94. Everyone’s a Critic

Once Jenson is unfrozen, the gnome asks about any magical devices his people might have for transporting large or heavy items, flying carpet type things which they could load up with supplies form this strange world and take with them?

The doors into cargo bay six close and a red light comes on over them. Gordon tries the door again and although it opens, it only does so for two or three seconds.
Jenson, who is just beginning to recover from his paralysis hears the door say that, ‘The room beyond is hazardous to life and is being sealed off so the atmosphere can be vented to extinguish the fire inside. This door can now only be opened from the inside or by security and fire control personnel.’
Jenson says he saw two grav-sleds over in the south east corner of the cargo hold. They’re just 2m long by 1m wide by 10cm high slabs of battered looking steel with two tall handles at one end.

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93. The Battle of Cargo Bay 6

“Well folks, I’m with them. Let’s get the portal up and running. I’d rather be early than late getting back to where we should be. I’m following the dwarfs”, comments Gildor and takes off with the dwarfs.

Gildor follows the dwarves up about 25m, where they get out onto the observation deck. They move quickly to the cargo bay with the glass cylinders and over to the one the woman came out of. Munin and Daldin examine the power-cell connected to the cylinder and call Gildor over.
“Can you cast a spell on me, so I can read this gibberish?” asks Munin.
That done,  Munin reads out what he can see on the box and the dwarves argue among themselves before Munin turns a small dial on the back and the glowing green gem on the front goes out.
“So far, so good.” mumbles the dwarf before gently pulling and twisting the cable where it connects to the box. The thing unscrews and with a grunt Munin lifts the box onto his shoulder.
They make their way back to the drop-chute and ascend to level one, where after a quick check by Daldin that the coast is clear, they move south to the armoury.
Munin tells Gildor to ‘stock up’, taking all the weapons off their racks and piling them into bags and sacks. Then they head west to the portal and dump the power-cell and their loot next to the ring.
“If you want to be useful, you could go back and get a couple of boxes of grenades or mini-power cells.” Munin says to Gildor.
“We’re going to get Thraim, hopefully we’ll be back soon and then we’re leaving.”
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92. Lost in translation

Talo watches Anita dissemble with raised brow. He turns to Gordon, “Can you ask these folks or LG if they know what is in those pillar, case, thingies? One of them spit out a handle but I did not want to mess with it going in completely blind.”

Talo’s message is translated and LG says “Oh dear, those sound like sarcophagi of the Elder Things. I wasn’t aware that we had any of them aboard, they must have been put aboard at the last minute. Perhaps it might be an idea to leave the Elder Things alone, they might be somewhat put out that they’ve been left sleeping for over 300 years.”

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91. Pod people

Picking up the black card, Talo says, “Continue on the same path… Aye?”
Talo looks expectantly to Kradorn for confirmation. On the route Talo casts a healing spell on Kradorn, Cynan, and Gordon in hopes of ensuring they are as near perfect health as possible.

Gildor says,”Oh we might be done on this level. Well how about going up a level? If there is a level up? If no upper level we can go down one level again. I’d say we clear 1/4 of a level left then come back here for rest breaks for safety then go back up and clear 1/4 right and come back again. And alternate until it’s clear. We can do this plan up or down. If no objections let’s go.”

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90. The surgeon will see you now

Gildor says, “Let’s get Gordon to the first medicine room we used, as the robot things may know what is going on and might be able to help him. We can move in formation and with some haste but we don’t need to get involved in any scuffles along the way, unless it’s unavoidable, unless Kradorn needs us to do something else first or instead.”

Gildor gets his needler taken care of and tells Saphiria, “Come along Saphiria. Time to move along.”
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89. Party crashers

The party gather in Security Reception and open the six doors to the north revealing what Munin first guessed at, six cells, each with two bunks, a toilet and sink.

LAB 2 contains a steel table, covered with glass jars, bottles, dishes and slides, a non-functioning repair golem stands next a bank of screens and complex machines. On a counter top are 2 ampules of poison antidote, 3 of disease cure, and a cannister of healing spray unfortunately Kradorn doesn’t see them and accidentally knocks them onto the floor as he enters the room. Most break but two of the disease cure ampules and the healing spray remain intact. Against the western wall are row upon row of small cages, some filled with long mummified small animals. The repair golem looks intact, just lifeless.

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