75. Back in the Lair of the Illithid

The Kuo-Toa commander leads the party and the four dwarves to the teleport disc, on to the lair of the Illithid and finally to the steel ring. Once again the party are struck by the pressure and humidity of the lair. Twenty Kuo-Toa stand guard near the arrival disc. Gordon hears the commander order half to follow him and the rest to stand ready to guard the dwarves who will arrive and collect the bodies of their fallen. Continue reading “75. Back in the Lair of the Illithid”

67. A Dark Snowflake

Gildor casts Comprehend Languages and grabs the spells books with the most interest. He scans the area for writings that might identify what the ring is for and then helps Gordon with the writing on any panels to help operate the item he is working on, while the spell is active he works to help as much as he can. He verbalizes in common what he reads, so others know what things are, as well getting as much use out of the spell as possible so they can make the best choices as to what to do next or prevent injury by describing how to use something properly. Gildor says, “I’ll cast comprehend languages, so we can understand our surrounding better. Let me see what this room has to offer.” – getting the drow spell books, checking the ring for marking or operating instructions, then moving to help the others in their room while the spell still functions – “Here Gordon, let me see if I can read how to operate that contraption you have there.” If he has time he looks over any items that might have inscriptions on them, like the wand or other items.” Continue reading “67. A Dark Snowflake”

66. Sniffin’ through the loot

Talo gathers Zelmar’s remains and drags it all the way back to where Gombur lies. There is no way the dwarf is going to be able to drag both at anything more than a crawl and the dwarf can see nothing with which to make a pyre from.
The orc female listens to the dwarf’s tirade and just smiles.

“Eye Paladin revenge is what I want, and if you know what they are then you know they are evil and should be destroyed. Yeah the children might not be so ingrained with hatred yet but they will be soon as their mothers tell them about the elven demon who killed their fathers! You think they will show mercy in the future? I don’t! You want to break the cycle? Leaving them here won’t do that.” With that said Gordon turns to the group of females, assess their numbers and position then drops a Sleep spell at the rear of the group, then another in the middle/front, and another to mop up any left if necessary (up to 4 casting).

Two sleep spells bring down all 12 of the unsuspecting orc females and none escape. Continue reading “66. Sniffin’ through the loot”

50. The Bigger They Are… The Harder They Hit

Gildor with his link to Saphiria gives him a little better tolerance within the heated cavern they find themselves in. His improved eyesight and the spyglass helped him gleam some small details about the 20 or so creatures below.

Gildor says loud enough for all close by to hear, “I thought I saw some dwarf sized creatures, about 20 of them possibly doing maintenance tasks and such. I can’t be certain though they were hooded and wore aprons. I don’t know if we can talk our way out of this one or if that’s even worth trying. My armour is heating up a bit in this infernal place. We best be getting on with saving them if that’s what we are doing.” Continue reading “50. The Bigger They Are… The Harder They Hit”

48. Into The Deep… Again

Gildor makes sure once they get above ground, to let Saphiria roam free in the skies to stretch her wings and feel free in the wind, “Have fun but be careful. We will be in the village so make sure to contact me at night and don’t roam too far from me.” Gildor then works with the others to sort all of the details out of the most recent events.

Talo talks again to those he helped rescue and asks, “What kind of creatures were the original slaves?”

“You’ll have top ask the orcs, I think they were a mixed bunch, always fighting amongst each other. They liked us because we were nice a quiet.” explains one of the dwarves. Continue reading “48. Into The Deep… Again”

47. A Long Climb To Freedom

“Let us go back and regroup, tell Cynan what we have found. Or rather not found.” Kradorn says plainly to Zelmar. Eyes turning back to the bridge.
“Great place for an ambush” he snorts then winces.
“I need to bind these wounds before we go much further.”

Gildor replies,”Ok, let’s head back and talk to Cynan to see what we do next.” Gildor continues searching on the way back as well.

Zelmar, Gildor and Kradorn head back through the tower and down the steps to the main gates where Cynan, Talo and Munin’s dwarves are waiting. Continue reading “47. A Long Climb To Freedom”