93. The Battle of Cargo Bay 6

“Well folks, I’m with them. Let’s get the portal up and running. I’d rather be early than late getting back to where we should be. I’m following the dwarfs”, comments Gildor and takes off with the dwarfs.

Gildor follows the dwarves up about 25m, where they get out onto the observation deck. They move quickly to the cargo bay with the glass cylinders and over to the one the woman came out of. Munin and Daldin examine the power-cell connected to the cylinder and call Gildor over.
“Can you cast a spell on me, so I can read this gibberish?” asks Munin.
That done,  Munin reads out what he can see on the box and the dwarves argue among themselves before Munin turns a small dial on the back and the glowing green gem on the front goes out.
“So far, so good.” mumbles the dwarf before gently pulling and twisting the cable where it connects to the box. The thing unscrews and with a grunt Munin lifts the box onto his shoulder.
They make their way back to the drop-chute and ascend to level one, where after a quick check by Daldin that the coast is clear, they move south to the armoury.
Munin tells Gildor to ‘stock up’, taking all the weapons off their racks and piling them into bags and sacks. Then they head west to the portal and dump the power-cell and their loot next to the ring.
“If you want to be useful, you could go back and get a couple of boxes of grenades or mini-power cells.” Munin says to Gildor.
“We’re going to get Thraim, hopefully we’ll be back soon and then we’re leaving.”


Looking to one group member, then the next “Err, really, I am not sure the power cell will be strong enough to generate that kind of power for, um, the portal you all claim got you here. Nor will it last long if it does energize the portal.” Shakes his head, “If some go, then best we all go and grab all the supplies we can carry off of the ship. Those weapon power cells, and batteries for my translator which will run out of power sooner or later and anything else easy to take.” awaits his turn to go back up the chute.

Seeing his kin leave, Talo’s brow furrows with a worry of a father. “Once more into the breach, brothers!!”, Talo calls after them. He mutters a sincere prayer for their well-being with his axe over his heart.
“Kradorn, you wanna clear this level first or move through?” Talo cracks his neck as he pulls off his helmet to air out his tattooed head.

Kalam shrugged at their backs and waited for Kradorn’s response.

Pausing at the lift noticing no one else following the two Dwarves, Jenson looks back – “Are we all going back up or staying?”

Cynan examines Gordon and heals some of the gnome’s injuries, inflicted when the plant constricted around his body and limbs.

Jenson moves back to the rest of the group, “OK, we let the Dwarves and Gildor set up the one energy cell.” sighs, “I hope we find the correct strengthened power cells needed to activate and run this, this portal you all came through.”
He indicates to the charred dead tree-beast within the chute area “That way may be clear now too. Which way, as LG did not give me any intel?” hmm “Maybe there is a directory or schematics marker I can find to help us out down here.”

A label on the wall by the drop-chute reads “LEVEL IV: BOTANICAL GARDENS AND MENAGERIE” and signs above the ramps read “RAMP TO LEVEL VI: THEATER, SPORTS AND STORAGE DECK”


Gildor tell the dwarfs, “I’m getting you and the King back to the caves but I’m not coming with you. I’m going to get the rest of my group before we come back. Don’t blow the caves until we get back up. Give us 7 more days to get this sorted out. We’ll probably be back sooner but if we run into something, give us until then. I’ll bring you back some grenades then. Do we have a deal? If no deal then Gildor calculates how much time they have left before they need to get back out of the caves and makes a note of it.

Munin nods as Gildor speaks and agrees. “Aye, we’ll leave it seven days but then we’re sealing those damn tunnels once and fer all.” The dwarves turn and head north back to the command centre, checking each junction as they go.

Gildor heads back back down to the others and lets them know what’s going on.
“Let’s clear this place out. Our options are south or north for this level.” Gildor checks to see what level they’re on and if there was a number associated with it. Let’s go south and if necessary we’ll come back here and go north if it doesn’t connect. Unless Kradorn has a different plan?”

“I would like to have some more time around here and therefore I agree with you Gildor.” Kalam then waited for Kradorn to make the final decision. all the time though his mind was on guarding, and so where his senses.

Gildor says, “Storage is down the ramp. If no objection that’s the way we go. We’re looking for a black box power thing.”

“Um, LG said the power cell we needed would be on this level but yea, possibly there are some in storage too but they might need to be charged up. Welp, lead on, whichever way we go, I will follow and help translate where I can.” says Jenson.

