95. Mopping Up Operations

Jenson sighs “12 minutes can be a life time. Let’s go ahead and plug in another power cell BUT try to avoid those repair bots and let them do their programmed job” He moves the sled next to the power cell almost charged hoping 12 minutes goes by quickly.

“Odd this place is empty, in fact the sections everybody was taken to was also empty. We may want to watch out for that last robot that marched out earlier to get security so if it comes back or is here in another room we can just grab that power cell and get moving before it shows up or does anything to us.”

Kalam nodded to Jenson and stood guard for robots and any other hostiles.

Gildor helps with the sled and says,”Looks like this cell needs more time to get ready. Not too long though if I read this right. Talo you still got that tablet thing LG gave you to tell the repair bots to go see LG? Just in case they decide to come over here? Let’s keep an eye on things and not take too long. Saphiria stay close my dear.”

The 12 minutes pass uneventfully with the party waiting in the corner of the room while the numerous repair golems clean and repair the fire damage. At one point one of the big lumbering cargo golems enters the room and lifts the burnt out hulks of its fellows onto a grav-sled and takes them away. It returns a few minutes later and proceeds to lift the remains of the stasis tank Talo was placed in onto a grav-sled and takes that away too.
The heavy duty power-cell pings to notify that it is fully charged and Jenson replaces it with another cell. The charged cell is loaded onto the grav-sled. It weighs in at about 100lb.

Rubbing his hands with a sense of accomplishment after exchanging power cells, Jenson turns to the group “OK the next cell is charging, I think we take this cell back to LG for safety sake before anything else goes awry.” Getting the Grav Sled ready to go, “OK, best we time our leaving before that cargo robot comes back.” looks to the group, “Someone best make sure the coast is clear, so there are no robots in our way as we go the the lift and get this cell back”.

Once the coast is clear Jenson will navigate the Grav-sled back to the lift to transport the cell back up. “Once we get back up you guys know how/where to connect this power cell so you can activate the portal back to the ground/caves ? Are we going to explore more of the ship or leave as soon as we can?”

Gildor says, “Here are my recommendations. We get this back up and installed. We rest up and heal up and talk to LG about security robots and giving us clearance so they leave us alone. If LG can’t do that we are just going to have to be very careful where we go. I know Kalam would like to make use of some of the material here but he may have to take it back with him if he can’t work the material in the time we have left. I’d say we need 2 to 3 days to get out of the cavern once we get back which gives us about 4 days here to do some scavenging for parts or novelties. We need healing supplies if we are going to stay just in case we run into any more fights especially if they don’t go our way. We used up quite a bit of our healing supplies with those lurker things. If the healing supplies are not available we should head on back. A couple of us came close to not going back and I don’t want to risk that for any of us.”

Gildor says, “OK let’s take stock of our healing supplies real quick. OK, Looks like we have more than I thought. I’d suggest the wounded each use a healing spray on themselves. Let’s get back up and get Cynan some armour if we can find some. I thought there was some armour in the armoury maybe. We can drop the power cell off and hook it up later. We can come back down and finish searching the areas we haven’t look in yet. We can bring the sled to carry any materials Kalam might find. We can check with LG to see if we can get security clearance so the robots will leave us alone as well. I’d suggest letting Jenson lead as he seems to belong on here and might be ignored by the robots and he can warn us before the robots would spot us so we can avoid them.”

“I agree with everything up to Jenson taking the lead alone. I promise I won’t do anything without him, but there are many dangers lurking everywhere here and we need someone with a bit more experience to scout the way back to LG. I promise not to do anything rash, but I will be scouting just ahead of the party.”
Kalam moved to the front while shaking his head negatively and answering to Gildor.

“OK. Just get out of sight if a security golem approaches”, adds Gildor.

As Jenson pushes/guides the sled he asks Gildor, “Do you want to push the sled while I go up front?”

“Yes please Jenson. You can warn us if you spot a security golem. Kalam can sneak near by you too” comments Gildor.

Jenson hands over the controls to the Sled to Gildor then moves out in front to lead the group back to the elevator/lift. “OK, Gildor, I will do my best. If I drop my arms to my side trouble ahead, If I hold my hand up, stop,” chuckles “If I start blasting away with my blaster, well you can guess that one.”

Jenson will do his best to move silently like Kalam would and watch for robots of any type; plus trouble or unusual things. He will pause at intersections to carefully look down them before crossing.

