18. By The Skin of Their Teeth

“Quick, search them for potions.” Kradorn calls out as he splashes water onto Zelmar’s face. Hoping that he was only knocked out.
The ranger does indeed look unconscious and splashing water in his face brings him to his senses but he’s still too groggy and weak to stand on his own without help.
Either way, running up to Cynan and popping the cork from the flask. “Well I hope this works” Kradorn mumbles as he pours some into Cynan’s mouth.

Kradorn pours what he deems a suitable amount of the odd smelling potion carefully down Cynan’s throat and is relieved when the paladin swallows what he’s given after an initial cough. This is quickly followed by a shimmering that spreads across his body and Kradorn feels a wave of relief in knowing that the potion is in fact magical after all. However his relief turns to confusion and concern when Cynan starts to shrink. The paladin, his amour, weapons and backpack all begin to get smaller and smaller until with a final shimmer the effects of the potion cease, leaving a 3′ tall, 90lb paladin, still lying unconscious and bleeding on the floor. Continue reading “18. By The Skin of Their Teeth”

17. A Last Stand

Zelmar sheathed his swords as soon as he noticed Cynan and Gildor on the ground. He grabbed the smoking signals one in each hand and raised them high. He then called Saphiria by her name and started making strange sounds with his voice, imitating the sounds he had observed her and her two siblings making to each other when setting their food and their enemies on fire. He moved the smoke signals high above his head in such a way trying to catch her attention and make her set them on fire.

Zelmar’s odd behaviour does get the firedrake’s attention and she flies past the ranger to see what he’s up to but as soon as she is back with the party she flutters down next to Gildor and starts making pathetic mewling sounds. If Zelmar persists she splutters and hisses some combination of sounds and looks back and forth between the ranger and Gildor. Continue reading “17. A Last Stand”

16. Blood, Black and Red

Gildor gets up, feeling a bit woozy after taking the fall on top of the wounds he already had. He staggers a bit as he gets his bearings. He realizes he’s down where Burgo was not too long ago. He moves as quickly and as best he can with his injuries to get back up with the others. He links to Saphiria, “You OK girl? I took a hard fall but I’m OK. We can make it girl. Good job on the Trolls but you’re getting too close to our friends. They’re not going to like you much if you keep that up. You did help save us though. Watch over us and let me know what’s coming at us OK.” Gildor checks his gear for damage and sorts his stuff while he’s moving. He just realizes that he just cast his Armour spell and the fall may have ruined it. He tries to gauge if his spell is still in effect. Continue reading “16. Blood, Black and Red”

15. Teeth, Claws, Steel & Fire – Part 2

Gordon, having had the end of his shortbow torched by Gildor’s Burning Hands, adds his own magical fire to the mix and blasts the troll too. Fire roars up the troll’s torso and drives it off the battlements to fall smouldering onto the cave floor.

Kradorn dumps four pints of oil on the troll as it climbs up to him before realising how useful a torch would be at this point. The troll’s leering face comes over the wall only for Zelmar to hack off its nose and shatter its jaw. The troll recoils, saving it from Zelmar’s attempt to cut off its head with his shortsword. Continue reading “15. Teeth, Claws, Steel & Fire – Part 2”

14. Teeth, Claws, Steel & Fire – Part 1

“The trolls will help mask our tracks with their muddling around. This buys us some time. Let’s climb down. I’ll go first and scout a small perimeter around, so we can all climb down in safety. Agreed?“ Zelmar looked at Cynan waiting for an answer.

“Dam possum troll” Kradorn curses softly as they hug the wall. Then silent as the orc approaches, watching the scene unfold.
“Can Trolls scale walls?” he whispers to whomever is closest. Unmoving till he hears an action plan or the Trolls start to climb the walls. If they climb and the wall is wide enough Kradorn will stand and rain arrows upon them. Continue reading “14. Teeth, Claws, Steel & Fire – Part 1”

13. If you want a job doing properly…

Burgo smiles “See, I told you climbing this wall was not a good idea.” Burgo will descend as quickly as possible from the rope, like sliding down the rope through his gauntlets, and will charge the troll with his magical axe in one hand and the shield on the other hand.
“Leave the oil behind Gildor, I will assure you, we will get it later for you! Come to me fowl beast!” Continue reading “13. If you want a job doing properly…”