Harnanca Level 2

Harnanca fortress level 2
Second Level

25. South-east Tower Barracks
4 basic cots and a small brazier.

26. South-west Tower Barracks

27. North-west Gate Tower 2nd floor

28. North-west Gate Tower 2nd floor

29. Gate Defence Room
This empty room has a grate floor and arrow slits in the east and west walls.

30. Staircase to 3rd Level.
This door to this stairwell is locked.

31. Guard post

32. Southern Turret 2nd floor

33. Guards Recreation Room
There are two round tables with six chairs, a barrel of wine, bread, meat and delicacies. Urik¬†Fadtuagh’s Two-handed Battleaxe is also on display (worth 4.5 gp and weighs only 2 kg).

34. Guest Room
A well furnished room (although a little gothic by most standards) with a bed, wardrobe and desk, it contains little of real interest.

35. Guard post
The door to the bat cave is locked (Metal Lore).

36. Bat Cave 2nd Level

37. North-west Tower 2nd Level Storeroom
There are 20 spears, 10 quivers of 20 arrows, 20 short bows and 20 small shields stored here.

38. Guard post