With the power-cell loaded on the grav-sled, the party make their way out of cargo bay six and back to the vertigo inducing ramp that takes them up to level four. At the top of the ramp they arrive at the drop chute and manoeuvre the sled into it, grabbing the ascending rails on opposite sides of the chute to float back to level one.
The route back to LG is quiet and uneventful and when they get there they find one of the heavy-lift golems standing before LG, unmoving.
“Welcome, I see you found the power-cell you were looking for and therefore I presume you will be leaving soon. There is one thing I don’t understand though, why do you need a second power-cell? Your two companions, Munin and Daldin, collected their kings body and left via the gateway several hours ago. Why can’t you leave the same way?”

Gildor responds to LG, “Well I wasn’t sure the power cell they use had enough charge to work twice or handle more people. LG we ran into security golems and barely survived. Will you give us clearance so they won’t attack us? There were golems that thought we were loose animals specimens. Will you make sure we can roam freely on all levels from the golems?”

“I’m sorry,” says LG “but I don’t have control of the golems on the other decks, the repair golems shouldn’t interfere with you and the security golems only carry non-lethal weapons and would only fire upon you if you threatened them or were causing harm to others or damage to the ship.”

Jenson turns toward LG, “LG, as Gildor stated, we did not know if the power cell they had would have enough power to transport all of us back as to why we brought another fully charged cell up plus started a second one charging if it was needed for any other reasons, while we are here.” he pauses a moment if LG reply’s then continues “I see the one Heavy lift robot we were able to send your way made it but unfortunately LG, we could not redirect the rest of them we encountered in cargo bay 6 and had to defend against their programming.”
He sighs, “We did end up disabling three of them.” He looks for confirmation from the group. “before they were able to place anyone in the group into a stasis pod, which by the way, we ended up damaging one of the pods in the process.” He sighs heavily, “But in the process one of the robots, maybe this one actually, was able to call for a security robot to help with the securing of the group members since there programming thought they were to be secured for examination and we had to disable the security robot too.”
Jenson clears his throat, “So LG, as Gildor wanted to know, is there a way to avoid having any more robots think the group are intruders to be detained so we can easily travel the rest of the ship?”

“As I stated, the security golems will only try to apprehend you if they believe you have or intend to cause harm or damage to the ship or other passengers.” explains LG.
“If you would like to help me, then you could clear a path to the small manufacturing plant in the north-west quadrant. This would allow me to begin re-establishing a communications network on this deck.” it continues.

Once he gets confirmation either way about LG’s help, Jenson turns to Gildor, “OK, let’s park the Grav-Sled next to the gateway so we can be ready to exchange this power cell for the other one if it does not have enough power left to get us down to the planets surface.”

Gildor comments,”LG we did disable three of them. Sorry about that. Once we finish with LG we can go as a group to drop off the power cell then go back down to hunt for Kalam’s materials he’s after.”

Gildor asks, “LG can you show a map of this level to us?”

A green lined map of deck one appears.

Gildor says, “There are some areas here that we have not searched yet on this floor. I thought we checked this floor out completely, maybe not. We should finish clearing this level then go back down to the bottom level we were just on and search the areas we haven’t been to yet for Kalam’s materials. Once we find out if LG can make sure we are not going to be harassed by the golem things if it can that is.”

When the group is ready, Gildor recommends moving to the south-west areas that have not been searched or accessed.

“I’m starting to tire of this place fellas, I miss the sky above my head and the soil beneath my feet” sighs Gordon. “Let’s head back to the weapon store, load the flying cart up with all the weapons and armour we can find, and spare power cells, and get on our way home. Jenson you are most welcome to join us on our journey and abide with us in our fortress home”

The gnome turns to address LG, “LG are there any other stores of weapons, armour and medical supplies we can access?”

“On this deck there are no other arsenals, there is a weapons locker in the security office however which may contain non-lethal weapons, grenades and gas masks.” says LG.

Jenson whispers to Gildor as he waits LG’s responses to all the questions “Gildor, Gordon has it right in respect to finding and getting geared up before we go back to the surface but I think the opportunities to find the said gear Gordon and the rest of you want, will mean we will still have to explore a little more of the ship.”
Then he  smiles at the plan to go down to the surface “Yup, I plan on gong along with you all to the surface, Gildor owes me some training in magic and how else am I going to get it?” grinning as he says magic.
“Oh”, he turns to Anita “You are going to come down to the surface too with the rest of us” he smiles, “It would mean a lot if you would plus it will become very lonely around here and” He looks about “This ship’s security robots will be hard pressed to contain all the creatures now living here,” sighing, “which means worse times if you stay vs possible adventure and a cool life outside of these walls.”