“I thought LG said they would be in storage on level VI”, comments Gildor. “Besides I don’t see any other way to go except the ramps. Let’s go take a look see.”
Gildor gets everyone in marching order and heads out. “If it’s dark, someone light a torch please.”

“Um OK, sorry I must have heard wrong, to level 6 we go and I can use my flashlight to light the way if needed since I may not be of much combat use right now. Plus maybe I can find more power cells for my translator and my personal equipment stored there.” as they go Jenson will get his flashlight out to be ready to use it. He shows it to the group turning it on then off “a high tech Torch” and smiles.

With Gildor’s return to the party, they reorganise their marching order and descend the southern ramp. The ramp curves gently to begin with, then much more steeply, becoming almost vertical in the middle before levelling out again at the bottom. Jenson says not to worry as the signs on the walls of the ramp warn of shifting gravitational orientation. To test it, Cynan throws one of his ration packs ahead of him and everyone looks on amazed as it curves around and sticks on the vertical wall below them.
A few tentative steps forward reveals that the gravity does indeed shift and the walls of the vertical shaft become the floor. Slightly disorientated by the shift in perspective, the party proceed cautiously forward, arriving at the bottom of the ramp and looking up the vertical shaft behind them still scratching their heads.
They move south west down a 24m long corridor before coming to a junction. They can continue south west for a short distance before the corridor turns west and heads up another ramp, they can head west along an 80m corridor with double doors in the middle of the south wall and another junction at the far end or they can head north.

This third corridor heads north for 24m, before turning west and in the western wall are a set of double doors with a sign reading ‘The Grand Theatre’.

Jenson seems to take the oddity of the hallway in his stride, noting the groups uncomfortable reactions he chuckles “It is a gravitational adjustment to the affects of the round hull of the craft plus the use of every space. kinda neat the way they do it.” Smiles and if needed will direct the flash light pointing it at each door then down the hallway “to brighten up the place” of course he is also ready to pull his weapon if needed.

Gildor whispers, “Let’s head west first to clear that section. I haven’t heard anything yet nor have I seen anything yet. We’ll clear this floor before getting our power cell thing from storage. Stay sharp. Jenson, attack targets that look like they’re almost dead, to get you used to combat but no heroics, okay?”
Gildor goes over the common language basics quietly too.

Hearing Gildor talk to Jenson, Kalam made a note to watch for the new member, too. Then he resumed his constant scanning for danger.

The party move west down the long corridor and stop at the first black door on their left. The small store room behind the door, is filled with various cleaning equipment and not much else.
Moving along, they come to a set of violet double doors on the left labelled ‘Cargo Hold 6′, Kradorn presses the button and they move in to explore the large room. The hold is 42m wide by 21m deep with a 6 by 6 metre room in the centre of the southern wall accessed by another set of violet double doors. There are similar doors in the west and east walls.
The place is empty apart from four heavy lift robots.

Four ogre-like, yellow and black golems, stand motionless against the northern and southern walls, they are 2m tall and almost as wide. As the party look about the hold, one hums into life and clunks its way over to Kradorn, where it stops and one by one, examines the party before it.
It turns back to Kradorn and says something in a slow deliberate voice. Jenson translates this as “Alien specimens received and logged. Storage will begin immediately as instructed.”
The golem turns slightly and with a hum, Gildor rises a metre off the floor and is suspended there.

Kalam remained motionless and non-threatening while he spoke: “Quickly, ask LG what to do!”

Gildor says if capable, “Talo, show them the tablet thingy so LG can control them, hopefully. Jenson, tell them we are not specimens to be put in storage. If all else fails blast them to bits. Saphiria, stay back I don’t want you taken by these mechanical beasties.”

“HA!!” Talo laughs victoriously. “I got the goods for what ails ya! Hey biggie, looky here!!” With that he produces the tablet and repeats the motion LG instructed him to do for the other golems in hopes of reprogramming them to repair functions.

Jenson will wait to see what happens when Talo tries to reprogram the robot – if successfully reprograms it and Gildor is un-levitated.

“OK, everyone should get out of here for now, I am not sure how to turn them off or if the other 3 robots will also be reprogrammed and we can deal with them later”

The golem stops and Gildor is lowered slowly to the floor. Then the thing begins clumping off towards the double doors in the north.

Talo replaces the tablet back in its holster very proud of himself. Those closest to him can hear him mutter: “heavenly golem-master!” the rest is incoherent but blustery through Talo’s ugly smile.

