure there is room for me to cast a fireball. If I can I will. If not I’m using the needler thing”, states Gildor.

“I am hoping you send it now. Then we crush the remaining between our groups. It will take them a minute or two to get around.” Kradorn replies between bursts of the laser.

While the party chat amongst themselves, the vegepygmies hack at Talo and Gildor and the elf is hit by an axe and lightly wounded. At point blank range Talo shoots and misses, struggling to get over the urge to just hit the creature in front of him with the needler. Gildor on the other hand puts another burst into the vegepygmy before him and flinches as the creature is blown in half, covering him in sticky fibres.
Saphiria, enraged by Gildor’s injury, jets fire at the oncoming vegepygmies, her burning venom hitting several and scattering them for a moment.
Kradorn and Kalam run up behind the elf and dwarf and while Kalam struggles to get close enough to use his sword, Kradorn raises the laser carbine to head height and shoots over Talo’s head at the vegepygmies beyond, Killing one and wounding another.
Talo can’t seem to hit shit, until his luck suddenly turns and a burst of flechettes pepper the chest of the vegepygmy before him. The creature staggers back but to Talo’s exasperation nothing happens. By this time Gildor has fired off three more bursts from his needler and two more vegepygmy bodies lay shattered in the corridor.

Gildor says, “Everyone back, this will be close. Protect me but get through that door before I cast and I will run in with you at the last minute. Close the door behind me or we get as far from the door as possible. Someone get a light going.” Gildor targets the main intersection to the south of them on the southern part of the 20′ intersection. It should expand equally in all directions and actually go north east up where the pygmys are coming from and into the room they are in now as well.

The party fall back to the door behind them, leaving Gildor at the rear to cast his fireball spell. Saphiria blasts the vegepygmies in the corridor again with her fiery breath but none fall.
Gildor’s fireball speeds off down the corridor and detonates on the far side of the main east-west corridor. The expanding, burning sphere instantly turns into a wall of fire which comes racing up the corridor towards Gildor and the vegepygmies but fades just short of the junction around which the vegepygmies are pouring. The elf curses to himself – too cautious again.
As he heads back into the dining room pursued by vegepygmies, Gildor notices one of them take two staggering steps towards him, before its torso splits and its internal organs gush out onto the deck, its body folding and melting.
Back inside the room, Munin seems to have taken off his armour but is busy putting it back on now. He also looks in much better health than he did a minute ago.
Kalam, Gildor, Kradorn and Talo form a cordon around the door, weapons held before them, ready for the vegepygmies assault.
Cynan and Gordon come running back into the room via the eastern door “More, right behind us!” Shouts Cynan.

The first of the vegepygmies comes through the door in the north-west and Kradorn almost cuts him in two with his laser carbine. As the burning body falls to the floor more of the creatures come charging through the stinking smoke.
Kalam lunges, impaling the next through the door and finishing it with a slash of his knife.
Talo shoots and misses again while Gildor downs another and then has to wait a second or two for the needler to eject an empty cartridge and move the last one into place over the grip.
Kradorn shoots again and fries the skull of the vegepygmy heading towards Talo.

“Keep them bottle necked at the door. Makes there numbers not!” Kradorn yells.

Kalam nodded and pressed on his front, to push and close any breach made by the creatures trying to enter the room. Fighting offensively and using every successful hit even if it didn’t cause any damage in such a way to press any opponent towards the exit and beyond.

As moments provide, Kradorn glances to the other doorway to see how they fare, to help them or call for their aid.
If the battle presses against them, he will call out to for his group to retreat and help Cynan group to push the battle out of the room if possible.

Gildor says, “I calculated that spell pretty good. Not sure why it missed.” Gildor grabs his needler and starts needling. “Keep them choked at the doors friends.”
Gildor blasts away but safely, so he doesn’t hit his friends. If needed he shifts to the other door or helps where needed.