Anita turns to Jenson “I don’t know, the ship says that by tomorrow evening it will have finished reprogramming itself and finally be able to deal with the mutants and escaped creatures and start rebuilding. Then I think it’s intending on building a hyperwave transmitter and signalling for help. I think I’ll stay here and risk it, thank you.”

Gildor says,”Jenson, I believe there is an armoury on this level. We can clear it out put itll on the sled and get the power cell hooked up so we can get out of here. I was simply trying to get Kalam time and materials. Let’s get things wrapped up like Gordon says. Saphiria we’re going home pretty soon girl. I know. I’m ready too.”

Waiting for his friends to finish first, Kalam then proceeded to ask his own question.
“LG, do I have your permission to take with me some quantity of your strong materials when we leave the ship?”

“When I have a communications system established on this deck, I can access and control the manufacturing facility to produce anything you might need. Did you want anything in particular?” asks LG.

Having talked with LG, the party set off south to the gateway, to find the portal open and the mindflayer’s lair visible through it. Two kuo-Toa stand guard, facing the portal, they appear to be able to see the party. One of them says something to the other and moves out of sight.

Kalam asked Gildor on the way out:
“Are we going to clear the way to manufacturing for LG to establish control? If not, I will need to start looking around for suitable material to take back with me before we leave. I’d rather take advantage of LG’s offer though, because with his help I will achieve something more than me on my own.”

“I like the idea of clearing out a path that final quadrant to help out LG. I don’t mind going back to the surface either.” Talo mentions, as he casually casts cure light wounds on Kalam as he notices the young man still has some cuts and scrapes.

Gildor says, “I thought we cleared this whole level. Ugh……. I am losing my mind up here. I think we have time to clear the north-west area but we have to stay clear of that area where we got sick. Gildor points out Area 13 on the map to the others. I think the security area was near the north west anyway so let’s clear it. Grab what we can Grenades, pistols, masks and then get out of here, OK?“

Jenson stops cold, “What the blue blazes are those things things?” pointing to the kuo-Toa. “Um, Guys, are they friendly?”

Gildor says, “I think so or at least an uneasy truce. Saphiria stay close.”

Jenson takes a moment more to look at the kuo-Toa then slowly backs up to the back of the group saying quietly, “an easy truce?” Um, “What are we going to do now?”

“They’re guarding the other side my new friend. We need to get going and clear that path and get the rest of the weapons” comments Gildor.

With a slight sigh of relief but still a bit of concern in his voice, Jenson asks Gildor “Um, do we have to wait here till that one fellow who left to comes back to see why he left before we keep going?” then whispers, “Gildor, what type of truce do you have with them, plus, now that the portal is open, will they send a group over here to explore too? That could make things complicated for us if they do.”

Gildor says, “Let’s go back towards LG and clear the north-west area quickly.”

Jenson nods to Gildor’s suggestion “Yes, I actually want to go through that weapons locker again in the security office first to pick up any more equipment, then clear a path to the small manufacturing plant in the north-west quadrant as LG requested”

Gildor says, “It’s on the way. Maybe Cynan can find some armour?”

Jenson nods his head in agreement and starts heading toward the weapons locker “OK, to the weapons locker we go, to look for some more gear and possibly find some armor for Cynan, then the small manufacturing plant.”

The party back up to LG and the central block and passing through the clinic they first come to the small arms locker, which they find has been cleared out, except for the suit of armour, like the one Kradorn has on, locked in a cabinet.

Moving on into the security reception, they find a locked cabinet containing 2 gas masks (Jenson explains what they do), 6 sleep gas grenades and two needler pistols loaded with sleep flechettes. The locker is locked and requires a red card and a numeric code to open.

The party leave the security station and then must decide which way to go.

After verifying that the cabinets are locked, Jenson follows the group out, “Too bad we do not have any of the Security Red cards to open these cabinets, Cynan could really use that suit of armour and those sleeping grenades might just come in handy”.
“OK Gildor, which way do you think is best”?

“ I thought maybe the black cards would work universally.” Talo says as he pulls the jet card from a pouch, shrugs, and attempts to unlock the cabinet as an afterthought.

The lock mechanism makes a disapproving beep and eats Talo’s black card.

Kalam nodded his agreement. “All right, Area 13 it is.” Then he took position at the front and when they started moving, he was straining his senses to check their surroundings, trying to be ready for anything coming out at them.

