The slavering dwarf sprints after his prey. The iron taste of blood in his mouth only heightens his berserker rage.

The Kuo-toa lumber off down the corridor, half loping and half on all fours, in an effort to get away from the screaming dwarf behind them. Talo rounds the first corner with the Kuo-toa just ahead of him but by the time he gets to the next corner the creatures are out of sight.

Gordon’s axe swings back and forth, up and down until the gnome is sure no more of the Kuo-toa will be getting back up from his color spray spells. Shouldering his axe, the gnome looks in his pack for some of the healing spray, he doesn’t seem to be the only one.

Gildor digs about in his pack and pulls out a healing spray, intending to use it on his wounds. However he first has to deal with the harpoon impaled through his leg.

Kradorn uses the healing spray and gives a sigh of relief as the magical stuff eases the pain and seals the wounds covering his battered body. He finishes one of the sprays but when he is finished, he is only lightly wounded.

Talo rounds a corner and sprints south, coming out into the western corridor of the southern drop-chute. By now exhaustion and the lack of any visible enemies lessens the rage burning inside him and he stops to gather his breath. Panting heavily he leans against the wall and looks east to see where the Kuo-toa have gone. At the end of the corridor, gathered around the drop-chute stand more than 20 of the creatures, including what looks like their leader, standing nearly seven feet tall. All the Kuo-toa have stopped their croaking, barking conversations and are looking at the panting dwarf with their huge unblinking eyes.


Jenson calls out to the group or who can hear him as he stands guard over the two held group members, “LG says there is only one other group of ichthians?, centred on the southern drop chute, LG counts perhaps twenty in total and I am sure they are setting up ambushes.”

Gildor struggles with the weapon until Kradorn snaps the end off and pulls the barbed section all the way out.

Still holding his blaster at the ready, Jenson awaits further orders, afraid to run in and help while still leaving the two vulnerable.
He quietly asks LG as he waits “LG, are you sure that is all of the Ichthians? Are there areas on this level you cannot survey, that we will need to check out? Any lone Ichthians not with that group?”

Gildor gets his focus on Saphiria, “Come my dear.” As she’s coming back and getting near Gildor says, “Guard Cynan and Kradorn please.”
The fire-drake is loathed to leave Gildor to wander off in such dangerous territory by himself but eventually she agrees.

Cynan rolls over and stretches and shivers. “Ugh! To be facing such hideous foes and be unable to move or defend ones self. Thank you Gildor and Kalam, for coming to my aid.”

Kradorn looks around, somewhat confused. “I don’t actually need Saphiria to guard me Gildor but thanks for the offer.”

Gordon squirts the healing spray into the wounds he has and feels the pain vanish. Whatever is in the spray is powerful stuff, the gnome is without ache or pain, the first time in many a day.

Jenson sees Kalam coming to and helps him up. The thief thanks the fighter and collects his weapons from where they had fallen.

Free of the harpoon Gildor uses the healing spray where he’s been wounded. Within moments the pain of the wounds has eased and the elf feels unhurt again.

Talo glances back up the corridor he emerged from then back to the Kuo-toa. The big leader is already moving, grabbing a spear from one of its warriors it barks an order. Talo barely gets to cover as a spear slams into the wall behind him. The wounded dwarf scrambles north and then west, the sounds of the Kuo-toa hoard getting louder behind him.

“Oh, LG, when we, the group, Anita and I get to the planets surface, I’ll try to re-establish communications with you to keep tabs on things up here and visa versa.” Jenson pauses a moment thinking “LG, I am not sure if the security robot you sent to cut the connection from the surface to the ship is functioning and on the planets surface or not but if it is or might be, can you instruct me on how to” pauses again while watching the battle “to be able to establish a communications link to it and make it so I can guide it to us so we can take care of it, you know, allow me to give it operational instructions since if it is stuck on the surface I might as well keep it with us and functioning?”

Gildor tells the others, “Let’s try and round up Talo, friends.”

The party gather themselves, hefting swords and bracing shields and stride south, following Cynan and Kradorn.

Gildor says, “Good Job folks, let’s finish this.” Mentally he sends to Saphiria, “Sorry girl but you’re back now. Stay Safe.”
Gildor tries to focus on the clerics if he sees any, but will choose other targets to minimize any risk to his friends as needed. Gildor using his needler will try to interrupt any casting by an enemy caster.
“Jenson is this the last of them? Everyone let’s take them out. Fall back if you get hurt.”