Kalam moves forward and attacks with sword and knife but the sword in his wrong hand is awkward and clumsy and he struggles to connect with it. The knife in his right hand parries, cuts and slashes at the next vegepygmy, wounding it but Kalam is slightly wounded in return. Kradorn’s light weapon finally dispatches the creature and Kalam moves forward again, into the northern end of the corridor.
Gildor is hit by the vegepygmy before him but suffers no damage and Kradorn is quick to fry it at close range, the hair thin beam slicing and burning the creature open. Gildor looks for another target and shoots at the vegepygmy fighting Kalam. The burst is off target and the wall just above Kalam’s head ripples under the impact of the exploding flechettes.
Turning to a clearer target, Gildor shoots at a vegepygmy sneaking around the door and nails it with a full burst. The thing bursts open with a terrible ripping sound. His next few shots are less accurate and inflict only a light wound to one of the mass of vegepygmies in the corridor. One jumps out of the mass and comes running at the elf, who waits until it is almost upon him before tearing it open with a point blank burst.
Kradorn shakes his head as he watches Kalam advance into the oncoming vegepygmy hoard, seriously restricting his arc of fire. He concentrates on the left-hand side of the door, where Kalam isn’t, and fries another vegepygmy. More come pouring through the gap, Kradorn kills one and cripples another before turning and shooting one running at Talo, whose inexperience with his weapon, is reflected in his somewhat less than pinpoint shooting.
Kradorn finishes a wounded vegepygmy and drills a neat hole through the head of another charging at Gildor.
Talo rumbles a curse at the weapon in his right hand, he’s sure he hit one of the bigger vegepygmies that was attacking Gildor but the three or four flechettes that did hit, seemed to have no effect and he’s sure the one Kradorn just nailed had been hit with a good burst too.
Kradorn moves closer to the door and then right, to get a better view of the corridor beyond. He can see more vegepygmies advancing up the corridor, though perhaps these are smaller than the ones they just fought. As the next wave reach the door, Kradorn fries one and Gildor blows another limb from limb.
Kalam parries one dagger but feels another slice across his armour. It leaves no wound, while his own knife leaves a deep gash across an already hideous vegepygmy face.
The warrior is on his own in the corridor and fighting three vegepygmies. He dodges or parries all their attacks, kills one with his sword and wounds another with his knife.
In the chaos of the melee something whizzes around him, the walls next to him explode and his shoulder is stabbed with pain. He didn’t see where the attack came from.

Kradorn shoots into the mass of vegepygmies in the corridor but only manages to hit the wall. The laser carbine immediately begins beeping and a gem on the side of the weapon begins flashing red. Kradorn hangs the thing back on his belt and takes out the blaster, the gem on the side of the weapon flashing green three times as he takes a grip. By this time more vegepygmies have flooded the northern end of the corridor and have reached the door. Gildor and Talo both blast away but seem to have no effect. Talo is hit and wounded but before the dwarf can shoot again the creature seems to fall to the ground in a slimy puddle. Kradorn is stabbed before he bring the blaster to bear but the wound is only a minor one.
Kalam is fighting with his back against the wall, hit twice and lightly wounded he’s unable to land a blow himself. He’s saved by his companions in a blizzard of flechettes and blasts of white fire.
Talo gets to save Kradorn for a change, peppering the vegepygmy with flechettes but before he gets to enjoy the results, Kradorn blasts the creature away in a ball of white fire and finishes it off a second later. Talo moves around so he can see the corridor and begins shooting again, it’s unclear if he’s hitting anything until they begin to melt.
Gildor takes aim with the needler and starts shooting into the mass of vegepygmies. He gets two bursts off before the weapon bleeps and the last, empty flechette cartridge drops off the weapon. Gildor steps back and reloads immediately.
Kalam hits and kills one of his three foes, before the other two die in a blaze of blaster fire. Kradorn steps into the corridor and kills another vegepygmy at point blank range and that’s enough for the rest; they turn and run.

Kalam and Kradorn are about to go in pursuit of the smaller vegepygmies when there is the strangest sound from over where Cynan, Gordon and the dwarves are fighting. With the threat at the western door driven off, they turn to see what is going on. Gordon staggers slightly and is helped by Cynan while most of the vegepygmies clustered around the door either freeze in place or topple over. Those that don’t fall, look about in panic and begin to slowly turn and run. The sight is slightly comical as they move back out the door, staggering along as if drunk. Seconds later the odd noise sounds again.
Cynan looks out into the corridor and reports back. “It’s a security golem.” he looks about at the vegepygmies laid on the floor or stood frozen to the spot. “They seem to be paralysed.”
Kradorn and Kalam watch the last of the vegepygmies that attacked the west door run off down the corridor and turn right at the main junction. Convinced they won’t be returning soon, Kradorn, Talo and Gildor go across to see what’s happened to Gordon and the vegepygmies. Kalam stays where he is and keeps watch.
Outside the door are half-a-dozen vegepygmies, with more laying in the corridor to the east. They seem to be paralysed and while most have simply toppled over, one or two are frozen on the spot. The golem is moving among the fallen, securing their hands and feet with black cord.
Gordon is numb and having difficulty moving. He feels like all his limbs have great weights tied to them.