“I thought someone grabbed some red cards”, adds Gildor. “Let me try and pick the locks if we don’t have a red card in the group.”

Stopping to watch Talo loose his Black card then hearing Gildor wanting to pick the lock, Jenson states “Gildor, I am not sure that would be a good idea? It may set off an alarm sending a Security robot here.”

“I have a full set here.” says Kradorn, searching about in his backpack and pulling out a collection including jet, brown, violet, yellow, orange, red and grey cards.

Gildor says, “Thanks Kradorn. Let’s try the red cards then before we leave the armoury/security area. AS a last resort I will try to pick the lock somehow unless I tried it already then it just won’t get opened and we can move on.”
Gildor tells the party their route “West, then take first north hallway and go north. Then we head east toward centre of this level and go north along the large hallway checking both side for access to the unexplored areas on each side. The focus is on the large unexplored area and we work around it until we find a way to clear it.”
Gildor stays clear of the area they got sick in.

The red card opens the cabinet containing the armour but the locker in security reception requires a red card and a numeric code to open.

Jenson stopped and is watching and waiting to see if the red cards Gildor has works. The red cards open the cabinets “Good, the armour can go to Cynan.”
“Gildor, I still recommend NOT picking that lock, at least not yet. LG may be able to help once we get his access set up”.

“Ok, Jenson I’ll hold on picking the lock”, adds Gildor.

Jenson points to the armor in the now open cabinet. “That is good, the armor cabinet opened, now Cynan can have armor again.” Look to Cynan, “Try it on, you are human sized so it should fit. I can help you put it on if you like.”

The armour fits Cynan okay, after a little adjustment, and is just as light and tough as Kradorn’s.

Once done with the armor, “Gildor, I think LG may be able to help us with the numeric key code to open that cabinet.” Jenson sighs “Hopefully it is not keyed by the person or robot owning the card, then only through the database could that be changed for us to use. Again LG may be able to help.” He looks to the group ” Ready to go”?

Gordon gives Jenson a blank look at some of the gibberish he is speaking, then nods and smiles, “Yes I’m sure”

Gildor says, “Let’s follow my route and check some areas I think we missed.”
As they get to the areas Gildor check if they’ve been marked as cleared. If not they check them out.

The party head west along the main western corridor and then take the first right, towards the back of the restaurant. Kalam leads the way, listening carefully and being as silent as he can and gets to the T junction before stopping the party with a hand gesture. He hears various snarling and grunting noises coming from the northern rooms. At the far ends of the corridor there are numerous large fungi, smaller versions of which grow up and down its length. A small vegepygmy lies sleeping in the corridor less than 3m to Kalam’s right.

Staying quiet, Jenson indicates toward the right where the vegepygmy is with his blaster indicating Kalam to shoot it.

Gildor motions for everyone to attack. Gildor fires his weapon further down the corridor as his targets present themselves.

Kalam blasts the sleeping vegepygmy with his laser carbine and burns it to a flaming husk.
Within a second or two there are shouts from the room directly in front of the body and another couple of small vegepygmy appear at the door for a second. Long enough to get a look at the party but not long enough for Kalam and Jenson to bring their weapons to bear.
Gildor sees another slightly larger vegepygmy appear at another doorway to the left but it too ducks out of the way before Gildor can shoot it.
There are shouts from the rooms and several seconds later Gildor spots something thrown surreptitiously from the room on the left. It takes Gildor a moment to find the object thrown and by the time he has realised that its a grenade and turns to warn the party, it goes off with a bang.
Everyone close to the grenade when it goes off (Gildor, Kalam, Jenson and Kradorn) gets knocked down and Cynan, Gordon and Talo are staggered by the blast. Before the noise of the explosion has faded, the vegepygmies charge out of the rooms and close on the party.
Gildor and Kalam stagger to their feet, Gildor dodging and parrying three attacks from the ferocious vegepygmies swarming out of the room to his left. Kalam watches as one of the vegepygmies swings wildly and clobbers another which snarls and returns the favour.
Jenson and Kradorn lay on the floor, conscious but still stunned by the explosion.

Gasp, moan, groan, “Oh my head hurts” Jenson staggers up, “Get back, vegepygmies” and shoots any vegepygmies next to him “I have to retreat, Cynan take my place, I am in no condition to fight.” and he moves back to allow Cynan up, “Ow, that grenade hurt”.

Kalam stood guard over Jenson and Kradorn until they regained their senses, ready to shoot at any creature approaching.

