97. Uninvited Guests

The party move along to the end of the corridor and turn right, heading north, they get to a western turn in the corridor, passing a ruined lounge to their right. The place is wrecked and the surrounding corridors are filled with vegepygmy rubbish and dirt.
Passing the portal they explore the rooms beyond, spending a good while searching through the wreckage and dirt for anything of interest or value. The two large meeting rooms contain several long tables and a few skeletons but nothing else. Frustrated, the party head back to LG.

The AI greets them and asks them how their explorations went. It tells them that so far it has installed communications nodes in the central section of the deck and can now communicate and coordinate all its repair and security golems. It is busy repairing the manufacturing section and building enough communication nodes to cover the entire deck.

Jenson chuckles for a moment then looks to Gordon and Kradorn “Ah yeah, that is right – those ‘soolie pinwheels’.” Jenson then turns to LG, “LG, it is good you have those communication nodes set up and are working on finishing up the manufacturing section to complete this deck.”
He smiles as he thinks LG cannot see his facial gesture of good will “I was wondering if there are any portable solar powered recharging packs for recharging the different battery’s we have like the Lasers and my communications translator device?”

LG turns its gaze on Jensen. “I don’t have any solar chargers at the moment but there should be one in the emergency escape pod. Smaller devices will just recharge off the communications nodes and power packs can be recharged in the security and manufacturing sections.”

“Also, if you have communication established to the security golems, is there a way to get permission or have them open up the armour and weapons lockers? It would be nice to have some of that armour, weapons and grenades to use as we clear out more of the decks. Some of us need replacement armour and weapons.” asks Jenson.

“Unfortunately I cannot give permission to non-crew members to access weapons as my protocols prohibit it. I am unable to use lethal force to protect either the crew or myself and this has severely restricted my options in regards to the vegepygmy infestation and the animals which have escaped their reservation or stasis pods. I am in the process of rewriting these protocols and will need to reboot in order to implement these changes. This process will be complete in approximately 22 hours and 25 minutes or seven and a half bells.”

Gildor tells the others, “Let’s rest for a few bells and then gather our stuff and go home. We’ve got a good journey still once we get back. Use your healing sprays if you need it. We can rest in the rooms right behind LG here. My gear is here too I believe. Once rested, we can get the woman and stuff from the escape pod through the portal. If you can find the thingy Jenson wants, fine, maybe one’s in the escape pod.”

The party gather in the clinic and settle down for a rest, several falling asleep almost immediately. Nine hours pass without incident before LG wakes them, having heard Gildor talk of resting for ‘a few bells’.
Nothing has occurred in the meantime and LG tells you it has extended its communication network across the whole of the deck and is able to monitor movement as well. In the three hours since the network was established it has seen no sign of any movement on this deck.
It is early morning, Silent Bell (3:30am) LG tells you, so the decks are still dark.
LG will reboot in 13 hours and 15 minutes.

Gildor slowly wakes, yawns and stretches gently to get his body moving. He gathers his clinic gear and puts it in his backpack. He softly says to stir the others to consciousness, “Time to get going folks. Gather all your stuff that’s in this room with you, to take home. My lady it’s time to get going. Everyone let’s move out and go to the escape pod thingy before we head home. Marching order and the girl in the middle.”
Gildor makes sure all his friends stuff in the clinic gets packed up and not left behind.
“Jenson, once home and in a village. I will teach you what I know of magic. You have my word. It takes time and minimal interruptions. We still have several days to get to a village though.”

Jenson yawns, scratches his newly forming beard (or stubble) and sighs. “Gildor, Anita said she was staying here, I think she fears leaving her sanctuary and go somewhere totally out of her norm. We can ask again before we leave.” Then Jenson smiles at Gildors offer to teach him magic when they get back. “Oh boy Gildor, that would be awesome, like totally rad, you would take the time and help me plus I would love to experience one of your villages.”

Jenson stops and takes in what LG says, “Reboot, LG is going to reboot in 8 hours.”

“13 hours and 10 minutes. “ interrupts LG with a sigh.