Having waited for Cyan to unfreeze, Jenson acknowledged the call to meet back up with the group. He turns back toward the escape pod “Anita, Stay safe inside the pod, LG says the remaining fish-men are at the portal so we are going to neutralize their presence here. I’ll have LG keep you posted about our return.
Jenson heads back to the group, “Gildor, yes LG says the remaining group of fish-men are at the closed southern portal. We best go help Talo before he gets into more trouble.”

“I’ll take my usual rear guard spot, and moves to the back of the group, blaster ready.

Cursing at the f****ng liability that is Talo’s berserker rage, Gordon begins a quick jog down the corridor the dwarf cleric disappeared down, ready for a whole heap of trouble waiting around the next corner and then the next.

Despite his best efforts, Talo barely gets 5 metres before the Kuo-toa are upon him. Before the big warriors in the front can bring their spears to bear, Talo casts Protection from Evil on himself and holds his shield behind his head as he sprints back toward the group.

A heavy spear strikes Talo’s back and despite being staggered by the blow, the dwarf’s armour saves him from injury. Talo can see no sign of the party ahead of him and behind him the corridor is filled with croaking, barking fish-men. Reaching for his axe, Talo turns on the Kuo-toa, intending that they pay for each yard in blood. He pitches a wild attack at the fish people as he attempts to back down the corridor.

The party round the corner to see Talo confronting a large group – ten at the least – of Kuo-toa at the other end of the corridor.

When they finally catch up with Talo and depending on what situation they are presented with, Gordon will let Kradorn and Cynan go ahead of him to join the battle, whilst he prepares a couple of ColorSprays to hopefully thin out the opposition a little. If he can find sufficient space for himself to be out of immediate combat, he will cast Summon Swarm and direct it around the leader of the Kuo-toa, keeping the concentration going as long as he can to cause maximum damage and inconvenience (and hopefully the swarm will also catch some of the other kuo-toa as well).

Should the gnome have to join the melee more directly then he will cast Mirror Image and fight with axe and shield.

Talo hears chanting and feels the chilling tentacles of a Hold Person spell, no, two Hold Persons spells curl around him. He shrugs off the spells using the remains of the rage within him and parries one of the Kuo-toa barbed spears. He takes a swing at the closest Kuo-toa but misses wildly.
Another Hold Person spell crashes down on the dwarf and Talo has to redouble his efforts to ward off its effects. Before him, the Kuo-toa form a wall with a priest and two of the larger warriors at the front. Two spears jab at Talo and both hit, one wounds the dwarf badly. His counter swing is wild and causes him to fall back onto his arse, on the deck. The Kuo-toa step forward to finish the dwarf but at that moment the party arrive with a flash of steel and magic.
Cynan, Kradorn and Gordon form the front line of the party and Gordon waves away the mental tentacles of a Hold Person spell before blasting the Kuo-toa with a ColorSpray. The spell goes off spectacularly, bringing down many Kuo-toa, including a priest and the five warriors behind it.
Swords and spears clash, while behind Kradorn and Cynan, Gildor and Kalam can’t get a clear shot and Jenson chats to LG.

Following the group after Talo. Jenson asks “LG, Please tell me if anything gets between us and the escape pod so we are prepared to deal with it after were done with these fish-men around the corner.”

As they go, Jenson pulls out his blaster and is ready to defend the back of the group but also ready to rush up and either pull any frozen group members back or support the attack as needed as the space opens up to do so.
“The only ichthians I can see are the ones directly in front of your group. Once these have been neutralised I will permit the launch of the escape pod.” Says LG.

Faced with more Kuo-toa warriors, Gordon casts Mirror Image and three more gnomes pop into existence. Cynan and Kradorn parry spears and strike with their swords, Cynan having more luck that Kradorn, who can’t hit anything and is struck for his troubles. One of the big Kuo-toa goes down under the paladin’s smouldering sword and another is badly wounded.

Gildor moves up behind Gordon and shoots at the Kuo-toa pouring around the far corner. His first shot is wide and peppers a section of the wall, his second shot is more accurate and aimed at the remaining Kuo-toa cleric. The needler rounds impact the priest’s chest and it goes down in a cloud of flesh. A third shot scatters across a pearlescent shield as the Kuo-toa warriors push forward to attack.
Talo picks himself up and grabs his axe.