The other three golems start towards the party and when Talo repeats the procedure to the closest golem (G4), it takes no notice of the tablet and with a hum the dwarf feels himself getting lighter. He’s prepared for what is to come however, and with a push against Kalam, he avoids being caught in the levitation spell of the golem.

“Welp, sounds like we need to break these fellas down! Go for joints and main functioning parts. Maybe we can get them broke enough to stop floatin’ folks around like they ain’t got no sense or decency!” Closing one eye and sticking his tongue out the side of his mouth for bonus aiming, Talo puts cross-hairs on the golems’ heads and shoots overly aggressively and longer than appears necessary.

“Storage instructions are as follows: Alien specimens will be kept alive and unrestrained for free movement allowances within the ship. No stasis storage permitted.” Shouts Jenson.

But the golem merely turns to Jenson and says “Jenson Corrdenta you are a passenger and should not be in cargo bay six, please return to your stasis pod.”

As that does not work Jenson will pull out his laser pistol and prepare to shoot at the nearest robot.

Everyone pulls out their weapons of choice, laser carbines, blasters, crossbows, swords and axes and prepares to fight off the hulking golems.
Gordon and Cynan strike first with their axe and sword, but the gnome does no damage against the golem’s heavy armour and Cynan’s burning sword hits hard but barely moves the thing.
Kradorn’s laser carbine hits at almost point blank range – the golem  making no move to avoid the weapon. The thin beam cuts and burns, and sparks and molten metal spray from where it touches.
Jenson hits with his blaster but his first shot is aimed directly at the robot’s heavily armoured torso and does little damage. Talo shoots too but his beam misses and slices into the western double doors across the room. Gildor’s first shot misses too and slams into the far wall.
Kradorn shoots again but the beam just cuts across the golem’s metal hide and does no perceptible damage.
Kalam shoots his crossbow at close range and manages to embed the light quarrel between the golem’s plates of armour. Jenson follows up with another hit from his blaster, aimed slightly higher this time and hits the robot in the head.
Cynan hits again and this time Bronzefire manages to inflict serious damage against the golem heading for Gordon.
The three golems are still standing however, despite all the damage they have sustained and with a hum they lift Talo and Gildor off the ground, swing them 180° and begin trudging towards the nearest exits. Gordon dodges the golem’s levitation spell and moves in closer to use his axe.
Gildor and Talo twist and tumble in the magical clutches of the golems and only Gildor is able to bring his weapon to bear. His laser beam slices across the torso and head of the diabolical construction and inflicts a lot of damage.
Kradorn shoots too but his beam just melts a little of the golem’s back plating.
Jenson’s shot misses the golem, narrowly misses Talo and impacts the wall behind them.
The robot that lifted Talo off the floor has turned and is heading towards the damaged double doors in the western wall, while the one, with Gildor, is heading for the eastern doors. The other robot seems to be playing catch with Gordon, the little gnome dodging from side to side as the robot’s anti-gravity beam hums on and off.

“Oh crap, security has been notified, OK guys, concentrate fire, head shots I think, though I only guess that’s it’s weak spot” and Jenson tries to concentrate and do a better job aiming at the robots head, and shoots.

Gildor hears Jenson and figures ‘ok sounds like the right tactic’ saying, “Ok, firing at the heads. We’ve seen some of the security on LG’s level and they took some of our weapons away then. Not sure this stuff we have is on the ban list but let’s get this taken care of before they get here. Why did the one golem leave?”
Gildor really starts firing intently at his golem thingy. Then looks to help the others, taking care not to hit his friends, even if it means aiming and taking a few seconds more per shot.

Kalam went from bolts to knife, hoping the magical blade would do more damage. He wasn’t in a hurry to land his attack first, placing more importance in avoiding the invisible levitating beams by watching the golems directing them and only when knowing to be safe from getting picked up landing his attacks.

Gildor fires at his golem until he’s free, then on to help Talo or the next golem, if Talo’s golem is down.
Gildor says, “Keep at em folks. Take em down. Let’s hurry about it too.”

