Harnanca Level 1

Harnanca fortress level 1

First Level

9. Statues
After a considerable climb up the ramps and steps of the east face of the Harnanca the path makes one final ascent up a steep staircase at the top of which stand two gargoyle statues.

10. The Hole
At the eastern end of the northern ledge is a large circular hole, with a rim about 5 cm high. The north-eastern face of the fortress has been carved into channels designed to direct rain water into the hole. An iron grate covers the hole and is securely bolted into the rock (requires a spanner or similar, and STR 10 to unscrew the bolts and move the grate).

11. Fire Drake feeding platform
This wide southern shelf is where the Fire Drakes (see 18) feed after their daylight hunts, bringing prey here to properly kill and consume it before retiring to their pen (18).

12. Main Gate
The elaborate portcullis barring entry to the fortress is as fine a piece of craftsmanship as any Dwarven smith would be proud of. Its dark art nouveau style completed by an armoured hobgoblin champion standing over a pile of Dwarven heads. The portcullis is a mass of sharp spikes and blades. The surrounding stonework is similarly well crafted with smooth, graceful and disturbing lines.
Behind the portcullis is a chamber with three doors and a grate ceiling, through which oil, arrows or rocks can be dispensed on those below.
The west door, leading into the main hall (15) remains open during twilight and darkness except in times of trouble.

13. South Gate Tower
There is a spy hole to observe whoever might be at the gate. A set of chains and pulleys in the north wall raises and lowers the portcullis.

14. North Gate Tower

15. Main Hall
This long, dark hall has many alcoves and doors (both obvious and secret). A lever next to the throne can also raise or lower the portcullis of the main gate (12).
The throne is carved from black marble and has bat or Fire Drake wings which curve up behind the back giving whoever is sat on the throne the look of a gargoyle.
There are two secret doors in the western end of the room, the northern most leading to the war room (16), the north-west tower (21) and the mess hall (22) and the southern one to the secret study (19).

16. The War Room
All the doors to this room are lockable. Light streams in through long, thin arrow slits and there is a strong, heavy door in the east, which opens out onto the northern ledge and the well.
In the centre of the room is a large circular table covered with a map of the area, it seems to be a Dwarven map but has been written over and new places added. Under the table are more maps some old and some new.
A locked cabinet in the north-west corner contains writing instruments, rulers, a drawing compass and 20 sheets of paper and a pot of glue.

17. South-east Tower barracks 1st floor
In the centre of the room is a small brazier and a stack of firewood.

18. Fire Drake pen

19. Workshop
On the floor around the door is a large runic carving. There is a flimsy door in the west wall with a bell attached to it.

20. Bat Cave 1st Floor

21. North-east Tower 1st Floor Storeroom
The door to this room is unlocked but the door bares a sign written in hobgoblin, which says ‘No torches. This room is stacked with firewood, coal rags and three (20 litre) barrels of oil.

22. Refectory
There is a large table and a locked cabinet containing fresh food, cooking herbs, oil, bottles of wine, pots, pans etc.

23. South-west Tower Storeroom
The door to this room is locked, the large storeroom contains stocks of food, potatoes, carrots, onions as well as smoked meats, sausages, cheeses and various pickled items, onions and other more peculiar ingredients.

24. Watch Post
The walls of the post are ringed with 30 cm spikes to prevent someone climbing up into the position from below.