Jenson looks to the group. “With this level cleared and LG in control of the security golems and communications nodes, plus manufacturing, I see no need to explore much more of this ship. I am afraid what will happen once LG reboots as far as the ship goes. If LG does not reboot successfully there could be trouble up here and it would be best if we left now.” shyly looks at LG, “No offence LG, but in the end, we intended to go back where the group came from, so no need to risk our not getting back if you have any delays in your reboot process and we loose our gateway back.”
“Let’s get what the gear we are allowed to take, like the medical sprays, bandages, any rope and food plus get the gear out of the escape pod and I do hope there is a solar powered battery charger in there. At least for my communications device. We can take the various pieces of survival equipment.” Then pauses, “If Anita stays then we should leave in the escape pod a set of survival gear, food and stuff in case she ends up needing it or escaping out of here.”

When Jenson meets back up with Anita, “Anita, I err, we would love for you to come along with us, back to the planets surface. There is so much there to explore and learn. plus there will be other humans around plus me, so you will not be lonely and can live a full life on the planets surface, instead on alone up here.”

Anita is reluctant to leave.

“Anita, you should really reconsider. I would love for you to accompany me to the planets surface since I would be the only one from our time there plus, being alone up here without other human interactions I am not sure that is a healthy thing for you. We will leave the escape pod supplied if you need to leave this ship plus I suggest you stay in there while LG Reboots in case there are issues.”

Jenson’s talk seems to convince Anita to come with the party. LG states the other option would be for Anita to remain here, in stasis if desired, while LG restructures and repurposes the mass of the ship from primarily life support to power-plants and engines.

“This is great,” says Jenson “you will really love learning about the planets surface and broaden your horizons plus I will be there to help you along.” He turns to the group “With Anita going, we can take all the gear out of the escape pod plus let’s outfit her up the best we can, for the trip back.”

“So LG says we can restore the power in the power in the cells in the security area? I say we restore as many as we can before we depart as well as find the soolee pinwheel thing,” suggests the gnome. “Take whatever we can of value from the escape pod and use the floating table to move it all. Then let’s get us all home.” Gordon pauses for a moment, “Tha’ knows we can always find our way back to the underworld even after the dwarves have sealed the tunnels, just use the portal where we met Talo.”

Gildor says, “OK Gordon. Let’s get our gear and go to security. Once there charge our stuff. Let’s move out folks. Times a wasting. Gildor will help Jenson coax the girl along. Saphiria let’s see about going home my dear.”

Gildor loves on Saphiria and feeds her some dried meat from his pack, “I know girl. We’ll get some fresh stuff once we get home. Soon I hope.”

Saphiria wolfs down the meat and anything else that’s offered.

As Jenson talks to Anita about coming along he hears the suggestion from Gordon to go to security to recharge everyones’ batteries and then the call to action to do it from Gildor and looks surprised at the idea, then excuses himself from Anita “Err, can you hold that thought Anita” and turns to LG “Why yes, that is a great idea but first. LG, will we be allowed to recharge all of our batteries in the security area? The lasers and my com link?”

Kalam woke up feeling rested, taking the opportunity to talk with LG some more before they decided as a team where to go next.

“LG, if your manufacturing section has been repaired, maybe I could have a look there for some materials to take with me when we leave your ship? Not weapons mind you, I know you are forbidden to give those away on your own. However, there is no prohibition in me getting some raw material, right?”

“You will have to be more specific I’m afraid.” says LG.

Kalam turned to the party. “Friends, in less than a day we may be ready to leave the ship, with LG having done this writing of protocols which probably means that he will have better control of this ship. I don’t want to keep us here any longer than necessary. I, too, would like to get back to my world and I know that many of you have expressed sentiments to leave straight away. I would ask of you a favour then. We could wait here until LG assumes control and we leave the ship then. There is another option I would like to explore. Not to worry, I am not suggesting more exploration, I think we have had enough of that. After all, with LG assuming complete control he will then be able to clear out any areas that remain in need of clearing. I propose – with LG’s permission of course – to go to the manufacturing section and for me to have a look if I can find any raw material I could use to practice my forging skills. I would be very interested in trying my skills in something new and this ship has been a constant supply of new experiences and new materials as well. So, what say you?”

Gildor says,”I’m worried the creatures on the other side may close the portal and we should get back sooner than later. Kalam we can make a trip to get some raw material and a bit of time to work with the equipment if it’s OK with LG but we need to be going, in my opinion.”

“We’ve got eight of these hour things t’get as much stuff as we can carry but then I really don’t want us t’be here. Bad enough that we’ve got a load of the fish faces waiting for us on the other side, I don’t want us to be leggin it in a panic because something has gone wrong.” Gordon looks around then half whispers (loudly), “and I’d just like t’get back t’mi own bed and spend a bit of time researchin some new spells n’stuff.”

