96. The Lurker

Talo lays his hands on Gordon to mend his many wounds.

Gordon looks somewhat surprised by Talo’s prayer but accepts the healing all the same.

Still breathing heavily from the fracas, Talo takes a moment to bless the souls of the honourable dead. “Let’s press on, shall we?” The Axe of Clanggedin smiles at the war-friends he has.

Gildor says,”Let’s clear these rooms. Search for anything worthwhile. Perhaps Cynan and someone else can stay in the hallway to watch our backs?”

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45. The Forlorn Hope

Gordon ploughs on hopping and skipping through the undergrowth trying not to trip and go arse over tit.

Once he reaches the fight he quickly tries to assess the situation. Seeing the big lizard creatures the gnome is a little taken aback. Depending upon where Cynan and Zelmar have headed, Gordon will go for the other target and use his ColorSpray to disable the lizard and it’s rider. If the scouts are still lurking about taking pot shots or rushing in to engage and are within 30 yards, he will hit them with a Sleep spell before wading in to the lizards with his axe, “Where’s a druid when you need one, eh lads?” Continue reading “45. The Forlorn Hope”

43. A Confusion of Plans

Gildor continues to test out his armour moving slightly ahead of the group but at a pace where he won’t move faster than the dwarfs in the group behind them. Gildor stays alert and does checks as he goes. He signals the group silently if he spots anything or hears anything as he moves up the trail.

The elf scouts ahead of the party and gets to a point on the road about 650m from the fortress when he senses something hiding in the undergrowth just off the road, to his right. He can’t see what it is but he’s sure there’s something there watching him. Continue reading “43. A Confusion of Plans”

42. The Farm

“Right,” Talo starts, “looks like we are on to the farm from here! Gildor, which of these was the portal to the farm?” The dwarf listens to the answer and continues, “I think we should form up in our fighting positions for this trip, in case we have immediate foes to fell. If there are, Gildor, it may be prudent to go back immediately after we clear the other end of this portal to get our stout dwarven companions. I would hate to refuse them their portion of the orc-slaying.” Talo says this last with a grin to Munin. Continue reading “42. The Farm”

6. Standing (around) Stones

Zelmar searched for clues as to where from and where to did the orcish tracks exited. He also searched for signs of a touchdown by a levitating structure like the floating platform that the mindflayer creature used. He was very methodical and focused, clearly agitated by something as well.

The ranger can see orc tracks leading from the tunnel the party descended from the crab lake cavern to the two platforms and coming and going along the forest path. The human and dwarf tracks stop at the platforms and there are no signs of them having climbed the forest path which leads up towards the tower on the distant ridge. Continue reading “6. Standing (around) Stones”