Talo picks himself up and quickly blesses his wounds and then continues to try his hand at killing these fish men.

Gildor is a bit more happy now that everyone is back in line per say.

With Talo behind the front line now Gildor takes a flechette Grenade out and tosses it to land amid the Kuo-toa. Gildor says for his party to hear, “Loud noise. Fall back a touch.” Mentally,”Saphiria stay back and stay safe.” “Team, we are doing great. Jenson I saw the glint of a pearly shield once it’s current owner is taken care of. Keep at it folks we just about have this contained.”

Jenson reflectively steps back at Gildor’s words preparing for the detonation. “Aye Gildor, I shall look for that shield plus any other useful items to take with us.”

At the back of the party, Talo casts a healing prayer on himself but still feels Badly wounded, while Jenson watches the fight and Kalam stands with his laser carbine, frustrated, unable to get a clear shot amid the chaos of the melee.
At the front, the Kuo-toa get the initiative and strike with barbed spears at Kradorn, Gordon and Cynan. Kradorn is hit but not wounded, while a Gordon pops, confusing the Kuo-toa that struck him.
Another Color Spray takes down a fish-man, as do Kradorn and Cynan’s swords. The fighters push forward, Cynan downing a Kuo-toa and Kradorn badly wounding another. Finally, Gildor fishes another flechette grenade from his pack and lobs it over the melee, to land in the far corner of the corridor, not where he intended but close enough to catch any nearby Kuo-toa.
As the fight drags on, Talo keeps casting Cure Light Wounds until he’s only lightly wounded, then grabs his axe and gets ready for the fight. Gordon keeps the Color Spray spells coming, downing six more Kuo-toa. Kradorn and Cynan’s swords slash and stab at the wall of Kuo-toa before them, Kradorn bringing three down and Cynan killing one and badly wounding another. Despite their best efforts, the Kuo-toa spears fail to wound either fighter.

Gildor’s needler spits three bursts of supersonic flechettes but fails to do any real damage. When the first cartridge of darts is exhausted, it is ejected and replaced by the next one.
Somewhere behind the fight, Gildor’s grenade explodes. Several of the Kuo-toa are staggered but none fall.

Gordon can see the Kuo-toa are thinning out, the latest wave looking to be the last, behind them however comes the largest of the fish-men yet. Gordon casts another Color Spray and brings down one of the closest Kuo-toa but the spell barely effects the big one behind it.

Behind the gnome, Jenson calls out a warning, several of the fish-men knocked down by Gordon’s previous Color Spray spells are getting back to their feet, uninjured but angry.

Kalam reacts immediately, aiming and shooting at the closest and killing it, then turning on another and bringing it down in flames too.

The croaking, barking voice of a Kuo-toa rises above the clamour of combat for a second, before everything goes oddly silent in the corridor.

Kradorn pulls his sword from the ribs of a Kuo-toa, watches as his opponent crashes silently to the floor and turns to see Cynan sweep Bronzefire to almost decapitate another monster.

The remaining Kuo-toa strike, spears grazing Gordon and Gildor and a big harpoon wounding Cynan.
Gildor turns his pistol on the cleric stood right behind him and empties a burst point-blank into him, then spins and puts another burst into a warrior behind Gordon, killing that one too.

The last Kuo-toa is the largest and strangest, nearly eight foot tall, with four arms and covered in glistening metallic scales. It is wielding two shields, a scimitar and holds the cord for the harpoon buried in Cynan’s shoulder.

Gordon is caught between some sort of magical attack or just launching at this giant fish-man, but there is no time to procrastinate and so he lets himself fall back a pace and casts Summon Swarm, hoping that the spells effects will serve to distract the Kuo-toa leader to allow Cynan and the others to attack more freely whilst also inflicting damage.

The gnome begins the spell but soon realises that no sound is coming out of his mouth, then he realises that he can’t hear anything, no clash of weapons on shields or armour or the shouts and oaths of Kradorn and Cynan. He finishes reciting the spell but nothing happens. Cursing, he readies his battleaxe.
Kradorn stabs at the creature, his sword sliding through a gap in its shields and wounding it. It ignores him and tries to pull Cynan towards it and its scimitar. Despite the size of the Kuo-toa, Cynan’s strength is a match for it and he holds his ground.

Jenson steps back a moment, “LG, is this the last one of those fish-men? It is a biggie”
“As far as I can tell, this is the last of the Ichthians.” LG replies.

