75. Back in the Lair of the Illithid

The Kuo-Toa commander leads the party and the four dwarves to the teleport disc, on to the lair of the Illithid and finally to the steel ring. Once again the party are struck by the pressure and humidity of the lair. Twenty Kuo-Toa stand guard near the arrival disc. Gordon hears the commander order half to follow him and the rest to stand ready to guard the dwarves who will arrive and collect the bodies of their fallen. Continue reading “75. Back in the Lair of the Illithid”

74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa

Midday Bell, Ardu, 15th of Gurthweni

Cynan returns to Hagar and makes his offer of help.
“You are welcome to try Lord Harnanca, I can muster 50 warriors to go with you. Remember to keep some to guard the fortress if you take it. If you can’t, then we go back to the original plan and seal the tunnels with black powder. I’ll give you a week, if you don’t return by then, then I’m assuming you won’t be back at all. You can have whatever gear you think you’ll need. Thraim worked on the route down to the magic platforms so you might find your journey a tad easier. We hold the top of the tunnel by the great round lake with an island in the centre. The kuo-toa have tried to come up from the long lake below but we’ve killed any that get more than halfway up with heavy crossbows. How much time do you need to prepare?” Continue reading “74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa”

66. Sniffin’ through the loot

Talo gathers Zelmar’s remains and drags it all the way back to where Gombur lies. There is no way the dwarf is going to be able to drag both at anything more than a crawl and the dwarf can see nothing with which to make a pyre from.
The orc female listens to the dwarf’s tirade and just smiles.

“Eye Paladin revenge is what I want, and if you know what they are then you know they are evil and should be destroyed. Yeah the children might not be so ingrained with hatred yet but they will be soon as their mothers tell them about the elven demon who killed their fathers! You think they will show mercy in the future? I don’t! You want to break the cycle? Leaving them here won’t do that.” With that said Gordon turns to the group of females, assess their numbers and position then drops a Sleep spell at the rear of the group, then another in the middle/front, and another to mop up any left if necessary (up to 4 casting).

Two sleep spells bring down all 12 of the unsuspecting orc females and none escape. Continue reading “66. Sniffin’ through the loot”

63. The Foul Stink of Victory

With the coast declared, more or less clear, to the South East and the trolls lair, Gordon suggests they head that way with all haste, their time down here is limited and they have a fair bit to get through.

Cynan takes a deep breath, “Talo we do not doubt your bravery in battle you have shown that often enough, the concern is your rage. We need to know you can control the impulses, and not fear you, we were fortunate this time. who knows the result next time this happens. Our strength is working together and even in battle supporting each other, having you stand apart when your rage overtakes you helps none. It leaves you exposed and us, a person short to protect each other. Simply think on what I have said.”
Turning to the group the paladin speaks. “Gordon is correct, our time here is limited, let us see where those trolls came from.” Continue reading “63. The Foul Stink of Victory”

62: Return to Dark Places

Midnight Bell, Celebdu, 8th of Gurthweni – 53/12°

The party trundle into Lands End with the night sky cold and black around them but the lantern light glow of the walls and the welcome from the guards is warm.

Kradorn makes his way to a stable and takes up a conversation with the hand. Inquiring as to where mounts came from in this land. Since he didn’t pay attention for the time he has been here. Telling him of his plan to open a stable and breeding grounds for a variety of kinds of horses. Depending on demand. Continue reading “62: Return to Dark Places”