104. Hit & Run

“Did anyone else hear that?” asks Talo. “A distant cry for help?”
At that moment Saphiria bursts from the armoury and with a screech, passes over the party’s heads and flies off towards the south west.

“Sure Did, now follow that dragon!” With that Gordon rushes South West as fast as his legs can carry him, the laser rifle dropped in the snow as he draws his axe and shield ready for action.

The party set off at a run, Cynan and Kalam at a high-stepping run and Gordon and Talo with more of a wading motion. Talo is quickly left behind, not having Gordon’s innate strength to power his way through the thick snow. Cynan reaches the next junction first with Kalam close behind. The road to the right heads west, towards the city gates and it is in this direction the paladin sees Saphiria’s dark shape speeding. He heads off after her.

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103. Hunted

Jenson shivers a moment as Talo comes up stairs and settles down. “Yeah, that fire is not too heart warming”, sighing “maybe we should have used the central oven in this place” pointing down to the living area.
Jenson brightens when Talo finds the stash of chunks of very light, black rocks, slightly shiny and dusty like charcoal.”Man, is that what I think it is? If it is coal of some type, that could warm this place and longer than wood alone, we should use it.”
Looking at the meagre fire in the forge, “maybe we should switch out to the hearth and use that? Plus…” with a worried look on his face as he holds up a very empty water bottle, “I do believe we need to find ourselves some fresh drinkable safe water real soon as our supply is about gone.”
Nervously looking about further, “I think we should double check all the windows and doors in this place to make sure they are all secure.” Jenson gets up and with his blaster pistol ready, “Cynan, Gildor did you two want to go upstairs with me and make sure everything is secure upstairs?”
Jenson will go upstairs to make sure all the windows are secure/locked then sees the doors to each room are closed.

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101. The City of the Dead

Gildor dreams of the Keep and lady summer blessing him with her warmth and love with Saphiria nearby. The Keep looks like it has been well kept. The labourers are busy building new areas and reinforcing old ones. Gildor makes his way to the study and alchemy labs to rest from a long journey. It’s seemed like such a long time ago and there were some odd Fish people where he was at. He seems a bit banged up and sore from his travels. There was a new friend with them too he recalls wanting to learn magic. He feels tired though so he tells the friend… Jenson… after he rests they can begin studying the skills of magic.

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22. A New Friend

Gordon slaps his head at forgetting Gildor’s firedrake. Quick consultation with the group confirms his fear that there isn’t (currently) enough space to get the creature through to the surface.

“Right friends, looks like we will have to come up with some imaginative solution to get Saphiria up to the surface, we can’t separate Gildor and her too much otherwise they will start to suffer great pain if their magical link is stretched too much. Can I suggest the rest of you head to the bunker near the lake leaving Gildor here, whilst I try to make the passageway bigger for the drake. If anybody has any type of tool which might help me it would be appreciated, any pick axes or dwarven black powder you might have?” the gnome jokes. “If you find the door with the big puddle in front of it do NOT open it, I think it opens into the lake as a kind of trap against the sausage faces transporting into the area, same with the door in the transporter area.” Continue reading “22. A New Friend”

21. Ascent From The Depths Of The Earth

Kradorn lowers his bow and checks the potion bottle. “I think there is enough here to get us all out.”

“We should put two strong backs up top to help get Cynan and Gildor up…” Kradorn starts to say then looks around at their shattered group.
“Well maybe we get Burgo up so he can watch your back as we extract everyone. Then go with Cynan, followed by Gildor, then Zelmar and I can be last.”

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