If so Jenson will step back to let the front line handle it though he has his blaster out holding it extra steady with both hands to get a better aimed shot at the big arse fish-man and will shoot only if he has a clean shot or in desperation.

Gildor won’t get too close to this beast as it might snap him like a twig but he thinks. “I gotta do something to help my friends.”

Gildor decides to help Cynan get free of the Harpoon thingy if he can. Gildor tumbles and fights defensively and dodging where he can while trying to free Cynan.

Kalam moved to have a clear line of sight to the large creature but not point blank and started using his strange weapon on it, hoping to bake it in its metal armor at the very least.
He can’t get a clear shot past Kradorn and Cynan so when Gildor rolls across the corridor to Cynan’s side and leaves a space behind Gordon, Kalam moves in quickly.

Talo moves up behind the front line but can’t find a space to launch an attack. Frustrated in its attempt to pull Cynan closer, the Kuo-toa turns on Kradorn, lashing out with his scimitar and catching the warrior across the forehead, leaving a nasty gash.

Kradorn counters but the the pearly shields of the big Kuo-toa parry the attack easily.
Kalam levels his laser carbine and begins shooting over Gordon’s head. The first shot is parried by the Kuo-toa’s shield, and the second and the third, before the rifle beeps and the weapon runs out of power.
Cynan pulls the cord taught and severs it with Bronze-fire, he staggers back and Gildor helps him extract the harpoon from his shoulder.
Kradorn, Gordon and Talo advance and attack, Kradorn hits but both Gordon and Talo miss wildly. The Kuo-toa counters with scimitar and dagger, wounding Kradorn again and slashing Talo’s arm with its long, thin dagger.

After freeing Cynan, Gildor steps back and aims his needler at the beast if he has a clear shot. He turns to Jenson and shouts back to him but nothing comes out of his mouth. It is then he realises he can’t hear anything of the fighting around him.

Talo Presses the attack. The dwarf swings with all of his might trying to fell the last of these halibut people. “… !” (Hack) “… !” Yells the dwarf, silently.

The dwarf’s face and neck redden as he pulls no punches and gives no quarter.

Gildor backs up quickly 20 ft or until he hears sound again which ever is sooner unless that’s not far enough then he goes to 30 ft. Once he can hear again he cast Levitate on the Fishy dude. He tells Jenson, “That area ahead is in a silence zone about 15 ft radius around something up there.” Gildor figures he will at a minimum make it use one of it’s arms to try and brace itself from levitating and at best make it levitate and start spinning and rotating becoming an easy target for the front line.

The big Kuo-toa slashes at Kradorn, who ducks the scimitar and stabs with his longsword. The sword hits but barely leaves a scratch and the Kuo-toa’s dagger leaves a deep wound in the fighter’s back. Gordon and Talo attack too but neither axe manages to land a blow. The Kuo-toa is a formidable warrior. Gildor and Cynan retreat, the paladin searching in his bag for his healing spray.

Kalam reloads and starts a constant barrage with his laser rifle, missing and then hitting, three more misses and another hit. The rifle is clearly wounding the Kuo-toa but it seems to be able to take the damage and keep on fighting.

Gildor keeps moving back until he hears the familiar hum of the ship suddenly return. He takes careful aim at the Kuo-toa and casts Levitate on it. He feels the spell twist and turn, trying to grapple the creature but it slips away and the spell is wasted.
Kradorn swings and his sword catches the Kuo-toa in the ribs and stays there, the creature reacts by catching the fighter under his chin with its big scaled fist and then it buries its dagger in his chest. As Kradorn falls to the deck, the Kuo-toa turns on Talo.
As it turns, Talo catches it with his axe, leaving a bloody gash but Gordon fails to land a blow, almost tripping over the mass of Kuo-toa bodies covering the floor.
Cynan applies the healing spray to the harpoon wound but its effect is marginal.

Kalam keeps shooting, only the first of his next four shots hit and even then he leaves little more than a scorch mark.
The gnome and the dwarf keep up their assault but only Gordon manages to get past the creature’s shields and wound it. Talo takes hit after hit but the dwarf’s plate saves it from all but a light wound in the close-quarter melee.
Cynan uses the healing spray again and finally satisfied with the results, sprints back into the combat. Bronze-fire swings through the Kuo-toa’s defence but barely leaves a scratch.

