104. Hit & Run

“Did anyone else hear that?” asks Talo. “A distant cry for help?”
At that moment Saphiria bursts from the armoury and with a screech, passes over the party’s heads and flies off towards the south west.

“Sure Did, now follow that dragon!” With that Gordon rushes South West as fast as his legs can carry him, the laser rifle dropped in the snow as he draws his axe and shield ready for action.

The party set off at a run, Cynan and Kalam at a high-stepping run and Gordon and Talo with more of a wading motion. Talo is quickly left behind, not having Gordon’s innate strength to power his way through the thick snow. Cynan reaches the next junction first with Kalam close behind. The road to the right heads west, towards the city gates and it is in this direction the paladin sees Saphiria’s dark shape speeding. He heads off after her.

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100. Any landing you can walk away from…

Gordon goes to the small arms locker in the central section and moves three boxes containing 66 power cells, 39 anti-personnel and 54 sleep needler clips to the escape pod.

“Now we know where the portable power stations etc. are stored in the escape pods is it worth searching again to see if any of them are still present in the ransacked ones, maybe we can get a few to take with us, or if LG knows where there is another supply.” The gnome says.

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99. The Fish-men put up a fight but in the end, get battered

The slavering dwarf sprints after his prey. The iron taste of blood in his mouth only heightens his berserker rage.

The Kuo-toa lumber off down the corridor, half loping and half on all fours, in an effort to get away from the screaming dwarf behind them. Talo rounds the first corner with the Kuo-toa just ahead of him but by the time he gets to the next corner the creatures are out of sight. Continue reading “99. The Fish-men put up a fight but in the end, get battered”

97. Uninvited Guests

The party move along to the end of the corridor and turn right, heading north, they get to a western turn in the corridor, passing a ruined lounge to their right. The place is wrecked and the surrounding corridors are filled with vegepygmy rubbish and dirt.
Passing the portal they explore the rooms beyond, spending a good while searching through the wreckage and dirt for anything of interest or value. The two large meeting rooms contain several long tables and a few skeletons but nothing else. Frustrated, the party head back to LG.

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96. The Lurker

Talo lays his hands on Gordon to mend his many wounds.

Gordon looks somewhat surprised by Talo’s prayer but accepts the healing all the same.

Still breathing heavily from the fracas, Talo takes a moment to bless the souls of the honourable dead. “Let’s press on, shall we?” The Axe of Clanggedin smiles at the war-friends he has.

Gildor says,”Let’s clear these rooms. Search for anything worthwhile. Perhaps Cynan and someone else can stay in the hallway to watch our backs?”

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