12. Hide and Seek

After relating to the party his findings, Zelmar said:
“Cynan, I have no knowledge of how such a magical device as this dais functions. I do worry though that it may be blocked from functioning, trapping us here. Whatever we decide, It shouldn’t take too long. My thinking is that since the enemy is aware of our presence, either we withdraw and come back with larger numbers, or we press on right now, follow these new orc tracks and work our way around that statue that affected us so.”

“I knew we shouldn’t have let that orc go, these aren’t the usual cowardly creatures we have encountered on the surface. They seem far more intelligent and resourceful.” Comments Gordon, wishing he’d spoken out previously rather than letting the groups’ merciful streak prevail. Continue reading “12. Hide and Seek”

10. The Lair of the Masters

As the party chat, Zelmar shows up. “Huge Mosquitoes hey?” Says Gildor

Gildor says,”Burgo and Kradorn, I’m glad to see made it back. What’s going on?”

“Now that I had my fun, I do not want it to stop, even if I have to do some magic travelling. Let’s go up this thing and find us some more orcs. Who knows, we may even find the people we are looking for.” Says Burgo.

After hearing Zelmar’s story Gildor asks, “What are we going to do Cynan?” Continue reading “10. The Lair of the Masters”

9. Rumble In The Jungle

Zelmar stayed silent and concealed, observing the creatures and the direction of their flight.

Zelmar looks back over his shoulder and can see about 15-20 of the creatures flying away towards the source of the flashes and bangs, towards the unsuspecting party. The stirge by the archway is just about to take to the air when it stops and begins to slowly wave its proboscis about and make distinct sniffing noises which lead it inevitably towards Zelmar, even crouched and flattened against the gatehouse as he is. Continue reading “9. Rumble In The Jungle”

8. A Traditional Welcome

Gildor shakes off the affects, checks his gear quickly and looks around for signs of human tracks. He quietly says, “Cynan, lights. Oh no. More discs. What do you want to do?”

The solid basalt rock upon which the crystal discs and stones stand is smooth and flat and there are no prints visible. Beyond the 80m circle of smooth rock the landscape gets rougher and more textured, giving the appearance of the sea surface frozen in time. Continue reading “8. A Traditional Welcome”