“I agree that this is a good opportunity, let us go now and I will check the raw material to see if there is something I can use. LG, is that alright with you? Do we have your permission?”

“Jemsun, do you think we will be able to open the lockers in the seecuyrity room using the keeecard things we have? If not will one of the leezer refuls be able to open it?” asks Gordon.

A trip to the security station reveals two power cell chargers. Each charger can charge 1% of a power cell in 1 minute. Jenson has 2 fully charged power cells, one at 11% and the other at 3%. Kalam has one power cell at 44%. Gildor has 2 full power-cells and another at 15%. Kradorn has one power cell at 22% and a second at 74%. Gordon has two fully charged power-cells and Cynan has 2 fully charged power-cells and another at 33%. 7 power-cells in total need recharging.
Everyone swaps their current power-cells for fresh power-cells and leaves the old ones recharging.

The party head west out of the command complex to the drop-chute at the end of the western corridor, then south to the escape pod. As they are walking, there is a audible chime and the lights brighten noticeably, though not up to full brightness Jenson thinks.
Behind the door is a hexagonal room 3m across, its walls lined with 3 padded chairs on 5 walls and two just inside the doors. There is also a central column with 6 more seats cramped around it. The place is in much better condition that the similar one at the other end of the corridor. It looks untouched by the vegepygmies and its black glass panels are filled with scrolling numbers and incomprehensible diagrams.
When Jenson gets a look at it, it all seems to be in working condition. Looking at the screens he can see the escape pod is on standby, just waiting for the doors to be sealed and the big emergency launch button to be depressed beneath its protective cover.
The pod is stuffed with various pieces of survival equipment – 3 inflatable dingies (5lb each), 3 survival domes, food packs, 3 medical packs, surface to space radios etc. Under each seat is a survival suit and helmet. There is only one weapon, a laser rifle with a medium power pack attached.
The survival equipment is small, compact and easy to remove from where its stowed. As the party are examining the equipment Jenson’s translator beeps and LG’s voice says in his ear.

“Sorry to interrupt you but we appear to have visitors, several fish-men, perhaps 15 or 16, have come through the portal in the southern drop-chute hall. They appear to be scouting and securing the area.”

“So, a fight we may have on our way out? In any case let’s not waste time, let’s make a quick trip to the manufacturing area and then see what to do with the fish men.” Asks Kalam.

Jenson sighs, “A fight out? I thought you had an alliance or some type of treaty to get past those fish-men? I guess we will have to clear these fish-men out too now. Good thing we have our batteries being recharged for we will need to recharge these too before we leave. Could we negotiate our way out by chance and avoid a fight?”

Looking up as Jenson thinks that is the way to talk to LG while moving about the ship, “LG, can you keep us posted on the locations of said fish-men? Plus, in the library database, is there a copy of the schematics to build a portable solar battery charger, and if so, how can I get a copy of it on a readable media, like on paper or even plastic? Maybe laminate the paper?”

“There is a power collector in the escape pod if you look for it. I’ve also transmitted instructions for the construction of such a device to your com, however the components would require a manufacturing unit more sophisticated than the one built into the escape pod and the smaller unit also stowed aboard it.” LG says through the translation device.

Gildor says, “We have somewhat of a truce/alliance with them. Perhaps we can chat with them to see what’s going on. Before we go though, here’s the list of gear.”
“I suggest we only take what we really need. I’m going to take a Med pack, 8 food packs and a survival dome in his backpack, and if no one wants the rifle we should at least take the power pack.” Gildor takes the power pack if no one else does.
“If everyone’s got what they want, lets get to the manufacturing area quickly and see what Kalam can get. Then head back to get our batteries. Once set we can go see what the fish folk want and head home if there’s still power in the thing.”

Jenson makes sure everything is taken out of the escape pod. “Anita and I can use these things as we do not have anything else once we get down to the planets surface plus this is good stuff so I want us to take everything in here so it is not wasted.” He will take 1 inflatable dingy, 1 survival dome, food packs, 1 medical pack, 1 surface to space radio and stuff it into his backpack or one of the escape pods backpacks.

A quick search reveals a series of panels on the floor, beneath which lay a Portable medical unit, 1 materials converter, 1 mobile manufacturing unit, 1 portable AI with Power unit and a power collection unit. All these devices are housed in tough cases with handles and straps for carrying. They are quite heavy though.

