92. Lost in translation

Talo watches Anita dissemble with raised brow. He turns to Gordon, “Can you ask these folks or LG if they know what is in those pillar, case, thingies? One of them spit out a handle but I did not want to mess with it going in completely blind.”

Talo’s message is translated and LG says “Oh dear, those sound like sarcophagi of the Elder Things. I wasn’t aware that we had any of them aboard, they must have been put aboard at the last minute. Perhaps it might be an idea to leave the Elder Things alone, they might be somewhat put out that they’ve been left sleeping for over 300 years.”

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82. Feed me Kradorn!

“In our wandering through this level we have encountered 8-9 doors marked with the red light. Perhaps it is time to think about taking more risks and investigating them. We could ask the healer golem if it is possible for us to receive its help in advance and whether his skill would protect us for a limited time if we go into a red light area, or at the very least support us for getting back to it and receive some more healing.”
While Kalam talked, his attention remained focused on their surroundings both for seen and unseen enemies, crossbow at the ready.

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