79 Escape from the Vegepygmies

“We are surrounded'” Kradorn yells. “Pick a direction and fight like hell” he continues yelling. He draws an arrow back and prepares to fire at the tentacle.

Gildor casts Web on the mutants to the south in such a way that the cylinder is caught in the web leaving a path to get to the golem that should be free.

Gildor’s spell sprays webs from the western wall, across the central cylinder and to the southern wall of the east corridor. Each block either side of the cylinder is 6m across, 6m deep and from floor to ceiling. The southern mutants throw spears and darts at Gildor but all become entangled in the webs as do their weapons when they charge and attempt to hack through it. There must be about 100 of the horrible little creatures.

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77. Limited Gravitas

Morning Bell, Celebdu, 17th of Gurthweni

There’s a sigh from the dwarves and they begin marching back to the main corridor “Don’t think they went down there Cynan. If they had, they’d have left a mark for us to follow.” He turns to Talo and shakes his head “Our job’s to find the king, not hunt down unknown evils. Good luck priest.” The dwarves don’t seem concerned if the party aren’t following them and when they get back to the main corridor they turn right without a look back.
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76. Strange New Worlds

Gildor says, “Looks like there are some bodies down here.” Pointing out what he sees. “There is some writing over here too and the ladder going down, seems spaced too far for us to use to climb. I’ll cast comprehend languages and translate it all to everyone. Be careful down here we don’t know what killed these bodies and don’t touch anything.” Gildor casts Comprehend languages and translates the Illithid text. Continue reading “76. Strange New Worlds”