96. The Lurker

Talo lays his hands on Gordon to mend his many wounds.

Gordon looks somewhat surprised by Talo’s prayer but accepts the healing all the same.

Still breathing heavily from the fracas, Talo takes a moment to bless the souls of the honourable dead. “Let’s press on, shall we?” The Axe of Clanggedin smiles at the war-friends he has.

Gildor says,”Let’s clear these rooms. Search for anything worthwhile. Perhaps Cynan and someone else can stay in the hallway to watch our backs?”

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95. Mopping Up Operations

Jenson sighs “12 minutes can be a life time. Let’s go ahead and plug in another power cell BUT try to avoid those repair bots and let them do their programmed job” He moves the sled next to the power cell almost charged hoping 12 minutes goes by quickly.

“Odd this place is empty, in fact the sections everybody was taken to was also empty. We may want to watch out for that last robot that marched out earlier to get security so if it comes back or is here in another room we can just grab that power cell and get moving before it shows up or does anything to us.”

Kalam nodded to Jenson and stood guard for robots and any other hostiles.

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89. Party crashers

The party gather in Security Reception and open the six doors to the north revealing what Munin first guessed at, six cells, each with two bunks, a toilet and sink.

LAB 2 contains a steel table, covered with glass jars, bottles, dishes and slides, a non-functioning repair golem stands next a bank of screens and complex machines. On a counter top are 2 ampules of poison antidote, 3 of disease cure, and a cannister of healing spray unfortunately Kradorn doesn’t see them and accidentally knocks them onto the floor as he enters the room. Most break but two of the disease cure ampules and the healing spray remain intact. Against the western wall are row upon row of small cages, some filled with long mummified small animals. The repair golem looks intact, just lifeless.

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87. Roast Veg

“LG, can you close the access to this room so that we are out of their way while they sort it out between themselves?” Asks kalam.

“What room? You’re stood in the corridor. And I’m sorry but I have no access to any of the ship’s systems until the local mechanisms have restarted.”

“How long do you need until you assume control?” asks Kalam.

“Oh, 17 (something incomprehensible).” says LG.

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80. A Peculiar Sickness

Kalam moved through the junction staying in formation with the rest of the fighters, alert and scanning his surroundings all around for strange noises and or creatures appearing. Still prepared for missile combat, but ready to switch to blades if the situation warranted it.

Talo does his best to remain quiet and far enough back as to not interfere with Gildor’s efforts. At the next juncture, Talo casts detect evil to see if there are any potential problems in the next unseen turn or door.

Kradorn follows Gordon, In his marching order. “The quest for colored cards” he softly whispers. Gripping his sword and shield. Moving quickly and quietly as possible.

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