Kalam swaps crossbow for knife but can’t get a good hit on the golem as it lumbers forward, twice his knife slides off the golem’s armour before it finds a soft spot but the small blade does little damage.
Talo bobs and sways in the golem’s spell but he is able to bring the white, cylindrical weapon to bear occasionally and burn and slash with the thin beam of light. He wonders to himself why all the shooting seems to have stopped.
Jenson shoots and hits the robot carrying Talo away, then misses and is forced to run after the thing, before it disappears through the western double doors.
Only one of the blast damaged doors opens but there is enough room for the golem to manoeuvre Talo through the gap and lumber after him. Kalam dodges through behind the golem and sees two large stasis pods against the wall. The closest pod hums and the front glass panel slides aside. Talo is swung inside, still suspended in the levitation spell. Kalam slashes at some exposed tubes and bundles of wire and damages them but the golem seems to take little notice.
Jenson ducks in behind Kalam with Gordon right behind him and takes aim at the golem just as the big 3m diameter stasis pod flicks into life, its surface becoming a perfect mirror.
Jenson shoots just as the robot turns its attention to Gordon and his blaster hits the stasis pod. The mirrored surface wobbles for a second before exploding. Kalam, Jenson and Gordon are blown away from the device, Jenson into the wall behind him, stunned and bloodied, Gordon into the door and Kalam back out into cargo hold six.
Talo falls to the floor of the shattered stasis pod crushed, bleeding and badly wounded.

Gildor shoots with his laser carbine but the beam just scores the golem’s heavy armour, Kradorn seems to have more luck, as the elf can see fire and sparks erupt from the back of the golem as it carries him towards the eastern doors. Laser fire continues to flicker across the golem but does little damage as far as Gildor can determine.
Gildor passes through the eastern doors of the cargo hold and almost immediately is swung around into a large stasis pod. He holds the laser carbine at arm’s length in an attempt to shoot from point blank range but catches its strap on something unseen and it clatters to the floor, out of reach.
Just as Gildor fears the worst and begins to wonder what it would be like to be frozen in time, laser light burns the back of the golem’s head and fire erupts from its eyes and mouth. Gildor drops to the floor of the stasis pod unexpectedly and has the sense to scramble out, as Kradorn finishes the golem from close range.

Amid the chaos, a deep, commanding voice calls out across the cargo hold.
“Drop your weapons and lay face down on the deck with your hands behind your heads. This is ship security. I repeat, drop your weapons and lay face down on the deck with your hands behind your heads.”
A security golem stands in front of the northern doors with a needler pistol in one hand and one of the odd, bulbous, glass pistols in the other.
In front of the security golem, one of the big yellow and black golems stands burning , thick black smoke rolling up to the ceiling before being sucked away by the ventilation system.

Gildor says, “Talo we need your tablet or I’ll come help you show it to the golem. Jenson tell it we are authorized by LG to operate on the ship. We are not threats or specimens.”
Gildor slings his weapon and gets to Talo and either help him or takes the tablet to the golem non threateningly to show LG’s command.

As soon as Gildor starts to cross the cargo hold, the security golem points its weird looking gun at him and says loudly. “Halt, drop your weapon and lie on the floor with your hands behind your head or I will shoot!”

Coming back into reality still laying against the wall, Jenson puts his blaster pistol away and looks at the Storage Robot that had carried Talo, wondering if it is still functioning after the blast. He then looks in Talo’s direction for life/movement from Talo.

The heavy lift robot is still functional and has turned its attention back to Talo.

Hearing the Security Robot calling out orders from storage bay 6, Jenson surveys the room he is in for another way out and also if the doors they came in from storage bay 6 are closed or open.

“What is the process of arrest? What will happen if we do surrender?”
Kalam kept his hands low and slowly sheathed his knife hoping to appear non-threatening, but he didn’t surrender his weapons. He kept himself on guard for the invisible rays, seeking the signs that one of the robots exhibited when in the process of activating this power.

Gildor says, “If we all charge it at the same time maybe Talo will get to the golem with the pad. Cynan, Kradorn and I and any others can keep its attention so Talo can get close.”
Once the others start moving toward the golem and has its attention, Gildor starts tumbling around as well drawing it’s vision to him, so Talo can sneak up somewhat.

Gildor looks for cover or glass/metal to hold up or get behind for added protection.

Getting up, Jenson rushes over behind the Storage robot and does a look for where it’s power supply maybe located and if it is behind a compartment in the rear to open. If he sees a possible way to open it he will and try to disconnect the power, else he draws his blaster and shoves it into a soft spot in the Storage robots armour like a joint or neck area hopefully toward the centre inside the armour casing and hit the power cell or a vital area and blasts away.