Jenson will also make sure someone takes the laser rifle with the medium power pack attached – “Gildor, Anita could use the rifle or someone else can.” He will take the rifle too if no one will take it. “Gildor, I will take the rifle with the power pack in so it is usable now, why waste it leaving it behind. Who does not have one? Plus, once on the surface you will thank me having it.” The rifle he will carry if he has to.
He will hand out the rest of the remaining food packs to everyone “Here Kalam, Talo, Gildor, Kradorn, Gordon & Cynan, take at least 14 days of food packs.” Then packs up two backpacks with the remaining gear not taken, 1 of each item in a back pack and the remaining food packs split evenly.

Jenson will ask for help carrying the extra back packs – “Kalam, Talo, Gildor, Kradorn, Gordon or Cynan can you help me carry this stuff back to Anita?”

Looking at the survival suits and helmet. “I am not sure we need them down on the planet surface since the air is breathable so we can leave them.”

Gildor took his clinic supplies and put them in his backpack. He took the items noted from the life pod. He grabs the power-pack from the laser carbine and leaves the weapon behind. Gildor says, ”Grab what you want folks. Once Gildor hears need of the fish men – “Sounds like we’ve got company. Let’s go greet our friends.”
Gildor will get the group moving so they can meet the fish men. Gildor adds, “Let’s not look aggressive to minimize hostilities.”
“Get what you want and let’s go.”

Gildor nods at Jenson, “Laser weapon is yours or Anita or someone else’s. We will need to deal with the fish folks before we can go get the material for Kalam. So let’s get moving folks.” Gildor takes his share of food packs.

Gordon will grab the laser rifle even though it is pretty big for him and a little cumbersome. He slots in one of his two power-cells and a small light flashes green on the side of the weapon.

The party head back up to the western drop-chute junction then east back to the command centre. They dump all their newly acquired gear in the command centre and head south down to the southern drop-chute and the portal.

They can see the Kuo-Toa ahead of them, gathered around the drop-chute, there must be at least 30 of them at the junction, guarding the corridors and the drop-chute itself.

At the party’s approach warnings are called in the kuo-toa’s horrible croaking and barking language and a group of large kuo-toa come forward to meet the party.

“You must leave this place and leave all you have found here.” says the largest of the kuo-toa to Gordon in a strange gnomish dialect.
“You have found the dwarven king and his cold body has been taken from here long since. This place and all it contains is ours. You will leave all the treasures you have found here and go, or we will slay you and recover what is ours.”

Gordon holds a hand up to the fish-men leader and turns and translate what the fish-men have said, without pausing he continues as if the translation is longer than it actually is, “so do we fight or negotiate friends, Jenson can you tell LG that these fish-men are hostile and intend harm to the ship and its crew?”

“Gordon, see what this is all about. We had a deal and we are just about set. There is plenty of treasure for these guys. We can introduce them to LG. We just want to get our stuff and leave peacefully.”
Gildor quietly begins whispering the options to the group one by one what he thinks might be a way out/back home.

Jenson nods and softly speaks to LG, in his language “Fish-men are hostile to us, the crew in suspended animation and the ship. Help keep track of their movement for us till your reboot can respond better to this intrusion. We will do what we must to protect everyone but may need the escape pod if it goes bad for us. Only communicate in our language to me to avoid alerting the fish-men.”

“Do you have a preferred arrival point for the escape pod?” asks LG.

Jenson looks to Gordon and softly speaks back “As you reply to him and ask a question to our safe passage everyone tosses grenades and opens fire. We secure our position here and if any are left see if they will surrender after we’ve unloaded or if needed retreat and gather all the gear back to the escape pod and use it to get away.” Then he looks at the rest for assurance or not to that plan.

Jenson stands ready for a command word, finger twitching at the trigger ready to shoot to cause the most damage to the enemy the quickest way possible.

To the party, with his back to the fish-men, Gordon tries to quickly formulate some sort of plan. “Right then, I don’t reckon there’s much ‘ope of us getting any of our new gear outta ‘ere past this lot but I’ll ask and try to bargain a bit and see if we can take the choicest things, like your soolie panels Jemsum. If they still say no I will not translate I’ll just shout out t’warn yer and cast Colour Spray, then you hit ‘em with everything yerve got! Kay?”

