6. Standing (around) Stones

Zelmar searched for clues as to where from and where to did the orcish tracks exited. He also searched for signs of a touchdown by a levitating structure like the floating platform that the mindflayer creature used. He was very methodical and focused, clearly agitated by something as well.

The ranger can see orc tracks leading from the tunnel the party descended from the crab lake cavern to the two platforms and coming and going along the forest path. The human and dwarf tracks stop at the platforms and there are no signs of them having climbed the forest path which leads up towards the tower on the distant ridge. Continue reading “6. Standing (around) Stones”

5. Dark, Wet & Mouldy

As anyone can tell from his long silence, Burgo is absolutely infuriated by all this water, after all it was not bath day today. But upon hearing the splashes in the lake he finds some of his words back. “My, my, is this maybe our dinner I am listening? Maybe we will be luck to get some crab meat for tonight’s supper. Go on lads, let’s leave this accursed wet place as fast as we can, but leave the rear to me and I might find some fun.”

Gordon looks round at the sound of the splash, “What was that, did you lot hear it as well?” Continue reading “5. Dark, Wet & Mouldy”

4. A Circle of Dark Water

Gordon really doesn’t like the sound of the hiss he can hear and the fact that the river is running noticeably faster and deeper! “Fellas, I don’t want to worry anybody, but I think we better get moving, and fast. I think this cavern is about to be flooded and I for one don’t want to be hear when it happens!” With that the gnome heads for the way down and the rope that the group secured there the last time they past this way into the cavern of the giant crabs, pangs of conscience wash over him as he wonders if the fact that they left this rope here lead the sausage faces up to the town above?

Zelmar stopped advancing and whispered to Gildor: “This is very strange to me and I don’t understand what it means. Let’s ask the others.” Zelmar approached the rest of the party and asked: “Does anybody have an idea what does this phenomenon mean?” Continue reading “4. A Circle of Dark Water”

3. Numb & Number

Gordon lies there still, very very still, all too aware of the carrion crawler shuffling over to him.

Saphiria send the current situation to Gildor who relays it to Zelmar.
Gildor says to Zelmar, “We need to go back,” as he turns and heads up the slope. “I just hope we can get there in time.”
Gildor says,”Defend our friends and try and stay safe. We are coming my dear.”

Zelmar climbed as fast as possible, hoping to engage the monsters before it was too late.

Kradorn grimaces at his next thought. Charging towards the underworld creature wounded by Cynan. Keeping his shield between him and the creature. Making a passing swing as he goes by on his way to help Burgo. Giving a full on bellow as engages them. He doubts they can be scared away… but its worth a try. Continue reading “3. Numb & Number”

2. Creepy Crawlers

Kradorn mumbles, “Man at arms, ha. We are a collective…. we may add your uniqueness to our party… but you are frail and soft”
“Damn darkness” Kradorn says softly within the depths. “I will have to look for some form of magic to aid my eyes.” He moves carefully starting to use his blind-fighting skills to be more aware of his surroundings.

Gildor does a quick and quiet search of the entrance to the tunnel and reports back to the group. Gildor will take a look at the rope and piton and attempt to gauge their condition and capability of holding the party members and report on it as well.

The rope seems securely fastened and strong enough to carry several men. Continue reading “2. Creepy Crawlers”

1. Into The Deep

With a nod from Cynan, Zelmar and Gildor lead the party down a wide and gentle spiral (about 1 in 8), into the deep, rocky heart of Land’s End.

After three circuits, a chasm appears along the eastern edge of the 150′ spiral. Looking down, it seems to extend up about 50’, and as far down as anyone can see.

Six more turns brings the party into a circular room with four more ramps leading off it. In the centre of the room is a turntable.
Gordon estimates they’ve descended at about 500’ so far.
The party move east over a narrow bridge spanning the chasm and enter the long and gloomy tunnel on the far side.

The party walk on and on in the darkness following the wagon tracks, the tunnel twisting and turning, passing through narrow sections dug by hand and wider natural caverns. At one point the tunnel climbs steeply but on the whole it leads only down. Continue reading “1. Into The Deep”