Kalam stands by the door and watches what is happening in cargo hold six. He watches Gildor giving orders but almost immediately there is an odd noise, almost like a gong and the elf stumbles and falls to the deck, frozen in an awkward position. Behind him, Kalam hears a familiar hum and then Talo bellows something at the ogre-like golem.

“Got it, Gildor.” Talo tries to show the pattern on the tablet to the golem who is holding him. “OI! You! Look here!” Talo yells at the golem hoisting him around.

The golem looks directly at the pad but pays it no heed. Jenson seems to have picked himself up and is dodging around behind the golem, looking for something, but he can’t find what he’s looking for and just blasts at the thing.
The hum of a laser carbine turns Kalam’s attention back to the cargo hold, Kradorn plays the weapon’s beam across the security golem but it seems to strike some sort of invisible shield first. Then Cynan charges forward burning sword ready to strike.

Then all hell breaks loose behind Kalam; Talo goes down, apparently shot by Jenson, the dwarf shoots back and hits the golem, causing flames and black smoke to gush from its torso and Gordon gets a hit in with his axe but the blow causes little damage.
Jenson shoots and narrowly misses Talo, getting a warning finger from the dwarf before he shoots the golem in the same spot as last time. The golem jerks, shudders and freezes, flames and black smoke pouring from its torso.

The ogre-like golem dispatched, Kalam turns his attention back to cargo hold six, where Cynan has reached the security golem. His sword swings at the golem but is slowed by the same invisible shield that stopped Kradorn’s laser. The sword shatters the shield but just clinks off the golem’s armour.
However the security golem is fast and while Kradorn runs to join the fight, it dodges Cynan’s sword and shoots its odd gun at the paladin and then Kradorn. Cynan avoids the invisible rays but is still slowed by the weapon as is Kradorn.
Kradorn is close enough to hit the golem now and its speed can’t save it from attacks from both sides, Kradorn’s longsword hammers into it and almost knocks it off its feet in a shower of armour fragments. The golem turns its weapon on Kradorn and on its second shot hits and paralyses him. Cynan steps back and catches the golem with Bronzefire, sending it staggering away, damaged but not seriously. With lightning reflexes the golem shoots from the hip and paralyses Cynan, who collapses noisily into a heap.
The golem holsters the paralysis weapon and kneeling quickly, pulls Cynan’s hands behind his back and attaches something to both wrists and ankles.
It moves over to where Kradorn is laid sprawled on the floor and bellows at the party, “Drop your weapons, come out into the open and lie on the floor with your hands behind your head or I will shoot!”

“Kalam, Talo, err sorry for shooting you Talo but that security robot is going to be tuff to bring down, It has a power shield that absorbs damage before you can damage the robot itself. Kinda like the armor you all wear.” Sighs, “I think it is programmed to capture and lock up anyone into stasis which could be bad if we all get zapped. There would be no one to release us and your comrades would have destroyed the cave before you might get out and back home.” He moves so that he is not in view of the security robot. “If we charge it, I think we will not take it down and even if we do, that other Storage robot might come back”. Sighs, “Talo, you could try the tablet on the security robot but, wait hey please let me see it and show me what command LG showed you to do. Maybe I can figure something out. And Um, Kalam, keep an ear out if that security robot moves closer but try not to be seen by it, we should be ready to act if it comes after us.”

Jenson will look at the tablet Talo has and see what LG showed him to do, plus see if he can figure out a way to work the tablet, to neutralize or have the security robot stand down.

Gildor telepathically tells Saphiria, “Attack the security golem my dear.”

“No problem.” Talo struggles to get the words out through gritted teeth as he gets to his feet. “I have been known to make similar… mistakes.” The dwarf smiles weakly and shows Jenson the symbol LG instructed him with. He hands the human the tablet and casts a healing spell over his wounds.

Jenson looks at the tablet but all he can see is a unidentified app that transmits a short range signal in machine code, he has no idea how it works.
When the dwarf touches Jenson he feels a sudden rush of blood, a burst of energy and the strange inclination to hit things for a second or two. When he looks at the wounds he suffered in the explosion they seem to have miraculously healed.

“Go get ‘im, tall-fella!” Talo is careful to keep his hands away from his weapons and out of line-of-sight from the golem. Talo then casts silence on the golem in hopes of confusing it or requiring it to return for repairs.