Kalam takes aim and gets s good hit on the big fish-man, causing it to stagger back. He aims again but the final shot runs out of power, leaving only a smouldering spot on the creature’s neck. The laser rifle is out of power again.
Around Cynan, Talo and Gordon, three more Color Sprayed Kuo-toa stagger to their feet.

Gildor waves Jenson forward a bit and readies his needler, Reloading or swapping to his laser carbine as needed, at the fish thing in that case and mentally tell Saphiria, “Guard please my dear.”

Jenson stares a moment in surprise at the fact that no combat sounds or any sounds are coming from the hallway by the big fish-man creature then shakes his head when told about the silenced area “Oh, so that is what happened”
Seeing the battle start to turn and the group taking more wounds then hits, Jenson pulls out his blaster rifle, makes sure it has a full battery pack and moves in with Gildor.

Gildor frustrated that his spell didn’t work but realising this big beast is tougher than the rest, decides to deal with the little fish first and help his friends out by trying to kill the fish things just getting up.
Gildor will try to take out the fish guys just getting back up from the color spray, as long as he has a good shot using his needler or if it’s out, switches to his laser carbine. Being less sturdy he opts to fight from where he is. He keeps his ears focus on any possible noise from behind him as well.
“Jenson, it looks like Talo is going to help Kradorn. Target that big one. I’ll try and get the small ones. We can switch targets if needed though and the situation calls for it.”
Saphiria, “Watch our backs please my dear.”

Kalam didn’t want to spend time trying to fit in a new power cell to the new weapon in the middle of combat. Not having a holster for his new weapon, he dropped it to the floor, away from the fight, unsheathed his blades and dived in the fight, aiming for the 3 fish-men just waking up from the spell.

Realising that spells are going to be of no use now, Gordon focuses himself purely on fighting this overgrown haddock, trying to use his diminutive size to get around it’s flank, or even behind it. He screams a battle cry even though nobody can hear him.

Gildor and Jenson ready their weapons and take aim but the combat is fluid and chaotic and neither can get a clear shot at the Kuo-toa without the risk of hitting a party member.
Cynan has no problem finding a target, Bronzefire smashes through the big Kuo-toa’s shields and buries itself in the creature’s chest. The monster goes down, steam bellowing from its mouth and gills.
Gordon turns his attention on the Kuo-toa staggering back to their feet, his axe swings hard but hits nothing. Talo moves to help him and wounds one of the fish-men, while Kalam tackles one of the two Kuo-toa around him. It parries his shortsword but not his knife, though the wound is a small one. Kalam parries its counter-attack but its companion stabs him in the chest. Luckily for Kalam the spear hits a buckle and stops dead, leaving no more than a bruise.
Talo’s axe parries a Kuo-toa spear as does Bronzefire, then Cynan sweeps his sword up and slices off the shield arm of the Kuo-toa that attacked him.

Kalam’s sword glances off a mother-of-pearl shield but his knife leaves a long wound along a scaled chest. Its counter-attack slides off his chainmail and Kalam parries another spear.
Cynan parries a weakened attack from the one armed Kuo-toa before him and drives his flaming sword through the monster’s throat. The paladin is about to go to Talo’s aid, having just seen the dwarf wounded but is cut-off as four or five Kuo-toa clamber to their webbed feet in the melee.
Once Jenson sees that no one is pulling Kradorn out of combat and bandaging his wounds, Jenson will run, grab Kradorn, pull him out of combat, try to stop any bleeding and apply a healing spray to heal him and stop his bleeding further.

Kalam ducks and jabs his shortsword into a Kuo-toa’s guts and when the creature stops and gasps in pain, he drives his knife over its shield and into its exposed gills. The creature falls spraying its thin, dark blood across the corridor.
Gildor sees Jenson drag a lifeless looking Kradorn into a room off the main corridor but is still unable to use his needler in the confusion of the melee. As he is pondering what to do, something slams into his back, followed shortly by another glancing blow across his ribs. A spear clatters to the ground next to him and Gildor turns to see two Kuo-toa drawing knifes and charging towards him. The fighter-magic user gets off a shot but only one of the flechettes hits causing a light wound.
Cynan lunges at one of the freshly risen Kuo-toa, feinting a body attack he lets the creature parry the tip of the smoking sword then drives it into its thigh. The creature falls to its knee and Cynan dispatches it with a blow that cleaves its skull in two.
The Kuo-toa’s spears are not entirely ineffective, two glance off Cynan and Talo’s armour but another slightly wounds Kalam.
Gordon curses his luck as yet another attack misses and he sees more Kuo-toa recover from his Color Spray. Talo has more luck hitting and wounding a fish-man warrior as it staggers to its feet.
Jenson digs Kradorn’s healing spray from his pack and applies it to the first of the wounds he sees. The spray seals the wound but its clear the fighter is near death and still bleeding out from other wounds.

