29. Tactics… Or The Lack Of Them

Cynan spins at the noise, spying the troll in the gloom. He quickly realises he cannot make it back to camp before the troll will overtake him. He slowly moves in the direction of the camp cutting the distance as best he can.

He shouts loudly to the camp, “Beware! A troll is upon us! come to me and bring fire!” Drawing his blade he waits for the troll to fall on him. ~ Ringheru guide my blade ~ as always he prays.

The war-cleric is quick to the foot… as quick as his stubby legs will permit, hoofs it to the combat. Seeing the troll. a light stirs in him. Perhaps more gleeful than others may be comfortable with, he launches into combat with a laugh. “Make way, paladin, save some foe for me!” Continue reading “29. Tactics… Or The Lack Of Them”

28. Saphiria Flies Free

“Well that must not be you or you’d have been able to do it.”

“No… I’m not trying to break the seal because it isn’t my job. I may well be a son of Moradin but I think Talo fits the ‘blessed’ bit better than me.”

“Do you think Talo’s can help out? Can you go back up and take the ring to Gordon? We can just go back up the way you came, once Saphiria is free.”

“Aye, I’ll do that and send Talo down here too and others.” Agrees the dwarf. Continue reading “28. Saphiria Flies Free”

27. At The Bottom Of The Lake

Morning brings breakfast and Talo, wandering around checking bandages and healing those who look like they need it. Talo has only enough herbs, bandages and ointments left to treat 2 people. Burgo says not to bother with him, he’ll be fine in a couple of days.

Everyone feels better after a nights rest and some warm food in their bellies.

They’re still stuck with the problem of Saphiria and her watery prison. Gildor is worried that Saphiria is feeling a little under the weather and fears that with prolonged separation familiars are prone to weaken and die. Continue reading “27. At The Bottom Of The Lake”

26. Away With The Bathwater

“Laketown it is, then?” Zelmar asked Cynan, while he prepared for his scouting duties by checking his equipment and weapons. He wanted to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice as soon as they retrieved the firedrake. In the meantime he would continue with his guard duties.

“Looks like we will be bushwhacking and hiking through the forest. Gonna need Zelmar to keep us on track.” Kradorn replies starring off into the distance valley and lake.

“I think we should wait another night. To regain some strength and take advantage of magical healing.” Kradorn adds to Zelmar’s thoughts. Continue reading “26. Away With The Bathwater”

25. Gnomes will be Gnomes

Well Gordon had set the door to open with no effect, but as Burgo suggests that the open/close referrers to the door (which is what the gnome thought) he’ll try setting it to CLOSED again before returning it to OPEN to see what happens.

The lever clunks into the closed position and Gordon immediately hears the ‘water falling into a big bucket’ noise stop for a moment and then resume but on the other side of the mechanism. The gnome listens carefully and the sound has definitely moved. He waits a few minutes and notices the sound deepen as if the ‘bucket’ is filling up. After five minutes the filling sound stops with a sudden clunk. Continue reading “25. Gnomes will be Gnomes”

24. That was fun… let’s not do that again

Gildor immediately reassures Saphiria she is ok. Gildor links to Saphiria,”Easy girl. If you can’t make it out we’ll find a way to let you out or come get you.”
Gildor thinks calming and reassuring thoughts sending them to her.

Saphiria seems content, she gets the impression that Gildor and the others are trying to rescue her.

Gildor casts armor to refresh the spell. Continue reading “24. That was fun… let’s not do that again”