Kalam watches as the golem binds Kradorn’s wrists and ankles then moves quickly over to where Gildor lies sprawl on the deck. As soon as it gotten a few metres from Kradorn, Saphiria sweeps down and blasts fiery venom at it. The flames splash across its invisible shield for a moment before hitting its legs.
The golem stops and pulls something from its belt while following Saphiria as she whirls around overhead and comes in for another attack directly from the front. The golem raises its weapon just as the fire-drake shoots fire at it, the flames are again stopped for a moment by the shield. The golem dodges most of the attack and is only splattered with the burning venom, it manages to get a shot off at the fire-drake as she passes and she tumbles to the deck a few metres away. The golem stops for a second and looks curiously at the odd weapon before tapping its ear and then spraying some sort of fine powder over itself to put out the flames spreading up its torso.
It holsters the weapon again, kneels by Gildor and proceeds to bind the elf’s hands and feet while looking towards the western doors and the party, clearly trying to assess the situation.

Gildor, paralysed, hopes there are others yet able to help. He sends to Saphiria, “Are you ok my dear? These creatures are strange I know. ”

Saphiria seems very put out by the fact she can’t move, flipping between fear and anger.

Gildor searches his mind for any way out of this situation. He mentally prays, “Lady summer, please shine upon us this day.”
Gildor tests his paralysis by trying to move and speak and tests his restraints but finds he literally can’t move a muscle.
Gildor starts tracking the time mentally, he starts a log of time mentally to ensure they get back if they ever get free and they have the power. Gildor thinks, “Midday bell will be along before long he thinks.” Time keeping for time left before the cave is blown.

Kalam nodded silently and withdrew to spy on the construct as directed, trying his best to not be seen or heard.

Jenson sighs, “This tablet, I can’t decipher what commands it is sending.” Hands it back to Talo. “Look, either we somehow overpower that security bot with what we have or make a run for it. Of course, it is blocking the way out. I am not sure this tablet will work. Did you guys use it on any other security robots? ”

“OK, my thoughts, If we fight it out, we need to be spread out and shoot in hopes we damage it quickly, in case it has reinforcements. We can stay in here till it comes in or hope it goes away or rush out and face it? Or send one of us out and try the tablet? I may be able to get close but I think at this point I may also get zapped and locked up too. I am not sure LG can help us down here at all.” “Oh, I have the blaster pistol and Talo the rifle, Kalam, what do you have if we shoot it out? Any other ideas?”

Talo casts a healing spell upon himself. The spell seems to work but the dwarf is still wounded.
He looks to Jenson, “The tablet manoeuvre redirects the golems to repair tasks. It worked with the heavy mover golem and they don’t seem expressly built for repair.” Talo takes the tablet back and tucks it in his pouch.

“OK, Talo, give your rifle to Kalam – it causes more damage and Kalam will need it since I did not see a laser weapon.” Jenson looks to Kalam, “Your call, you can use the door as cover or rush out shooting, making it harder to be hit, gaining cover on the other side so the robot has to individually shoot at each of us., I will follow your lead – just keep shooting at it.” pulling out his pistol and reacts to Kalam’s actions either using the door as cover or rushing out shooting and trying to get to cover on the other side (or zig zag and shoot to make it harder to hit)
Jenson’s eyes do betray curiosity over this Clanggedin’s axe talk as he is just recovering from the healing spell, shock along with a curiosity thinking what other magics that they have, that he can learn.

Jenson takes the rifle and offers it to Kalam and pulls out his pistol, positions himself based on Kalam’s position (being spread out) and starts to fire while moving to making it harder to hit him.

The golem leaves Gildor, paralysed and bound and sprints towards the party.

Kalam stays where he is, by the door, while Gordon steps out sheepishly into the cargo bay, mumbling under his breath. Jenson on the other hand, runs off to one side, blasting away at the security golem with his gun.

“I don’t have a problem fighting this thing. But I think I can avoid being attacked directly by it. I will summon one of Clanggedin’s axes right behind it. Hopefully, the shield will pull around to the other side and when that happens, you folks can open fire from this side.”
With that, Talo gets into a place he can see the situation with his hands up and casts his spiritual axe behind the security golem.