Gildor curses loudly not sure the others can hear him but tries anyway, “Damn it, we must have missed a few fishes in the last battle that were stunned/sleeping!!!!!” When he notices the sound returning he does repeat himself if he’s still fighting.
Gildor fires again and as he does he tells Saphiria, “Attack.” He hopes he can take one out and maybe Saphiria can get the other. Gildor’s a bit surprised Saphiria didn’t hear them and let Gildor know before they attacked. He did ask her to watch their backs.

Jenson roots around for another spray as he yells for help and applies the spray on the biggest wounds. if no more sprays he tears his shirt up to try to tourniquet the wound or bandage the wound to try to stop it from bleeding.
“HELP!! IN HERE guys, Kradorn is near death, come quickly!!! LG, is medical operational and available? I am losing Kradorn, he is bleeding out. GUYs in here.” Jenson will look every now an then as he works on Kradorn past the doorway hoping a group member comes in to help – of course he is ready to defend if a fish-man comes in instead.

Cynan dodges a wild spear thrust and beheads its owner, turns and impales another Kuo-toa, before moving to help Kalam.
Kalam’s shortsword and dagger stab and slash at the big Kuo-toa before him but none of the wounds prove decisive and the fighter is wounded by its spear before Cynan appears out of nowhere and dispatches the creature with his smouldering sword.
Before the Kuo-toa reach Gildor, Saphiria’s fiery venom and Gildor’s needler take them down in blasts of heat and gore.

Gildor quickly signals he’s going to look around the corner if anyone is keeping an eye on him but no one is. He shakes the thought off and will peak around the corner towards the north to see if any other fishes are coming their way.
He looks down the corridor but can see no signs of life, only the smouldering, battered remains of the Kuo-toa Saphiria and he burnt and blasted.
If nothing his coming he tells Saphiria, “Okay girl, watch my back please.” Gildor tucks his needler in his pants and prepares to cast Magic Missile at the Big fish but notices it is down already. The combat continues but at the far end of the corridor and while Gildor’s magic missiles hit, its hard to see how much damage they do, if any.

Jenson applies another dose of healing spray to Kradorn and gets very much better results. The fighter comes to his senses almost instantly and while still badly wounded, looks ready for the fight again. While Jenson readies his blaster rifle, Kradorn moves out into the corridor to see where he can help.
Talo and Gordon battle away with their Kuo-toa foes, both illusionary Gordon’s pop and Talo is scratched but neither dwarf or gnome manage to hit anything. Gordon feels he’s cursed, unable to hit anything and falling over his own feet more than once. Eventually Talo catches a scaly knee and when the Kuo-toa stumbles, finishes it with an axe to the head.
Before the Talo can orientate to the next Kuo-toa, Kradorn appears and dispatches it with two quick stabs to the belly and chest.
Gordon curses his luck at another miss but before his foe can counter, it gives a cry, falls to its knees and then crashes to the deck. Kradorn pulls his sword from its back and looks about quickly but the fight seems to be over. The fighter seems drawn and exhausted, patched with healing spray but bleeding from a fresh wound.
“Is everyone okay?” calls Cynan. The silence spell seems to have expired.

Jenson sighs as Kradorn, who is still very hurt rushes out back into combat. With Blaster rifle ready, Jenson moves back out into the hallway, ready to lend a hand. Seeing the battle end “LG, can you please verify all Fish-men are now dead”.

Gildor says, “Good idea, Jenson. Let’s make sure we’re clear of fish people. Heal up everyone use you healing stuff if you need to.”

“I can confirm that there are no other ichthians roaming this deck. I cannot tell if those laid in the corridors are all dead however.” replies LG.

Jenson will shoulder his rifle “LG says all fish-men are dead. That was a tough fight.” Seeing Kradorn stagger a moment still with fresh wounds “Man we almost lost you Kradorn. I was able to heal you up with some healing sprays but you need further medical attention man you are still hurt bad, Cynan you said you can help too?”

