107. Jolly Boating Weather

Tramping through the snow, the party arrive at the farmhouse which Kradorn, somewhat hastily scouts out. He is eager to get inside and get a fire going.
It is a two storey building with an impressive front door covered by a porch. There are four windows downstairs and five upstairs, all shuttered. The back has a similar layout but two of the downstairs windows are unshuttered and one of these is broken. Behind the main farmhouse stand two barns, a stable and two single storey cottages. The front door of the farmhouse is unlocked and the interior seems almost completely intact, untouched even.
Cynan and who ever else wants to comes with him searches the house thoroughly while everyone else waits in the hallway. Gildor notices as well as his own wrinkly skin, his leaf patterned leather armour is looking decidedly pale and a bit yellow around the edges.
The house is well furnished, if a little dusty but strangely untouched by the three hundred years that has passed since its occupants died.
The search finds nothing lurking in the corners or the cupboards, apart from a long dead body in the kitchen. Once Cynan has buried the body under the snow, he makes a fire in the parlour and lights it with his flint and steel. Kradorn gives a moan of joy and starts stripping off his wet clothes.
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103. Hunted

Jenson shivers a moment as Talo comes up stairs and settles down. “Yeah, that fire is not too heart warming”, sighing “maybe we should have used the central oven in this place” pointing down to the living area.
Jenson brightens when Talo finds the stash of chunks of very light, black rocks, slightly shiny and dusty like charcoal.”Man, is that what I think it is? If it is coal of some type, that could warm this place and longer than wood alone, we should use it.”
Looking at the meagre fire in the forge, “maybe we should switch out to the hearth and use that? Plus…” with a worried look on his face as he holds up a very empty water bottle, “I do believe we need to find ourselves some fresh drinkable safe water real soon as our supply is about gone.”
Nervously looking about further, “I think we should double check all the windows and doors in this place to make sure they are all secure.” Jenson gets up and with his blaster pistol ready, “Cynan, Gildor did you two want to go upstairs with me and make sure everything is secure upstairs?”
Jenson will go upstairs to make sure all the windows are secure/locked then sees the doors to each room are closed.

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101. The City of the Dead

Gildor dreams of the Keep and lady summer blessing him with her warmth and love with Saphiria nearby. The Keep looks like it has been well kept. The labourers are busy building new areas and reinforcing old ones. Gildor makes his way to the study and alchemy labs to rest from a long journey. It’s seemed like such a long time ago and there were some odd Fish people where he was at. He seems a bit banged up and sore from his travels. There was a new friend with them too he recalls wanting to learn magic. He feels tired though so he tells the friend… Jenson… after he rests they can begin studying the skills of magic.

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72. Snow

Mid-Evening Bell, Urladu, 11th of Gurthweni

Gordon will continue with his conversion and furnishing of the upper rooms for Gildor and himself. He will then draw up a list of items for equipping the alchemy lab.

Hopefully this will leave him time to practice with his bow to become more proficient.

“Anytime you want to practice Gordon. I will gladly join you.” Kradorn replies.

“Hezard my apologies for being slow to respond.”

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71. Bish Bash Bang

Just before Mid-Morning Bell the party arrive at Harnanca to be greeted by Herzad who’s working on laying the foundations for the inn, general store and warehouse while the stonemason, carpenter and labourers move materials up the steps to begin the repairs on the keep high above. Off to one side stands a stack of timber, slate roof tiles and boxes of nails, small panes of glass etc. Apart from a couple of guards on the outer wall most of the soldiers are helping Herzad, striped down to the waist and wielding picks or spades. From the delicious smell they’ve only just finished breakfast.
Herzad reports that nothing much has happened apart from a couple of warg scouts, spotted off to the west by one of the patrols.

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