Gildor says, “Thanks Kalam. Good job.”

Kalam shoots first but misses wildly and is then stabbed viscously, though his armour seems to save him from anything worse than a minor wound. He steps back, shoots and misses and once again feels a knife hit and slide off his armour. He shoots, misses yet again and curses. Cynan comes up behind him and hauls the young fighter back behind the line before he’s overwhelmed.

Gildor moves to assist any fallen comrades get back behind the fighters, blasting and parrying as he does so,”Fighters form a line for us to get behind. Stay behind the fighters, until you get your wits”.
Gildor’s laser carbine hums and slices off the head of the vegepygmy before him, two of its companions attack with their clubs but neither hit does any damage against the elf’s armour and he cuts one of them in two with the thin, flickering laser beam.
He feels a sudden twinge of pain as Saphiria is struck by a dart. She has flown over his head and hovers over the T junction looking for targets. She snarls and blasts the vegepygmies fighting Gildor, killing two of the smaller types and burning another badly.

Surprised by the attack and in spite of his ringing ears, Talo lays hands on Jenson and blesses him.

Then Jenson shifts to defend the rear, letting those more healthy up to fight “I will do my best protecting our back, this group of vegepygmies is smart and knows about our better technology, thus the grenade, we have to be extra careful.”

The vegepygmies push forward with a roar and Gildor is wounded and Cynan hit twice, though the blows don’t seem to effect him. Gildor dodges another attack and is replaced in the line by Talo.

The dwarf shoulders his carbine and proceeds to administer axe wounds on the pygmies as quickly as he can. He attempts to place himself between the vegepygmies and his downed comrades. The bearded barrier pushes forward.

Once the formation is set, Gildor gets a flechette Grenade ready.

Gildor sees Saphiria turn her attention to the east and sends a blast of fire down the length of the corridor. He can’t see the results but he hears the screams.

Cynan hacks and slashes with Bronzefire, splitting one vegepygmy in two and amputating another’s arm at the shoulder.

Kradorn pushes in behind Talo and readies his laser carbine to shoot over the dwarf’s head and into the crowd of vegepygmies gathered before them.

Saphiria flies east, down the corridor, dodging between darts as she goes.
Talo parries one attack and is hit by another but takes no damage.
More vegepygmies close on Talo and Cynan, forming a seething monstrous mass. Cynan parries a club and impales its owner on the end of his flaming sword, while Talo’s axe brings down a badly burnt and partially blinded vegepygmy.
Kradorn shoots and misses, curses and fires again twice, wounding two vegepygmies.
From somewhere to the east, a wall of flame roars down the corridor, stopping just short of Cynan. Talo catches the hellish scene of a corridor filled with burning vegepygmies out the corner of his eye, many of them are staggering about on fire and screaming.
Gildor feels Saphiria’s elation as she sees the results of her breath weapon, then a sudden coldness as water begins to spray from several points in the ceiling. She cries out in frustration and flies east out of the cold water that’s spoiled her fun.

Gasping for a moment, Jenson moves back then quickly thanks Talo for the curing “Thanks Talo” and once he is in the back of the group set to protect them. “Man that is still awesome stuff that healing “. Laser pistol at the ready he scans the hallway and then the combat up front, rotating his scanning to be prepared either way.

Seeing the flames and feeling the heat from Saphiria, Jenson just shivers a moment in awe, thinking “That is a fierce dragon” Then sighs when the automatic emergency fire prevention sprinklers activate.

As Jenson gets soaked by the spray he moves to the side of the wall opposite the Kitchen, behind Gordon, so he has a better view around the back corner, paying more attention, as his view is slightly blocked by the spraying water.

Remembering the repair robots may come to check out the fire damage, Jenson calls out, “watch for repair robots, err golems. Try not to shoot them.”

While Jenson, Kalam, Gildor and Gordon watch, Cynan, Kradorn and Talo continue to fight in the melee with the vegepygmies. Talo manages to bring down two of the knife welding creatures and avoids being hit with skilful use of his shield and axe. He still faces a small group of vegepygmies by himself however.
Cynan takes no more than a minor wound while Bronzefire deals death and mutilation to the vegepygmies. He moves further into the corridor and leaves room for Kradorn to assist, together the two fighters hack down ten vegepygmies before they face one of the relatively larger leaders. It makes a stab at Cynan with its spear and connects but the paladin’s armour deflects the blow and Cynan wounds it in return. Kradorn, having dispatched his own opponents turns and hacks the big vegepygmy across the back. As it turns to deal with Kradorn, Cynan beheads it with Bronzefire. The fighters face about 15 more vegepygmies in the corridor, while Talo faces nine on his own, the big leader amongst them.

