74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa

Midday Bell, Ardu, 15th of Gurthweni

Cynan returns to Hagar and makes his offer of help.
“You are welcome to try Lord Harnanca, I can muster 50 warriors to go with you. Remember to keep some to guard the fortress if you take it. If you can’t, then we go back to the original plan and seal the tunnels with black powder. I’ll give you a week, if you don’t return by then, then I’m assuming you won’t be back at all. You can have whatever gear you think you’ll need. Thraim worked on the route down to the magic platforms so you might find your journey a tad easier. We hold the top of the tunnel by the great round lake with an island in the centre. The kuo-toa have tried to come up from the long lake below but we’ve killed any that get more than halfway up with heavy crossbows. How much time do you need to prepare?” Continue reading “74. A chat with the Kuo-Toa”

68. May Blibdoolpoolp, the sea mother go with you

“That’s enough, out now everybody, we have pushed our luck to the limit. I don’t care how fascinating this structure is to you three but we are heading back to the surface. Take whatever you wish from here and pass me stuff to carry but we leave now.” Cynan shepherds the group from the building not willing to take any more excuses to stay. Continue reading “68. May Blibdoolpoolp, the sea mother go with you”

62: Return to Dark Places

Midnight Bell, Celebdu, 8th of Gurthweni – 53/12°

The party trundle into Lands End with the night sky cold and black around them but the lantern light glow of the walls and the welcome from the guards is warm.

Kradorn makes his way to a stable and takes up a conversation with the hand. Inquiring as to where mounts came from in this land. Since he didn’t pay attention for the time he has been here. Telling him of his plan to open a stable and breeding grounds for a variety of kinds of horses. Depending on demand. Continue reading “62: Return to Dark Places”

48. Into The Deep… Again

Gildor makes sure once they get above ground, to let Saphiria roam free in the skies to stretch her wings and feel free in the wind, “Have fun but be careful. We will be in the village so make sure to contact me at night and don’t roam too far from me.” Gildor then works with the others to sort all of the details out of the most recent events.

Talo talks again to those he helped rescue and asks, “What kind of creatures were the original slaves?”

“You’ll have top ask the orcs, I think they were a mixed bunch, always fighting amongst each other. They liked us because we were nice a quiet.” explains one of the dwarves. Continue reading “48. Into The Deep… Again”

42. The Farm

“Right,” Talo starts, “looks like we are on to the farm from here! Gildor, which of these was the portal to the farm?” The dwarf listens to the answer and continues, “I think we should form up in our fighting positions for this trip, in case we have immediate foes to fell. If there are, Gildor, it may be prudent to go back immediately after we clear the other end of this portal to get our stout dwarven companions. I would hate to refuse them their portion of the orc-slaying.” Talo says this last with a grin to Munin. Continue reading “42. The Farm”

41. Once More Into The Deep

Gildor does a couple of things that day. First he searches the town looking for where a jeweller worked out of at one time and searches the building really good.

Gildor finds the jewellers easily enough but moving around to the back door finds a more complex lock than he was expecting. He’s just about to start on the lock when he notices the thing is trapped with a poisoned needle. Gildor carefully wipes off the poison and proceeds with the lock but after 10 minutes he still can’t get the thing open. The front door of the shop is also locked but is in plain view of the inn where the dwarves and party are staying. Continue reading “41. Once More Into The Deep”