As Jenson moves about he picks up what looks like an undamaged Pearl Shield “Time to collect all the extra valuable weapons, armour, shields and miscellaneous items these guys carried and get back to the escape pod.”

The shields are heavy and smell strongly of fish, their outer surface is hard like an oyster shell and the inner surface is smooth and covered in mother-of-pearl. A thin layer of some tacky substance covers the shield, it’s dried and cracked in places, this is what stinks.

Jenson helps gather what gear is deemed useful “I assume we can sell the extra stuff down on the planet surface?”

“If we have time to loot the bodies let’s be quick about it”, Gildor says. Gildor loots the bodies and says, “Lay the stuff out and I’ll cast detect magic. Let’s gather it up by the escape pod. Check all the bodies. We can share the loot evenly and give Jenson and Anita a larger portion. They’ll need it in Lands End or wherever we get to next. Let’s just take the best stuff and lightest too.”

The Kuo-toa don’t carry much in the way of equipment, they have spears, knives, shields, water bottles and little else. Most wear a seaweed like webbing to attach their equipment to. There are dozens of spears, knives, shields and a few heavy harpoons, though only one of these is intact.

It’s clear from a quick inspection that not all of the Kuo-toa are dead, about 6 are merely unconscious or incapacitated.

All the Kuo-toa carry a small amount of gold and platinum in the form of coins bearing fishy and octapoid motifs. In the group around the party Gildor collects 73 gold and 190 platinum.
Gildor casts Detect Magic and of all the items laid out in corridor, it is the leader’s dagger that glows. It is only a dagger but it glows strongly under the influence of the spell.

Gildor replies, “I am in need of healing but I think Kradorn needs it more Cynan. Jenson, which heals more, the spray or medi-kit?” Gildor uses just enough to get to cuts and bruises with either one.

Gildor uses one dose of his healing spray and is healed of everything but a couple of cuts and scrapes.

Gildor makes sure everyone uses healing spray if they need it. He checks his laser carbine for good power cell and his needler for ammo and power. He changes ammo and power on both if needed.
“Let’s power up too for until LG is almost done. Then we go. We charge the pack with the lowest charges first.”

Gordon agrees with waiting to see if LG can detect any more fish-men before searching for booty and getting everyone back to a reasonable state of health, “Let’s not use up the sprays and medi-kits everyone, we have magic which will replenish over time save the kits for emergencies.”

“I think that boat’s sailed Gordon.” says Kradorn. “I think Cynan and Talo are nearly out. I’ll keep some of this for emergencies like you said, but in the meantime I think Kalam and I need fixing up a bit before we move on.” Kradorn takes out a healing spray and applies one dose to himself and another to Kalam.

Cynan lays hands on Talo but even after that, the paladin resorts to a healing spray to bring the dwarf back to being merely lightly wounded. Talo casts three healing prayers on Kradorn and another on Kalam, leaving himself at least some power should he need it in an emergency.
Once applied, Kradorn has only cuts and scrapes remaining and Kalam seems fully healed.

Once all the bodies have been searched, including those from the other fight, for anything valuable Gordon will also use Detect Magic, especially on the kit from the big haddock, the other larger Kuo-toa and the priests.

Moving back to the scene of the first Kuo-toa fight, there are many more bodies, all dead it seems. Looting the bodies recovers 204 gold and 536 platinum. Gordon’s Detect Magic reveals nothing magic amongst the Kuo-toa’s weapons or equipment.
In total there about 70 spears, shields and daggers looted from the Kuo-toa.

“Jemsum, can you ask LG what the capacity of the escape pod is, will we have capacity to take all the salvaged weapons and shields (which aren’t badly damaged) with us?”

LG confirms there is more than enough capacity in the escape pod to carry all the Kuo-toa’s weapons and shields.

Once back at the escape pod. “So, do we jettison off now or take some time and charge a few power cells up, then go before LG reboots? I think we have a few hours left?” asks Jenson.

“Yes, let’s get as many of the power cells charged up as we can, and take as much of the ammo as possible now that we have more time to do it.” says Gordon.

“Now we know where the portable power stations etc. are stored in the escape pods is it worth searching again to see if any of them are still present in the ransacked ones, maybe we can get a few to take with us, or if LG knows where there is another supply.”

The party return to the charging station after stowing the stinky shields, spears and daggers in the escape pod and begin recharging their power cells, lowest first. Kalam and Jenson have the two lowest charged power-cells both will take about an hour and 40 mins to fully charge.