Seeing Talo facing off against quite large numbers on his own Gordon calls out, “Jenson watch the rear,” then moves up to join the dwarf.

Gildor mentally calls to Saphiria,”Good job girl. Come back to me my dear.”

Kalam moved in to support Talo, using his melee weapons for close combat together with his quick reflexes to tumble away from trouble.

Not liking to be out of the fray and helping his new found comrades kill these vegetable people, Jenson is happy to lend a supporting role. Keeping the back of the group safe, Jenson stays put in the hallway, blaster pistol out, as he keeps scanning, hoping no vegetables show up around the corner.
“Gordon, I got the groups six and I will not shoot Saphiria if she comes this way, just vegetable people.”

Gildor says with a slight grin, “Ummm…That’s my Fire Drake familiar Jenson. If ya shoot her she’ll be mad though.”

Jenson Looks back at Gildor for a moment “Heavens to mergatriod! No way would I shoot her, she is one awesome drake.” then turns back to keep an eye on the hallway.

“You say the strangest things my friend. There are seven of us not six, and what a magnificent bunch we are.” Replies Gordon as he positions himself to cast Color Spray.

Kradorn moves forward in step with Cynan, hacking and slashing his way into the vegepygmies, killing one and wounding another. Cynan kills two more, Bronzefire making short work of the creatures. Shields and armour protect the fighters from the vegepygmies makeshift weapons.
Before Gordon can move up, Kalam leaps into place beside Talo, dodging and parrying three attacks, his shortsword and dagger wounding and then killing one of his attackers.
Gordon and Gildor move up behind the front line, Gordon frustrated that he can’t cast his prepared spell, he pulls out his axe to defend himself and kills a vegepygmy moving up behind Cynan.
Gildor fires his carbine at some of the larger veggies in the back of the group on Talo’s side.
“Hang in there gang. We’re doing pretty good.”
Gildor shoots over Talo’s head at one of the larger vegepygmies, hitting it in the chest and bringing it down with flames gushing from its chest and mouth. This stirs the vegepygmies into action and the chief charges forward, urging his group to follow him.
Talo seems to have gone into a frenzy, casting aside his shield and taking his axe in two hands.

Kalam sees the chief coming and stabs him with his shortsword. The creature reacts quickly, dodging Kalam’s dagger and bringing his poleaxe around. It stabs at Kalam, hitting him in the shoulder and wounding him through his chainmail. Kalam takes a step back and parries a vegepygmy knife. Gordon moves in with his axe and the knife clatters to the floor, along with its owner.
Gildor backs away from Talo as the dwarf dodges a vegepygmy axe and slays its owner with a savage overhead swing of his own.
Behind them, Cynan and Kradorn take another step forward, leaving two dead vegepygmies in their wake.

Gordon glances over his shoulder and sees Cynan and Kradorn cutting their way through the hoard of vegepygmies to the east. The gnome turns and moves into the space between them shouting, “Bright lights coming Guys!” Then he casts Colour Spray towards those opposing the fighters.
A wash of colour sprays from the gnomes outstretched fingers and while Cynan and Kradorn avert their eyes, five of the vegepygmies fall unconscious under the spell’s power.

To the west Kalam continues to hit and wound the vegepygmy chief, while dodging its polearm and the darts of a smaller creature.
Talo sweeps his axe up and almost slices one of the larger vegepygmies in two, its counter attacks just glance off the dwarf’s plate. Talo’s final swing sends the vegepygmy’s head bouncing along the deck.
Kalam finishes the chief with his shortsword and impales another smaller vegepygmy on the end of his dagger. Gildor steps up with his laser carbine and burns a vegepygmy to ash before finishing the last of the small ones as it attempts to run away.
The last of the vegepygmies in the east goes down under Kradorn’s sword before he, Cynan and Gordon methodically finish off the wounded and unconscious.

Once the spell goes off and (hopefully) the vegepygmies are stunned, Gordon will set about them with his axe, feeling that these alien weapons they have acquired are not appropriate for such close quarter work.

Talo stands shaking in the corridor, his face frozen in a snarl for a moment before he takes a deep breath and slowly picks up his shield.
Cynan seems to whisper a prayer to himself as he finishes off the last of the vegepygmies.