92. Lost in translation

Talo watches Anita dissemble with raised brow. He turns to Gordon, “Can you ask these folks or LG if they know what is in those pillar, case, thingies? One of them spit out a handle but I did not want to mess with it going in completely blind.”

Talo’s message is translated and LG says “Oh dear, those sound like sarcophagi of the Elder Things. I wasn’t aware that we had any of them aboard, they must have been put aboard at the last minute. Perhaps it might be an idea to leave the Elder Things alone, they might be somewhat put out that they’ve been left sleeping for over 300 years.”

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90. The surgeon will see you now

Gildor says, “Let’s get Gordon to the first medicine room we used, as the robot things may know what is going on and might be able to help him. We can move in formation and with some haste but we don’t need to get involved in any scuffles along the way, unless it’s unavoidable, unless Kradorn needs us to do something else first or instead.”

Gildor gets his needler taken care of and tells Saphiria, “Come along Saphiria. Time to move along.”
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87. Roast Veg

“LG, can you close the access to this room so that we are out of their way while they sort it out between themselves?” Asks kalam.

“What room? You’re stood in the corridor. And I’m sorry but I have no access to any of the ship’s systems until the local mechanisms have restarted.”

“How long do you need until you assume control?” asks Kalam.

“Oh, 17 (something incomprehensible).” says LG.

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77. Limited Gravitas

Morning Bell, Celebdu, 17th of Gurthweni

There’s a sigh from the dwarves and they begin marching back to the main corridor “Don’t think they went down there Cynan. If they had, they’d have left a mark for us to follow.” He turns to Talo and shakes his head “Our job’s to find the king, not hunt down unknown evils. Good luck priest.” The dwarves don’t seem concerned if the party aren’t following them and when they get back to the main corridor they turn right without a look back.
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