101. The City of the Dead

Gildor dreams of the Keep and lady summer blessing him with her warmth and love with Saphiria nearby. The Keep looks like it has been well kept. The labourers are busy building new areas and reinforcing old ones. Gildor makes his way to the study and alchemy labs to rest from a long journey. It’s seemed like such a long time ago and there were some odd Fish people where he was at. He seems a bit banged up and sore from his travels. There was a new friend with them too he recalls wanting to learn magic. He feels tired though so he tells the friend… Jenson… after he rests they can begin studying the skills of magic.

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72. Snow

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 11th of Gurthweni

Gordon will continue with his conversion and furnishing of the upper rooms for Gildor and himself. He will then draw up a list of items for equipping the alchemy lab.

Hopefully this will leave him time to practice with his bow to become more proficient.

“Anytime you want to practice Gordon. I will gladly join you.” Kradorn replies.

“Hezard my apologies for being slow to respond.”

“That’s Herzad… sir.” says the dwarf with a resigned look. Continue reading “72. Snow”

71. Bish Bash Bang

Just before Mid-Morning Bell the party arrive at Harnanca to be greeted by Herzad who’s working on laying the foundations for the inn, general store and warehouse while the stonemason, carpenter and labourers move materials up the steps to begin the repairs on the keep high above. Off to one side stands a stack of timber, slate roof tiles and boxes of nails, small panes of glass etc. Apart from a couple of guards on the outer wall most of the soldiers are helping Herzad, striped down to the waist and wielding picks or spades. From the delicious smell they’ve only just finished breakfast.
Herzad reports that nothing much has happened apart from a couple of warg scouts, spotted off to the west by one of the patrols.

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70. The Hunter In The Dusk

Morning Bell, Kemendu, 8th of Gurthweni – 52/11°

Talo gets to bed as soon as he can. After exercises and prayers the following morning, Talo makes a visit to his pony in the stables to see how things are and to make good on anything he might owe for Peony’s housing and food. He then makes his way to the blacksmith’s to see if he can get repairs done on his plate and pays for them up front. The dwarf then takes time to wander to the guard house to see if he can get any reports about the surroundings and provide a warning about the wererats mentioned by Zelmar.
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61: Carraig Glac

Morning Bell, Galendu, 7th of Gurthweni – 40/4°

Once ready to travel, Talo straps the saddle bags to Peony and prepares to head out of the keep.

The staff prepare a pack lunch for the days journey to Carraig Glac and the 6 mules are saddled (for carrying goods not people). Harzad asks to come with the party and will bring three of the mules with him, intending to get a couple of ponies, saddles etc and some other bits and pieces needed sooner rather than later. He’ll also order the building supplies needed for the work on the keep and other stuff, cows, pigs, chickens and a wagon. The animals will stay inside the compound, there’s plenty of room and they could do with the fresh food etc. Once all the work’s done they could also start on a garden to grow fresh fruit and veg. All in all it will cost about 650gp with another 375gp once all the building stuff has been delivered in a few weeks. Continue reading “61: Carraig Glac”

60. Back To Harnanca

Gildor greets the others coming back from their trip, “What brings ya back so soon? Well let me tell ya about the fire leather. Looks like they can make a set of leathers out of it with bonus to fire resistance or inlay it into a other armour as a boost to that armour. I think it was 25 GP to add it to my armour but I wanted to offer it to any of you first.”

Talo can only bring himself to say through gritted teeth, “I forgot something. I’ll be right back.” With that the furious dwarf makes his way to the vaults of Lands end to make his withdrawal. Continue reading “60. Back To Harnanca”