Kalam shoots at the approaching golem, missing it and leaving a burning squiggle on the far wall, then a long scorch mark, up the wall and across the ceiling.
As the golem comes to a stop about 6m away from the party, Gordon casts ‘Summon Swarm’ to try and distract and damage the security golem with a bunch of little critters.
As the golem pulls its paralysis pistol from its holster, Jenson hits it full in the chest with his blaster, almost knocking it over.
Talo moves through the door and prepares his Spiritual Axe spell while Kalam shoots again at close range and manages to score a minor hit.
The golem returns fire, hitting Jenson, Kalam and Talo, paralysing Jenson and sending him tumbling to the floor. Kalam ducks behind the door and is only slowed and Talo’s dwarven constitution saves him.
The golem seems confused by the sudden cascade of insects dropping from the ceiling on top of it but quickly and efficiently swaps its paralysis pistol for a needler pistol.
Talo casts his spell and brings a glowing dwarven axe into existence behind the golem.
Kalam shoots again but the golem easily dodges the beam and puts a burst of flechettes into him. Most of the burst is stopped by the door and mindflayer’s armour but at least two of the darts strike flesh. Kalam keeps the laser trained on the golem and plays the beam across it, doing some minor damage before he feels himself falling into a deep, roaring tunnel of oblivion.
Talo sees Kalam crumple to the floor but brings his axe smashing into the back of the golem. The creature spins to sees what hit it but can’t seem to see the axe, dancing in the air around it. Sparks erupt from the golem’s torso as insects penetrate its inner workings.

The golem reaches under its armour, trying to extricate the little invaders, giving Talo the opportunity to clobber it again with his axe. The blow decapitates the golem and it falls to the deck with a crash. For a horrible second Talo and Gordon fear it will rise again, as its torso rights itself but then freezes in position, smoke drifting from between its armour plating.
There is a bang from behind the door where the ogre-like golem Talo and Jenson destroyed had fallen and lays burning and the golem that Kradorn and Cynan dispatched is burning too. Flames and Black smoke are rolling up from the golem and are rapidly spreading across the ceiling of the cargo hold.
Kalam seems alive but unconscious. There is a low whoosh from where they heard the bang and a wave of heat blasts out into the cargo bay.

As he lays there paralysed, Jenson watches the action unfold within his field of vision wondering if they will all get out of this alive.

“I don’t like the look nor sound o’that my friends!” comments Gordon at the bang, whoosh and wave of heat. “Grab all o’them that’s down and lets drag ‘em t’safety near the exit t’this place.” And the gnome rushes towards where the explosion was heard to make sure they haven’t left anybody in the way of danger there.

Talo grabs Jenson and tries to drag him towards the door but fails miserably with the extra 230lbs. Together Gordon and Talo manage to get Jenson, Kalam, Kradorn, Cynan and Saphiria into the main east-west corridor, outside cargo bay six in about a minute.
By that time the fire through the door in the west has taken hold, flames and black smoke roaring out of the gap in the damaged doors.
Above the burning golem the ceiling appears to have caught alight, with sparks and small pieces of burning debris raining down into the cargo bay.
Gildor and Saphiria are both slowly released from their paralysis, numbness replaced by pins and needles.

Once they get everyone safe, Gordon suggests Talo quickly triage them to ensure nobody has any life threatening injuries, “We know the paralysis wears off after a bit so let’s hope it’s before we get any more trouble.” He then tries to release Gildor’s bindings so that once he is unparalysed, he is able to move freely.

Talo can’t see any serious injuries but Gordon is wounded and Cynan and Kradorn are both lightly wounded.

Gordon then removes the weapons from the remains of the security golem, and any power cells which appear obvious, then starts looking around for any of the large power cells they need to power the transporter.

The gnome picks up the needler pistol and takes two mini-power cells from the security golem’s belt. There are almost a dozen of the heavy duty power cells on the eastern wall, all identical to one attached to the ring on deck one. None of them have any lights lit, red or green, though there is a power cell shaped alcove next to them. Gordon lifts one of the heavy cells and off the shelf and places it in the alcove where it begins to hum and a red light appears on the front of the cell.

Gildor will work in conjuction with Gordon to try and move and if the paralysis wears off he tells gordon to get his lock picks so he can assist in trying to free himself from the shackles or bindings.

Gordon and Talo have already cut off everyone’s bindings.

If they’re not mechanical locks he helps to loosen things as best he can. He links to Saphiria, “It’s ok girl. We’ll get you free soon. Hang in there the paralysis will wear off soon. You did a good job girl.” Once he can speak he takes in their situation and work to help the others get back to LG. “We need to see if LG can get these mechanical beasties on our side instead of fighting us. At the least tell us how many more are down here or a code word to leave us be.”