The gnome turns back to the fish-men and the one who spoke to him and tries to get his head around the ancient dialect they use, “friend, your words are harsh. The dwarf kings body has been recovered but we were set upon by many adversaries to secure our own safety in this strange and possessed place. Our rewards are few and we were on our way back to our own realm as you arrived, allow us to keep some portion of the treasure we have won along with the refugees we have found here and there need not be any talk of slaying and bloodshed. The rest we will leave for you, there are many levels here which are yet to be explored but it is a strange place with much danger.”

He awaits their response.

The kuo-toa considers his response for a moment then says “You can take only what you can carry and I must agree to each item you wish to take through the gateway. Go and get your plunder. You leave immediately.”

“OK lads. Grab yer coats, wiv pulled!” Gordon holds his hand up to make sure the party don’t launch into an attack. He translates what the kuo-toa has said, “I think it’s the best deal we’re gonna get and I reckon we can carry a hell of a lot of stuff. Let’s just hope they find what we’re taking too bizarre to worry about.”

Gildor let’s out an audible sigh of relief saying in a soft voice , “Ok. Let’s get our meagre stuff and get going. Let’s be quick about it too. The power cells if not charged, come as is.”
Gildor helps carry stuff as long as he can still travel 90 yards encumbered instead of 120 yards unencumbered. He uses his sack and backpack as best he can.

“I suggest we remove the power cells from the new weapons we’ve found, that way if old fishy face has a look it’s just a bunch of strange metal and stuff and he doesn’t accidentally blow a hole in anybody,” suggests Gordon as they return to the command centre.

Kalam nodded affirmatively and went to gear up with as much as he could carry to help lessen the weight the others would be carrying, so as to increase the overall stuff the party could take with them. He kept some capacity left for the stuff he wanted to pick up from the manufacturing section. Still didn’t know what it would be until he went there, but under the new Deal with the fish people he wasn’t planning on spending too much time there. Just a few pieces of scrap material that his experience told him could be worked in tools, weapons, hard and light materials as he had already seen around the ship.

As an afterthought, Kalam spoke to Jenson on their way back and only when away from the fish people:
“Jenson, could you inform LG about the recent developments and ask him to delay dealing with the fish people who plan on staying until after we have left the ship? I don’t know what his plans for them will be, but I wouldn’t want a fight on our hands, especially so since we are going to be carrying extra weight and in any case we had enough fights while here.”

Kalam moved just a little bit ahead of the party after his talk with Jenson wanting to scout, explored areas notwithstanding. He kept his vigilance for dangers both seen and unseen like the invisible beast he would never forget. He didn’t want any surprises during his last few bells at the ship, not if he could help it.

Jenson speaks up once they are out of ear shot – “So, my thoughts are we should take all the remaining Needler ammunition and grenades plus even the spent power cells for the lasers.”

The small arms locker is partially stripped, but still inside are racks and containers of: 10 needler pistols, 6 pistols of an unknown type, 4 laser pistols, 2 laser rifles and 1 blaster pistol.

There are three boxes each containing 20 grenades: gas, incendiary, and flechette. A full suit of plate armour is in a closed and locked locker (at the end of a row of 7 opened ones). A metal chest holds 3 boxes – 66 power cells, 39 anti-personnel and 54 sleep needler clips.

“If we try to walk out I am taking the power collection unit plus as much stuff from the escape pod I already collected into my back pack.

“We should really try to take the Portable medical unit, 1 materials converter, 1 mobile manufacturing unit and 1 portable AI with Power unit also but the power collection unit will at minimum keep my communication device working.”

Jenson makes sure Anita has a backpack with 1 inflatable dingy, 1 survival dome , food packs, 1 medical pack, 1 surface to space radio. Plus any weapons and grenades for her to use.

“Oh, We need to get Anita one communications device like I have too” – Jenson will get one if there is another available with a battery for Anita.

Unfortunately there is no second translation device. Anita collects the mini-power cells and hands them back to the party.

“I am afraid the fish men will not actually let us pass through with everything we can carry, and will ambush us to get everything. LG, do you know where the escape pod is programmed to go? ”

“The escape pod is designed to descend close to the largest source of radio emissions it can detect on a planet and failing that, to put down close to a source of fresh water in a temperate climate. If the portable AI is connected – which I notice you brought with you – the escape pod can be directed to any point on the surface.” explains LG.

“LG, the fish men are only out to plunder and take over this ship and use it to their advantage. So be aware of this once we leave.” Maybe have the security or maintenance robots unplug the power cell on this end once we leave.”

