77. Limited Gravitas

Morning Bell, Celebdu, 17th of Gurthweni

There’s a sigh from the dwarves and they begin marching back to the main corridor “Don’t think they went down there Cynan. If they had, they’d have left a mark for us to follow.” He turns to Talo and shakes his head “Our job’s to find the king, not hunt down unknown evils. Good luck priest.” The dwarves don’t seem concerned if the party aren’t following them and when they get back to the main corridor they turn right without a look back.
The party are left standing around looking at one another in the semi-darkness. Continue reading “77. Limited Gravitas”

65. A fatal mistake

Talo’s attention is split briefly between the fleeing form of the orc and the filthy abomination. Quickly, he fires at the fleeing orc.
His crossbow thrums and the orc falls, only to hobble back onto its feet and hop into the left hand side of last section of the dome.
Recalling their problems from before with the mind screeching of the illithids, Talo reaches out to Cynan and blesses him with protection from evil. Talo drops the crossbow and liberates his holy axe and shield. The dwarf then focuses all this efforts on attacking the mindflayer entombed in the mechanised golem. Continue reading “65. A fatal mistake”