74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa

Midday Bell, Ardu, 15th of Gurthweni

Cynan returns to Hagar and makes his offer of help.
“You are welcome to try Lord Harnanca, I can muster 50 warriors to go with you. Remember to keep some to guard the fortress if you take it. If you can’t, then we go back to the original plan and seal the tunnels with black powder. I’ll give you a week, if you don’t return by then, then I’m assuming you won’t be back at all. You can have whatever gear you think you’ll need. Thraim worked on the route down to the magic platforms so you might find your journey a tad easier. We hold the top of the tunnel by the great round lake with an island in the centre. The kuo-toa have tried to come up from the long lake below but we’ve killed any that get more than halfway up with heavy crossbows. How much time do you need to prepare?” Continue reading “74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa”

70. The Hunter In The Dusk

Morning Bell, Kemendu, 8th of Gurthweni – 52/11°

Talo gets to bed as soon as he can. After exercises and prayers the following morning, Talo makes a visit to his pony in the stables to see how things are and to make good on anything he might owe for Peony’s housing and food. He then makes his way to the blacksmith’s to see if he can get repairs done on his plate and pays for them up front. The dwarf then takes time to wander to the guard house to see if he can get any reports about the surroundings and provide a warning about the wererats mentioned by Zelmar.
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69. Book Keeping

Thraim listens to your tales and wonders at the things you brought back but is now more anxious than ever, to seal the tunnels leading down to the underworld. No good can come from venturing further into that hellish realm. He thanks the party for all they have have done and asks what Lord Cynan and his party have planned. Will they be staying in Lands End or returning to Harnanca? Continue reading “69. Book Keeping”

62: Return to Dark Places

Midnight Bell, Celebdu, 8th of Gurthweni – 53/12°

The party trundle into Lands End with the night sky cold and black around them but the lantern light glow of the walls and the welcome from the guards is warm.

Kradorn makes his way to a stable and takes up a conversation with the hand. Inquiring as to where mounts came from in this land. Since he didn’t pay attention for the time he has been here. Telling him of his plan to open a stable and breeding grounds for a variety of kinds of horses. Depending on demand. Continue reading “62: Return to Dark Places”

61: Carraig Glac

Morning Bell, Galendu, 7th of Gurthweni – 40/4°

Once ready to travel, Talo straps the saddle bags to Peony and prepares to head out of the keep.

The staff prepare a pack lunch for the days journey to Carraig Glac and the 6 mules are saddled (for carrying goods not people). Harzad asks to come with the party and will bring three of the mules with him, intending to get a couple of ponies, saddles etc and some other bits and pieces needed sooner rather than later. He’ll also order the building supplies needed for the work on the keep and other stuff, cows, pigs, chickens and a wagon. The animals will stay inside the compound, there’s plenty of room and they could do with the fresh food etc. Once all the work’s done they could also start on a garden to grow fresh fruit and veg. All in all it will cost about 650gp with another 375gp once all the building stuff has been delivered in a few weeks. Continue reading “61: Carraig Glac”