“LG could you lock as many doors as you can to hamper the fish men’s exploring of this level? Maybe even lock them into rooms they go into so as to give you time to reboot and better set up to protect your ship. We may need that time to get out of here too with as much stuff as we can carry.”

“Okay, maybe we should take all of our gear and use the escape pod to get out of here and avoid any potential conflict and let LG take care of the fish men.”

“I feel compelled to inform you that I have despatched a security golem from the northern airlock with the intention of re-entering the ship via the southern airlock, passing through the portal and destroying the device controlling that end, thus preventing further incursions by the ichthian humanoids. This end of the portal should remain open, should you wish to depart the ship via that means. I can program the escape pod to take you to any point on the planet around which we are in orbit. However, I cannot allow the security and safety of the ship to be further compromised by the ichthians, there may still be several humans in storage in addition to the Elder things, the Mi-go and the various alien animals and plants in the botanical gardens and menagerie and my duty is to ensure their safety.”

Jenson shakes his head but smiles up at LG, “LG, thank you for letting us know of your actions to secure the ship. This at least will help us with our decisions.”
Turning to the group. “I think that seals it, once the Security robot, err… golem, destroys the other ends connection, the Fish Men will be cut off and if we try to leave through the portal, they will not be as obliging as before when we appear.”

Scanning the groups faces, “I feel our best way back to the planet’s surface, your home, is using the escape pod. It will fit all of us and all of the stuff we want to take back, including more of the material you are interested in taking. Plus I will still be able to communicate with LG for future collaborative actions if needed.”
Smiling Jenson says “LG can land the escape pod wherever you all wish. Near your homes or at a safe distance away in case our flight path down is tracked and or the escape pod puts undo fear in those witnessing its landing and try to harm it or us as we leave it.”
He shrugs his shoulders, “I am not sure what beasts might the escape pod represent to those on the planets surface as it comes into your atmosphere and lands.”
Cheerfully states “I for one think this is our best option to safely, get to the planets surface and um remember your friends plan on blowing up the caverns and if we get stuck in there. Well, it may not be to pretty for us.”
Turning back to LG “Please keep us abreast of those fish-mens’ actions who are still aboard. If they leave or try to continue securing the ship for themselves and if you would need us to try to neutralize those left on the ship before we leave?”
Still smiling, “I will let you know where to land the escape pod once the group decides where.”
Pauses and with a questioned look, “LG, would you want us to take anything else down to the planets surface from the ship?”
Turns back to the group, “In the mean time, let’s pack up everything we can take and load the escape pod up then react accordingly depending on what the fish-men do.”
As Jenson starts to pack up and get the grav-sled loaded “Where is a good place you guys think to land the escape pod”

“LG can you locate this area on the place below us?” Gildor draws them roughly for LG and describes them quickly.
Five minutes drawing with chalk on the wall/floor where LG can see them. Gildor focus’ on Harnanca area with a rough outline of Lands end and the area around it showing Harnanca in relation to Lands End and the coastal outlines with water and some topography.
Gildor tells the group quietly, “If LG can direct the pods to Harnanca that would be best I think. It’s fairly secluded and near Cynan’s keep. I’ll help with the gear where I can but I’m loaded down pretty good as it is. I’m with Jenson on taking what he suggests. We can store extra stuff at the keep.”

As Gildor tries to draw out a map Jenson asks “LG, are there any heads up maps or maps of the planet below that we could use to get longitude and latitude coordinates and possibly elevation grades to give to you? That is unless you have a touch screen map we could use to find and touch the location where we want to land that you can read from interactively?”

Gildor shows LG his hand drawing in chalk outline with the landmarks of rivers, coastline, woods, Lands End City and Harnanca Keep. Gildor points to Harnanca on the map where there is an arrow pointing to it as well, “LG, do you think you can find this place here? Or near it? That’s the best I can do unless others want to jump in and help with any other details they can remember to help pin point it’s location.”

A couple of questions to establish scale and whether the map Gildor draws is in the northern or southern hemisphere and LG seems confident it has identified Landsend and Harnanca. It will programme the landing site into the escape pod’s memory. All the party need do is launch the escape pod and it will take them straight there.

“It seems the ichthians are bringing more of their kind aboard. I count 60 or more now, scouting west, north and east from the southern drop-chute. My security golem will reach the southern airlock in approximately 30 seconds. I suggest if you are going to leave the ship using the escape pod you make your way there as soon as possible.” says LG.