Harnanca Level 0

Harnanca fortress level 0

Dungeon Level

1. Secret Entrance
A steep, narrow staircase winds its way up the southern side of the Harnanca (Southern Jaws) and enters the fortress here. An iron portcullis bars entry and can only be raised from the far end of the corridor via a chain and pulley system.

A watch station (24) sits above this entrance.
Above the crevices is a narrow path that leads around to the higher portcullis at 11. This path can be seen by anyone looking down from the south-western tower.

2. Storeroom
The door to this storeroom is locked. Inside the chilly, low ceiling room are several joints of beef, lamb and goat, barrels of wine, ale and 12 bags of grain (there are Bastit leaves mixed in with the grain).
There is also a locked coffer containing 3 doses of Alkanet, 6 doses of Attanar, 4 doses of Base Mullein, 3 doses of bursthelas, 4 doses of hawkweed, 3 doses of Henbane, 4 doses of Milkwort, 4 doses of Tamariske and 6 doses of whitecandle. There are also the ingredients for brewing Urvile (about 3 litres).

3. Gate controls
A chain and pulley system in the walls open the gates to the bat cave. The acrid smell of ammonia drifts out from between the bars.

4. The bat cave
This cave stinks of ammonia and the ground is covered with the bones of sheep and goats and several large webs cover the walls and floor, centered on the high shelves to the west and east, where two large, hairy spiders have their lairs.

Searching carefully among the webs will reveal human and hobgoblin bones among the many others.
The bats will be sleeping during the day (any loud noise will wake them), will be awake at dusk, out hunting at night, and feeding on their catch at dawn (39).

5. South-east Tower Basement
More provisions are stored here, wood, blocks of pitch, nails as well as 400 arrows, 10 unstrung bow staves and a barrel of hobgoblin poison. The door is not locked but can be barred from the inside. A staircase goes up to 17 above. The place is dark and a bit damp.

6. Dungeon
The dungeon has a rack and small coal fire in the eastern alcove, surrounded by various saws, pincers and pokers.

7. Well
At the end of the corridor is a 10 metre deep well, filled by rainwater from above. A wooden bucket attached to a 10 m chain lies next to the well. The well is three quarters full.

8. North-west Tower Storeroom
The door to this small room is locked and inside is a collection of weapons and armour (all hobgoblin sized 125 – 150 cm). There are 10 knives, 25 spears, 3 huge battle axes, 20 short bows, 20 small shields, 5 suits of leather armour and 5 light helms.