Harnanca Level 3

Harnanca fortress level 3
Third Level

39. Bat Cave 3rd Level
A wooden walkway can be dropped from the north wall down to the door in the south wall.

40. South-west Tower 3rd Level
This flat roofed tower gives spectacular views out over the moors below.

41. Southern Turret Lookout

42. Sergeants Room
The room is well furnished with comfortable chairs, a proper bed, a hobgoblin sized manikin for armour, several spare weapons (2 spears, a silver knife, and a quiver of 10 poisoned arrows and a chest containing 2 pp, 40 gp, 295 sp.

43. South-east Tower Lookout
A spy glass (x4) attached to a stone plinth.

44. Captain’s Room
This room is only accessible via the guarded staircase from below (30). Like the sergeants room this place is filled with fine furnishings.
There is an empty chest under the bed.

45. This secret room
Inside are a triple locked safe, as yet unopened.